NCC - 77447 - B
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Unexpected Encounter

Posted on Sun Dec 12th, 2021 @ 2:42pm by Major Samantha Snyder & Commander Mark Bawden & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: U.S.S. Agincourt
Timeline: 3 Hours After Launch

Since departing the Dreadnought the Agincourt ran a standard patrol route gathering all the information it could. Aside from routine shipping in the lanes it was otherwise unremarkable. Mark was just about to order the next leg of the patrol route when a signal came in....

A distress signal.

"Distance?" Mark asked and was pleased to know it was 9 minutes away. "Set a course and engage. Can we establish a signal?" A shake of the head from the comms officer gave him the answer.

"Put up a map of the region." Mark spoke wanting to know the lay of the land before leaping blind into a situation. A trade route skirted an ion nebula which had marker buoys around its parameter, an asteroid field was not far off the lane but the density and movement of the contents made navigation a risk even for an exceptional pilot.

"Relay situation back to Dreadnought, inform them we are answering a distress call."

Sam sat at her station and monitored what was going on. Upon arrival they saw a drifting freighter that looked like it had taken considerable damage. "Main power appears offline, engines too. I can't detect life signs, most of the hull is shielded from scans. All I can get a reading on is the airlock and cargo intake."

More readings came through. "Breaches on the hull, I can confirm some areas are vented into space but bulkheads have closed."

"Prepare an away team." Mark spoke looking towards Sam, security and engineering. We need to know what happened and if there is anyone still alive to render aid to."

"None, in light of the information available and the distress call, I recommend an away team. Myself, a team of Security of Lt. Quinn. We may need her expertise for what ever system problems we might encounter." Sam spoke relaying options that her mind was creating.

"Agreed, but be careful. That ship is in a bad way and sensors didn't tell us everything." Mark spoke less than eager for anything to happen that might result in the loss of crew on his first command in a while.

"Lt. Quinn, report to Transporter Room 1, bring your equipment. Away mission in 5 minutes."

Reagan received the call in engineering and grabbed a repair kit before making her way to the transporter room. Although excited to go on an away mission, she couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive after seeing the readings from the distressed vessel.

She arrived in the transported room to find Sam already there. "Major," she nodded towards the Marine.

"Lieutenant." Sam greeted as she walked in and stepped up onto the platform of the transporter. "Alright, lets go. Set beam in coordinates and energise."

All Mark could do was wait as his away team worked to obtain answers.

Waiting was not a strong suit of his.


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