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Agincourt Leaves The Nest

Posted on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 9:09pm by Commander Mark Bawden & Major Samantha Snyder & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn
Edited on on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 9:09pm

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Timeline: Current

RJ walked through the sparsely populated halls of the Agincourt. She wasn't due to report to the new assignment for another hour or so, but it never hurt to get to head start. She turned a corner into main engineering and paused for a moment, listening to the soft hum of the various systems. Satisfied and smiling, RJ walked to the replicator.

"Coffee, black," she ordered. A stream of matter appeared and formed into a large mug which RJ picked up and promptly brought to her lips. As the warm caffeine surged through her body, RJ began the start up sequences for main systems.

Arriving on board he found his security and tactical teams already in place on the small docked vessel. As soon as he got to the Bridge he was handed a report by the officer who was on station. It read that all systems had checked out, weapons and shields were operational, engines and life support. While waiting for the Captain to arrive he wanted to make sure all was ready for departure, they had a mission to do and time was not a luxury they could enjoy.

At the last minute there was a change of orders and Mark found himself commanding the Agincourt. Unexpected and part of him didn't want to but orders were orders. Major Snyder would act as his First Officer. While he waited for Snyder to arrive he wanted to check on other systems since before it was not his place to. "Bridge to Engineering, are we ready to depart?" With everything else reported as ready Mark wanted to make sure they could actually get underway when needed.

"Ready when you are sir," RJ responded as the last of the status lights turned green.

Sam was surprised to get the call from Commander Bawden but none the less complied with the request. It was not uncommon for marines to be asked to fill in where needed, even if it was not strictly marine of combat related however it was that willingness to step up that made them better than most. A stint as First Officer on one of the escort ships docked with the Dreadnought would be a welcome change of pace from the otherwise repetitive days at her desk.

With nothing but herself needed she gave her XO the heads up and headed for the Hanger bay where the Agincourt was docked to board her.

"Good. Helm prepare to launch. Agincourt to Dreadnought we are ready to decouple from the ship." Mark spoke eager to get underway and get this mission on its two feet. That was the moment that Major Snyder walked onto the Bridge. "Major, glad you could join us."

It was not often Sam got away from the marine deck so that reply was expected in most situations. "Which station should I man?"

"Tactical, please." Mark replied. Seeing Sam in green reminded him of his own career in the same colour and while part of him missed it, he wouldn't go back. Then confirmation arrived they were cleared to depart. "Helm, back one third impulse, clear us of the Dreadnoughts aft section and plot a course to our patrol zone."

Sam sat watching on the viewscreen the smaller ship leaving the bay of the much larger vessel. It felt a little strange initially, a ship leaving a ship and not a station. A check of her systems showed that shields and weapons were functioning and ready, no doubt Commander Bawden's doing.

"Helm, warp 3. Keep an eye on the sensors and tie in to our fighter wing. They will no doubt see something before we do."

JP By:-

Commander Bawden
Chief Tactical/Security

Major Snyder
Marine Commanding Officer


Lt.JG Quinn
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Dreadnought


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