NCC - 77447 - B
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Casting The Net

Posted on Sat Nov 27th, 2021 @ 2:18am by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Hanger Bay 1 Briefing Room
Timeline: Current

Zan had received orders that he was to deploy the fighter wing in a covert net around the area, Zan could understand the need for it, the benefits of it, but also the dangers to his pilots and craft. He needed to brief his pilots on the mission because nearly all of them would be deployed and if the plan was to work they would need to know what to do, how to do it and what field elements were in play.

"Alright, alright settle down people." Zan spoke as he walked into the Briefing Room. The muttering dulled to a whisper as people took to their seats.

Once he felt the moment was right be began. "This will be an all pilot action mission package. 46 teams of 3 with a 2 single craft communications and sensor support. Our tasking is to spread about the area on recon and early movement reaction." The holographic terminal behind him lit up showing the region and where the Dreadnought currently sat.

"We will fan out across the region monitoring and reporting ship movements in the area, reports have it there are raiders, pirates and other unsociable undesirables in the area. The Twins are also being deployed on this one, they will be the forward elements. We will report to and support if required but otherwise we are the eyes and ears." Zan let the display play out the plan behind him, visible on a small display in front of him so he could keep pace with the presentation.

"Our two support craft will act as relays for communications and real time sensor readings for the rest of the wing and the Escorts. Remember people we are the support here, not the forward action units. Observe, report and wait for orders." Zan let the presentation play on a bit.

"Once we have a feel for the lay of the land, our presence is known we will cycle pilots and craft as required. Yes I know that means some will pull longer flight hours than others but the Captain wants a show of force so lets make sure we project one. Any questions?"

A hand slowly rose from the many rows of seats before a pilot stood up. "Sir, what are our RoE's?"

"Rules of Engagement are defensive only, fire only if fired upon. Call for assistance, but don't go looking for a fight let the Escorts do that. If a situation escalates you are to fall to local orders from the Escorts. If you should encounter a superior force then you are to evade, report it in and await orders." Zan knew that a mostly defensive posture wouldn't sit well with most pilots and no doubt many would find it boring playing mobile probes but its what the Captain wanted.

Another hand rose. "Sir, how will rotations be worked out?"

It was a solid question and one that no doubt many had wondered about. It was also one he'd been asked many times before in his career and so he gave the answer that his experience told him worked the best in a fluid situation that could change quickly.

Even as Zan spoke he knew the hundreds of tech crewmembers were busy getting the wing ready for launch, running pre-flight checks so the pilot could sign off before a visual inspection. Even his own craft was being prepared because Zan believed that he wasn't able to ask someone to do something that he himself was not prepared to do. So he was going out with them.

A few more questions followed about the operation but otherwise it seemed that the orders were relayed and understood. "Alright, if there is nothing else, get yourselves ready and to your craft. Good luck out there, dismissed."

Zan walked out and headed to his locker where inside was a high visibility helmet, a flight suit, and everything he'd need for an extended duration flight.


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