NCC - 77447 - B
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Barham: Setting Out into The Dark

Posted on Mon Dec 20th, 2021 @ 11:00pm by Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Constantine Ravenloft & Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Barham

Commander Ayla Bawden stood at the end of the small conference table to greet each of her Senior Officers as they arrived. It was a unique feeling to have a group of expertise at her command. She looked each one over, waving each to a seat. A few she knew in meeting before and was glad to have them aboard. She took a deep breath and began her spiel.

"I am glad to have you here working with me. We been assigned to escort and patrol duty in this sector." Ayla spoke a bit slower to make sure she spoke properly.

Ayla reached down and activated the screen behind her which showed a section of space and display of sector coordinates.

"As you can see by the sector we are patrolling, has a good chance of suspicious activities and to outright piracy. Hopefully it'll be a quiet duty. A chance to broaden you horizons. Unless actually needed elsewhere, most of the ship's functions can be monitored from here on the bridge." Turning to Thomas, "I would like your presence here on the Bridge, Lieutenant Thomas, if you don't have duties elsewhere."

Acacia was surprised by the request, and inclined her head slightly to the other woman. "I have no pressing duties, I am happy to attend the bridge."

"As the Rules of Engagement still stands. We don't shoot till fire upon. And only in the defense of another ship we're allowed to fire first. We give them a chance to surrender to make our presence known before any hostilities begin." Ayla looked at each one of those assembled. "Any questions so far?"

Ayla turned to SSG Winters, "Yooz main job is to beef up security and boarding parties as needed. Also have yooz Marines available for Damage Control Parties to beef up Fleet engineers." Having had worked with Winters before, she fell into her usual habit of speaking.

SSG Winters scowled a bit as it was expected in situation like this. She nodded with as she barked out in marine fashion, "Aye, Aye Sir!"

Ayla turned her focus on Ravenloft. "Get the ship underway. We should have clearance to depart." She watched Ravenloft give a nod and headed for the CONN station. Turning to Doctor Omier. "Doctor Omier, you also can monitor engineering from the Bridge. Yooz dual as Operation Officer to make yooz job a bit easier when assigning damage control parties if when needed."

Barham eased out into space and increased speed to required distance, then jumped into warp to the assigned patrol area.


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