NCC - 77447 - B
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Anyone Home? Hello!!

Posted on Fri Dec 31st, 2021 @ 12:48pm by Commander Mark Bawden & Major Samantha Snyder & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Crippled Freighter

The away team materialized on the dimly lit freighter. RJ took a cautious breath as she looked around the eerily silent ship before breaking out the tricorder attached to her side.

"I'm not getting any life signs and we've only got emergency power. Make that, we barely have emergency power," RJ added as the lights flickered. I suggest we make our way to engineering and see if we can restore main power. We can try to figure out what happened as we go." She gave her opinion to Sam as the ranking officer and waited for approval.

Things didn't look good from the outset and Sam couldn't help but wonder if what would come next would be more of the same. Even the air was a little stale and there were aroma's laced in it that were not overly pleasant but not repulsive. Then she heard the Chief Engineer speak up. "Go to Engineering." Signalling three of the security detail to follow. "I'll head to the Bridge, maybe together we can piece this wreck of a puzzle together."

RJ nodded and broke off to the left, headed down the abandoned corridor towards the first jefferies tube access hatch. The tunnels were dark as she and the three security officers crawled through with only their flashlights leading the way. Readings still indicated no life signs. Small favors, RJ thought, not wanting to deal with any possibly crazed personnel.

Sweat dripped down her forehead as they made it yet another level down towards engineering. RJ was just thinking about taking a short break when her eye caught something unusual. Streaks of red painted across the wall next to a mangled hatch that had clearly been forced open.

"Must've been some party," RJ nervously joked. "What do you think? Raiders or something maybe?" She asked her security counterparts.

Sam with her own team made tracks towards the Bridge, there were no bodies, surely this ship had a crew because the ship for the most part was intact. Some doors had to be forced, others pushed more ajar so they could squeeze through which made progress slow. It was not how Sam expected things to be yet not the worst she had come across in her years of service which thankfully prepared her better for what may lay ahead.

Her training was ramped up, checking corners and edges before proceeding, open doors had rooms checked, if a panel flickered with power it was tested to see what information it would reveal. "This way." It was obvious where she was going as being a civilian ship most locations were signed, 'BRIDGE' stood out clearly enough in the dim light.

"We'll have to find a way around," Reagan said as they came up to a sealed hatch. "The compartment on the other side was vented to space. We can go back down and exit into the corridor. We'll catch the jefferies tube on the opposite side."

More bodies lined the halls and occasional panels were torn apart as they walked across towards the access port on the opposite side of the ship. All signs indicated that an unwelcomed party had come aboard to scavenge whatever they could, but why? Fortunately, the jefferies tubes are slightly less strewn with wreckage, RJ thought as the party re-entered. What seemed like hours passed before they arrived in engineering, only to find that it had been stripped of practically anything useful.

"Quinn to Agincourt," she decided to check in with a status only to be met with static. RJ tried a few more times, tapping her combadge with no response from the ship. She tried reaching Snyder as well with no luck.

"Well, there's no way we're getting main power back online but we'll try to boost emergency power and see if we can get a better com signal." RJ informed her security escorts before rolling up her sleeves and getting to work.

Arriving at the Bridge was more difficult that a few doors but when they arrived what greeted them was a sight of chaos and destruction. Most of the consoles had blown, hardly anything worked and of what did only sparked with what little electrical charge it had left within.

Snyder tried to raise Quinn to see what luck she had but got no answer then the Agincourt to meet the same result. Clearly the ship was used to protect something illegal or it just didn't like prying eyes. "Lets go to Engineering, nothing we can do here." With so much ship between them and amount of interferance the hull was giving off from its plating, in person seemed the only way to go.

For the moment things on the Agincourt were routine and quite. All there was to do was wait for the away team to report and going by the report earlier he knew communications would be sporadic at best until they returned to the beam in sight where comms and a transporter lock was easier to establish.

While Mark didn't like the limited options to him such as the locations where a lock could be obtained on his team or able to communicate with them he knew it was a simple fact of what was and there was little he could do about it. With a sigh he rubbed his chin figuring still about growing a beard or remaining clean shaven.


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