NCC - 77447 - B

Welcome to the USS Dreadnought!

Welcome to the USS Dreadnought - B, a Ascension Class Starship under the command of the Commanding Officer, Captain Ra Harvelli. The Dreadnought hopes to continue with interesting missions, high activity and a friendly crew, it's guaranteed that once you step on board, you will be welcomed and make many a new friend.

With spaces on board still waiting to be filled, we the crew are confident that we have something that interests you be it Science, Security, Tactical, or even the found to be popular Fighter Squadrons. If you fancy being a part of a family, being a member of an active team and crew, then fill in the join form, and we look forward to seeing you on board.

Having passed its 10th year of running the Dreadnought remains strong and active well on its way towards its 11th year of activity. It is the hope of myself and the crew that more people join in the fun and add yet more to already open and varied missions. All activity is on a forum which contains not just mission posts and activity but also Out of Character (OOC) input.

The Dreadnought is a Play By Forum style simm, the Nova is used just for a manifest and awards basis only, all the content is on the forums which there is a link above for.


Captain Ra Havrelli
Commanding Officer, USS Dreadnought

Latest News Items

» Some Changes

Posted on Tue Jun 7th, 2016 @ 3:16pm by Captain Ra Havrelli in General News

Hi All,

The transition from Forum to Nova has been completed, everyone has confirmed they have been able to log in to the system. The forums will remain active for any of the crew wanting to read up on some simm history or prior missions, it's all there in the mission section of the forums.

Moonsword is still tinkering with the skin and such for the Nova, any error codes or anything you get please let him know.

Another change that most will have noticed by now is S'iraa is being swapped for Ra Havrelli. While I have a fondness for playing Caitians I felt with this change from Forum to Nova I also needed to change things up for myself, but also for the simm since it had started off as Forum based a decade ago.

I have created to post which I believe I have added everyone to entitled 'Change of Command' which people can add to. I have also created an 'Chat and OOC' post as well for that sort of thing should people wish to use it. Just remember people that if it's a JP, only press Save until its completed and ready to be posted then post, for OOC Chat just click save. I expect mistakes to happen with this new system and for those unfamiliar with using it, any problems let me know.

Scary to think in another 5 months the DN will be 11 years old. Lol.

Thanks all, hope you enjoy the new layout of the simm.



» Today marks our Tenth Anniversary

Posted on Sat Nov 7th, 2015 @ 12:57pm by Captain Ra Havrelli in General News

Hello One and All,

Today is a rather special day. Back on 7th November 2005 the Dreadnought officially started as part of Task Force 86 in Bravo Fleet. Today marks our Tenth Anniversary. An entire decade of operations.

Since we started, over that decade the Dreadnought has grown and continuously developed with the contributions, aid and support of an ever evolving roster of members. Together we have seen the ship start as a Galaxy X Class Dreadnought, before moving on to the Ronin Class and then, more recently, transforming into an Ascension Class starship. We have seen members come and go, each leaving their respective legacy in the simms history. Some of us have changed characters over the years to keep the interest and creativity going. Together, with these characters you have helped to create a huge tapestry of work, with almost six-thousand posts (and that's counting JPs as just one!) to twenty-five missions, with our twenty-sixth just beginning.

I'd like to thank everyone both past and current for contributing, investing time and effort to create characters, content and even missions for the group to enjoy. I admit I wondered for a while if the simm would reach its first year, never mind its second, yet here we are at the summit of its tenth. Some of you have been with the simm since the start and be it with the same characters or new ones, you have stayed through ten years of me trying to create new and devious ways to harm you, torture you and generally subject you to my evil whims. One of these days we are going to finally need a Counsellor before we start sniffing Warp plasma!

In all seriousness though, thank you all for being a part of the simm. It has had faced paced lightning moments, it has had slow times and people have come and gone. I sometimes even find myself reading past missions just to immerse myself in the ships history and remember old times. There are some things I hope to improve simm wise such as awards, promotions, art, graphics and such - more content other than just mission posts. Stay tuned.

I had planned to get a cake, the only problem was that you guys are not here to share in its deliciousness, therefore leaving it to me to eat it all and in my greying, progressive years I don't think I could handle all that sugar. :D

In any case, thank you all again for helping the simm reach this point, to creating content for others to enjoy, for sticking with me and my antics for this long. I hope that together we can see the simm moving forward over the next year and more - here's to another decade.

Kind Regards,

Teh Kitteh

» New Mission

Posted on Fri Oct 30th, 2015 @ 11:43pm by in General News

Hi all,

For those of you who have been waiting, the new mission is now starting and has been posted in the Mission Posts section.

Kind Regards,


» The Question.

Posted on Wed May 27th, 2015 @ 11:17am by Captain Ra Havrelli in General News

If everyone could log into the forums and read the topic in the 'Important Information' section and reply that would be a massive help.

My thanks.


» Happy 9th Birthday

Posted on Wed Nov 12th, 2014 @ 3:22pm by Captain Ra Havrelli in General News

The U.S.S Dreadnought has just enjoyed another year of activity making 9 years in all so far with no signs of stopping.

I'd like to thank everyone who over the years has been apart of, contributed to or otherwise added to what the simm is today. Even still we continue to grow with new people joining, our latest being Ensign Beechwood who's taken it upon herself to see to the mental well being of the crew. Let's not tell her the mountain that is going to be to climb just yet ok guys ;)

Anyway, another year and on our way to a decade, thank you to all because without you then we wouldn't be here today.

Lets see what this year holds for us.


Steve / S'iraa / Teh Kitteh / Furry Overlord.

Latest Mission Posts

» Running Late!!

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Posted on Fri Sep 23rd, 2016 @ 9:03pm by Major Samantha Snyder & Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters

With only herself to blame Samantha came hurtling into the Barracks at speed, she was late for weapons training. She had to shower, dress and dash in record time leaving Annabelle at home. She hated to 'love and leave' like that but duty and pleasure should not mix, and caution…

» Dinner

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Posted on Tue Sep 20th, 2016 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant Charlotte Beckett & 2nd Lieutenant Kyle Daily

Kyle had spent the last two hours cleaning his quarters, it was a mess which was expected of a young man but it for sure lacked a female touch. He'd made sure clothes were away, piled of laundry done, tables cleared and everything in its respective places. Dinner was an…

» Girlie Night

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Posted on Sat Sep 17th, 2016 @ 3:59am by Commander Ayla Bawden & Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters & Elizebeth Dawnstar & Annabelle Fontaine & Major Samantha Snyder & Lieutenant Charlotte Beckett


Elizebeth looked at the crew roster and sent out invites with RSVP to see all who would be coming to her 'Crew Ladies Night Outing' in Ten Forward with plenty of time to switch location to the holo-deck if too many people showed up. The gathering would be at…

» After Hours

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Posted on Fri Sep 16th, 2016 @ 3:34am by Annabelle Fontaine & Major Samantha Snyder

Following the talk with Jack she had plenty of time to think about what was going on with her and Annabelle. In a way it scared her which in turn frustrated her. She was a marine and scaring was not something she was accustomed to consider what she had seen…

» Distraction at the workplace.

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Posted on Sun Sep 11th, 2016 @ 5:09am by Major Samantha Snyder & Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost

Samantha was in her office following the night with Annabelle. It played on her mind heavily to the point where most that saw her noticed something different about her, distracted, distant. Normally this could be shrugged off as a mood or stress but when Samantha had missed her scheduled meeting…