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Shed The Skin of Command

Posted on Thu Dec 16th, 2021 @ 8:07pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati & Briseis Kinsley
Edited on on Thu Dec 16th, 2021 @ 8:07pm

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Holodeck 4
Timeline: Current

The two suns of Aurelius were sinking lower on the horizon, each sun casting a glorious cascade of colours across the shoreline. Even the gentle, warm breeze was filled with a delicate fragrance, adding to the overall ambience of the moment. Reaching out, Bri slipped her hand into Ra's, her fingers entwining between his before curling, her fingertips caressing the back of his hand. Everything about their surroundings seemed a million lightyears away from the Dreadnought and everything that had been happening of late. "I cleared other characters from the simulation so we could be alone," Bri explained as they walked. "I wasn't sure if you were in the mood for company or not."

There was a peace in being alone with nobody else about to distract from the moment and the setting while tranquil and relaxing was very welcome following the rigors in recent events. His hand held her with the tenderness he was known for yet the love that was between only them. He knew that he had to make time for himself, to take a breath, to stop being the Captain and be the person he was. Bri had been very understanding since he dragged her to the ship and in return he tried to give her all she could need or want from the giant vessel he mastered. "You, are all the company I require." He spoke turning his head to look upon her grace and beauty with each step that left a print in the sand.

Bri smiled in response to his words. "Do you remember the first time we ever walked on this beach?" she asked, looking up at him. "I'd just finished performing and you got so frustrated at everyone that kept interrupting our walk," she leaned her head against his arm for a moment as they walked. "It was sweet."

"I also remember the looks I was getting." Ra answered with a smile. "I no doubt made many an enemy that day being seen walking with you." A brief pause. "It was, yes." It was sweet even if the interruptions were many. "Do you recall the time we were at a picnic under a fruit tree, and one of the trees fruits dropped from the branch into the cake that was prepared?" Remembering how the debris went everywhere, coating them in frosting.

She laughed softly. "I remember, it was a sticky mess. The frosting got into my hair and by the time I got home it had turned tacky. I had to wash my hair so many times to get it out!" The laughter turned to a smile as she remembered. "It was a shame, the cake looked delicious too.

"I was actually looking forward to it until then." Ra spoke. "Would it surprise you to know that gifts have been left outside our quarters for you?" Ra chirped. "Security takes them away for obvious reasons but apparently you and your work is well known on board." Last thing he wanted to do was to diminish her talents, feeling he'd done enough of that dragging her onto a starship that roams the galaxy instead of a honoured establishment on a planet somewhere.

"Really? I didn't realise that..." She frowned. "I'm sorry if it has caused issues," she said quietly. "I have been asked to perform on the ship, thus far I've declined, but it is tempting."

"Declined?" Ra spoke, drawing the pair to a standstill and a questioning look on his face. "Why?" He was genuinely curious as to why she would do this when he's done what he could to support and promote her talents.

"Timing hasn't felt right. I would love to continue performing, just not when things on the ship are in turmoil. Maybe soon," she smiled. "In the interim, I've got a good number of children coming for lessons now. Perhaps when I perform they may join me. There are some very talented future officers you have on the Dreadnought."

"Perhaps a concert?" Ra suggested resuming the gentle walk they were previously on. He could understand her reasoning and partly felt responsible for it being it was his ship. "I would like to hear you play again in the same setting I first met you in." Recalling that moment when he sat down in the row of seats to listen to a women he knew only by reputation.

"That's what I was considering, I believe there are other musical groups on the ship as well, there is a civilian group that plays together regularly, as well as a couple of officers groups. It might be nice to see them all performing. At the very least, it will highlight the talent you have." Bri smiled as she stopped, taking off her shoes and dropping them on the sand. "Walk in the water with me?"

Removing his own footwear and placing them with hers he took her hand once again and started to walk in the water with her. The cooler water, the feel of sand between toes only to be washed away again by the next wave. It really was peaceful, calming, relaxing and that was what he needed and more so than he'd admit even to himself.

He was relaxing. It was nice to see. Lately it had seemed like tension was his constant companion, something that was definitely not good for his soul. "Maybe when things are calmer we can take a few days off and get away?" she asked. "It's been a long while since we've had quality time to ourselves, we could take one of the shuttles and sneak away for a day or two? Maybe find a nice beach somewhere? A real beach? Laze about on the shore?"

"It would be nice to take a break, get off the ship for a bit and away from duty, really away from duty." Ra replied considering the idea that getting away from everything might actually be something to seriously consider. "I'm sure I have some leave, command might not mind my taking some."

"Well," Bri grinned as she stepped in front of him. "We can always not tell them. Let your XO take over for a bit and just hide." She slid her arms around his waist. "If no one knows where we are, no one can find us or interrupt us."

"Somehow I doubt that would go unnoticed." Ra spoke, even as tempting as it was he doubted command would be so accommodating at his court marshal for dereliction of duty. "If nobody knows where we are, how can you play your music in concert?"

"I can play my music later, after we come back, relaxed, recovered and sated from quality time together," Bri replied with a grin. "Admit it, it's a nice fantasy, right?"

"It is." Ra answered, it was indeed. He made a mental note to check on how much leave he actually had available, it had been a while since he took any with the changes in his career and his appointment to the Dreadnought. He knew when he boarded the large ship that things would change, norms would adjust and routines readjusting. It came with the territory and the uniform but he had to admit that the prospect of taking it off if only briefly was a welcome one.

Bri stopped, looking up at him from her position standing in front of him, reaching up, one hand gently touching the side of his face. "You push yourself far too hard," she admitted softly. "I worry about you."

"That my sweet, is the burden of command." Ra spoke tilting his head into her tender hand. "I knew when I accepted command of the Dreadnought there would be many changes, new experiences." He wanted to make sure that Command could see and know that he was up to the task.


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