NCC - 77447 - B
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Where Is Everyone?

Posted on Tue Jan 11th, 2022 @ 9:30pm by Commander Mark Bawden & Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Crippled Freighter
Timeline: After the attack.

Sam made her way through the ship and crawl spaces to get to Engineering to find it empty, there were signs that RJ had been there and her security detail but no more. Sam was sure that RJ had not passed them because there were limited ways from bow to stern because of the damage to the ship. It didn't take long but time revealed that Sam plus her two guards were the only ones on board the ship still. Somehow....RJ and party had been taken.

It raised the question of why Sam and her team was still present and figured moments later that perhaps she was in a section of the ship that was blocking scans.

Returning to the entry point she tried to contact the Agincourt. From the viewport she saw the Agincourt battered and adrift. =^= Major Snyder to Agincourt, come in please. =^=

***USS Agincourt***

Mark wiped his brow of the blood from a cut he received when a console close to him exploded, though fortunate not to be killed by it, the stations operator was not so lucky. Most of the bridge systems were in shambles and even some of the lighting was out requiring hand torches be used.

"Sir, signal from the Major coming in."

"Let's have it." Mark spoke standing by the centre chair and pressed a button on it. "Snyder, Bawden, report."

Sam was relieved to hear a friendly voice. "Sir, I'm alright, but the Chief Engineer and her security detail are missing. Have they beamed over to the ship?"

Mark snapped his fingers towards the sensor officer to get a confirmation. "Negative, after the attack we have been working to restore primary systems."

Sam sighed, it was clear that if RJ was not on the Agincourt nor on the freighter, she'd been taken. "Sir, I think she was abducted during the attack then."

"Why were you not taken also?" Mark asked.

"I believe at the time of the attack I was on route to Engineering through the more shielded sections of the ship. A direct route is impossible so its likely that I went undetected or masked by the materials of the ship." Sam answered, wishing now that she'd left the Bridge a little earlier. "Are you able to bring me back to the ship Sir?"

"Yes, stand by." Mark answered as he got the response from the Science officer that sensors were down. "Actually not right now, battle damage has disabled the ships sensor suit. Sit tight, once operational we will beam you back."

Mark cut the channel and turned to his officer. "What exactly is our damage"

"I think sir, it would be easier to list the systems that are operational."

Mark sighed, it was going to be that way was it???? "Do we even know our distress signal went out?"

"Sir, Federation fighters outside the ship, I saw them out the viewport."

A first bit of good news. Comms had only just been restored moments before the Major's signal. "Signal one of them, ask them to relay a situation update to the Dreadnought."


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