NCC - 77447 - B
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In Preparation Come Duty

Posted on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 8:38am by Lieutenant James Bradshaw

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Prior To Deployment

When the orders came down from the Bridge to ready the Agincourt and the Barham life seemed to burst into fevered action as people prepared the two ships for launch. While many of the new arrivials on board audibly pondered as to why it would take so much to prepare two starships for action they gave little thought as to the situation they were in. These were two ships docked within another, within the gravity fields of it, the structure of it. The risks were high but with proper training and experience that risk could be mitigated to a point but the risk was always present.

James watched as the power feeds were disconnected, while the two ships could power themselves there was little need to when dock with the Dreadnought after all.

James could see that both ships were properly armed and supplied, reserves peaked, munitions loaded, all that awaited was to launch. James had hoped to get a placement on one of the two Defiant class escorts but having no he settled himself into performing his duties on board the Dreadnought. Even if by some small contribution in his own way that they had a Dreadnought to come back to later it would not be a wasted effort.

James had taken some time while the ship was stationed at Earth to visit some old stomping grounds but to also look into other options of employment. Sure being an Engineer on the largest ship ever put into service was something to be proud of but over time he felt as insignificant as the size ration he posed against the ship. Secretly he also missed the feel of real ground under his feet, a planet.

There were a few opportunities available, industrial projects building orbital facilities before shipping into orbit. Starship fabrication, even civilian building projects, infrastructure but the options were many and it was hard to put an interested finger on any one of them. It was however a relief that there was options outside the uniform. He was in no rush, he had time to weigh his options but there was that nag that the uniform was starting to not fit as well as it had once before.

Many of his friends had moved on, left the service themselves which planted the seed or others went to different assignments. Friends had grown few and making new ones harder with rotations pulling and pushing people around.

James was watching the console as indicators flicked to 'Safe' once connections were finally broken and when the two ships launched he even watched the mag clams retract towards the roof of the bay out of the way ready to receive its companion starship again later.

The whole ordeal took minutes at most and once done James found himself running diagnostic tests on the power grid deck by desk to weed out problems and errors that at a critical time cause a problem far worse if left unchecked.


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