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Barham: Gathering the Crew

Posted on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 12:34am by Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Constantine Ravenloft & Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn & Amber Omier Dr

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Barham

Ayla froze at the Captain words. She was given a ship to command at patrol. She turned to look at the Captain Ra. But he had turned to other things after giving out assignments. She turned the bridge station over to her back up incase she got taken away from the bridge by any means. She looked over at Mark, but he was busy with his responsibility tasks for the Dreadnought. She subtly changed her course and gave him a gentle shoulder squeeze in passing. There was much to do for Science Department. They would carry on with their assigned projects under more stringent protocols.

~~ In charge of a ship...~~ Ayla heart raced with excitement and trepidation as she scampered through the ship. ~~ Great Mice! Dont let mez forget anything... Miracle! ~~ Ayla eyes widen as her hand flew to her combadge, giving it activating tap. She gave rapid fire instructions on placing Miracle under adult supervision while Mark and her were off ship. She could beg off from commanding the assignment due to at least one parent must remain aboard to continue to provide parental care for offsprings.

She faltered in her steps as her motherly instinct flared to life. But then she was Star Fleet till time came for her to retire or resign from her commission in Star Fleet, regardless of family responsibilities. The sense of Duty and loyalty reared up and sent Ayla back to scampering through the ship to hangers where they was prepping her ship for departure.

She sent a quick message down to Sgt. Winters, informing her that she was in command of the Barham and would like her to come along with a platoon of Marines incase there was a need to board a ship for inspection and ship security.

Ayla looked thoughtfully as she passed through the link onto the Barham. She needed a few more senior officers. She looked over the ships roster for selected personnel. She came across Dr. Omier. Taking note of her civilian contracted status onboard the Dreadnought Gave it a quick read of her qualifications. It gave her pause as she thought of the close knit group of Fleet Engineers and a civilian engineer. How rough it would be for Dr. Omier to mesh in with them to have a comfortable respected teamwork working relations within the department.

=^= Lieutenant Quinn. Iz Commander Ayla Bawden. Iz would like to have Doctor Omier assigned to mez aboard the USS Barham, Defiant class ship. As long as needed." =^= She nodded to herself with a nod, ~~ This ought to gain her some Fleet respect. Specially as mez Chief Engineer. ~~

"Understood," she replied without providing an actual commitment.

RJ sighed. She didn't love the idea of giving up one of the department's best engineers, especially when she herself had been given orders to join the Agincourt. Then again, she understood the need to have a highly qualified engineer on the ship.

She tapped her combadge. "Quinn to Omier. I've received a request for you to join the Barham. I will be more than happy to support your staying on the Dreadnought. I might even prefer it since you're one of the best, but duty on a Defiant class ship can be a sought after opportunity and they'll need an experienced engineer. It's up to you." RJ ended the statement and awaited a response.

Since their co-CEO type arrangement she had come to respect Omier's own judgment even more and especially as a civilian, RJ thought it appropriate for her to determine her own fate here.

'Omier here." Amber spoke, her voice calm and level which had been the typical norm which may have contributed to her nickname when paired with her otherwise disinterested face. She listed to what the Chief had to say and considered her words carefully. "I will report to the Barham immediately."

Ayla flopped onto the bridge center seat, getting the feel of being able to do so. Letting the mantel of command settled upon her. She felt the power of command fill her 5 foot frame.
~~ Power can corrupt..~~ came unbidden into her mind and she countered with ~~ Absolute power sure taste sweet ~~

=^= "Doctor Ross, Commander Ayla Bawden. Can yooz spare Dr. Thomas for Barham Duty?" =^= Ayla spoke with a bit of authority in her tone as her heart quivered with the new sense of responsibility. She wanted the best, yet She never had worked with those she chose for her Senior crew. She knew she couldn't have the Section Chiefs, But she sure could chose her Senior crew of officers.

Gavin was attending the birthing of three kittens to a feline pet of an officer. Just having finished, he held the fluffy baby in his hand as the medical scanner worked from his other.

“Commander Bawden. I understand. You may have Dr. Thomas on assignment as long as I get her back promptly and in good condition. The Lieutenant shall be an asset to your crew.” Ross had looked into the closed eyes of the tiny just born kitten.

“Such a cute one this is!” Gavin grinned. "Dr. Thomas. You have been assigned to Commander Bawden. Please log the necessary supplies you will be needing."

"Aye" she responded quietly, casting a look down at her belly. "I suppose I can raid the pantry, so to speak." Chuckling lowly, the Doctor began making a mental checklist.

Now she needed a good pilot. She looked through the Dreadnought roster. She came across Lieutenant Ravenloft. She sent out the request for her.

Ravenloft was just settling in for the evening with a good book that she was putting off due to her studies. She heard the chime of an incoming message. She placed the book marker and closed the book. She frowned at how little she had read of the book, while moving to the room's computer console. She activated it. She read the message that awaited her. Wasn't the Dreadnought she had spent hours on the holodeck practicing all sorts of maneuvers. At least she could pilot one of the sportscars of ships compared to the Dreadnought. And effectively armed proven in the Dominion War and other skirmishes that the Defiant class proven an effective combat ship. She acknowledged the orders and quickly packed a travel bag, throwing in the book she had just started to read.


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