NCC - 77447 - B
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A Bloodied Nose, A Message Sent

Posted on Mon Jan 3rd, 2022 @ 8:57pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Ready Room

Ra was thankful that at least someone was prepared to talk to him about the situation that brought them to this area of space. What he heard troubled him, while not an entirely lawless area it was a victim of lacking resources and exploitation. While he expected some parties didn't want to talk to him there came the expectation that since Starfleet had not been around in a while there was reason to believe Starfleet was to blame or, that they were doing what they could without Starfleet's aid so why accept help now?

He found himself talking Minister Gwen Craven, an elderly woman whom Ra could tell had been in political circles much her life from her mannerisms and candour. "We have lost 5 vessels this year alone, almost 400 people killed."

"What kinds of vessels are being targeted?" Ra asked.

"All of them were freighters." Gwen answered.

"May I ask what cargo they carried at the times of the attacks?" Now that Ra knew that only freighters were targeted, he needed to know what prompted an attack. He watched Gwen turn slightly as if to access a console off screen.

"Industrial replicators, atmospheric scrubbers, electrical and computer components, organic compounds and orbital satellite parts." Gwen answered.

All of which would be tempting targets but none he felt would warrant the murder of entire crews. "May I ask if any captives have been taken. You mentioned before almost 400, 400 out of how many?" Ra needed to know more, the targets were obvious as they were unarmed freighters. The cargo while not overly valuable in itself he knew desperation drove people to do desperate things. He needed to know if those responsible were outright killers or if there were captives.

Which meant there was more to it.

"I can send you the complete manifests of the vessels lost but from what we have been able to determine, we have almost 30 missing or unaccounted for." Gwen replied.

Ra knew that there could be many reasons for that but it also told him that who ever was responsible held little regard for the lives of victims, even less for potential captives. "Of the 5 vessels, were they taken or looted first and abandoned?"

"2 were taken." Gwen replied as she displayed the two to Ra. "The others were attacked, forced to submit, boarded and looted. When our rescue ships arrived, there was nobody left to save. Data collected from the computers indicated that the crews were forced into an empty cargo hold before being vented into space."

Ra looked at the two ships. Industrial replicators and atmospheric scrubbers. Large, bulky materials and seldom intact and required assembly. It would be easier to take the ship than offload. That told him they understood the value of what they were taking or they lacked the means to offload cargo of that size.

Ra was about to speak when the intercom chirped. "Captain to the Bridge. Urgent"

Looking back to the monitor. "Thank you Minister, I will contact you shortly after I attend this summons." Ra saw the Minister nod and the link end before standing up and walking onto the Bridge. "Report."

"Distress signal from Agincourt, condition unknown, communications unanswered." One of his Bridge officers spoke up just as Ra took his seat.

"Signal Barham, best speed to Agincourt's location. Inform Commander Luthar to vector assets to the scene and provide assistance." Ra had made his orders and watched the crew carry them out. "Bridge to Sickbay, prepare for casualties."


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