NCC - 77447 - B
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Caught With My Pants Down

Posted on Fri Dec 31st, 2021 @ 12:48pm by Commander Mark Bawden

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Agincourt Bridge
Timeline: Current

Minutes felt like hours as Mark sat in the chair he'd been in since they departed the Dreadnought. Patience was not one of his strong points and at times his want for something to happen would reach back and bite him.

This was one such occasion.

Even running scans things were as clear as they were when he arrived on the scene with no sign of those responsible. He sighed, a motion shared by others on the Bridge, even links shared with the fighters in the area revealed nothing in the immediate vicinity. He was about to call up a report on the latest sensor readings from his arm chair display when the ship rocked, and hard.

The sudden attack caught everyone by surprise and a further 4 hits lashed at the Agincourt. "Red Alert, report!" Mark called.

"3 ships just exited the nebula." One officer spoke. "They must have been laying in wait."

"Shields are down, pulse phasers and torpedoes are down too, engines operating at 50% capability."

"Ablative armour at 81%."

As consoles flickered, lights sparked and work stations erupted from surges and overloads a call had to be made. "Send a distress signal." Mark's only hope was that fighters would arrive or even the Barham. It was a foolish mistake to be caught unprepared but now the price was due.

"Evasive manoeuvres, target the lead vessel and engage, best impulse speed." Mark ordered. Shields may be the first line of defence but starships were built to take hits even without them, with an away team on board the freighter all he could do was buy time and wait for back up.

As agile as the Agincourt was however with engines crippled it was unable to fight effectively against 3 targets. Even with the phaser arrays reaching out towards its foe it was still only a limited amount of weapons fire against the trio. When more hits landed on the ship from above and below main power started to fluctuate. "Everyone arm yourselves."

"Hull breach on deck 3 and 4. We are venting atmosphere." A report came in over the chaos of another score of impacts.

"Evacuate and seal." Mark ordered.

With the ship crippled, boarding was a very real threat.

Destroying the Agincourt however was not part of the plan, destroying a Federation starship came with rather severe consequences but attacking and disabling one would put the newcomers on the defensive. The task was done however, the distraction made and cargo retrieved.

Mark didn't quiet know what that cargo was....yet.


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