NCC - 77447 - B
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Being Prepared Comes after Preparation

Posted on Sat Nov 20th, 2021 @ 1:50pm by Commander Mark Bawden

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Bridge. U.S.S Dreadnought
Timeline: Current

Mark gave a sigh of relief at finally arriving at the mission location, it came with a sense of actually doing something rather than flying from point A to point B. So far everything had gone to plan which was welcome and now they were be getting into the nit and grit of the mission and its needs.

Mark turned to the Captain when he heard him talk, it turned out he was talking to the new First Officer. "Take command of the Agincourt, go to these coordinates, patrol and report, act as necessary but don't do anything overt at this stage, we need to know the lay of the land before we walk amongst it."

Mark arranged for a security detail and tactical team to report to the Agincourt while also making sure the ship had the latest targeting packages loaded in it. It was not uncommon from time to time that ships would be missed off when there were many of them and in this case, there were 3.

"Ayla." Ra spoke turning a little to face the Mousian. "Assume command of the Barham, launch when ready and head to the following coordinates. Patrol the area and report findings."

Mark arranged for the same for the Barham, the second of the ships two escorts and half of 'The Twins'. There was a measure of pride about Ayla taking command of a ship, he knew she could do it, had the skills needed and a Defiant was nothing to be scoffed at also.

"Security and Tactical teams dispatched." Mark called informing the two new 'Captain's that some of the crew was already inbound.

=^= All hands, this is the Captain. We have arrived in our designated area and will begin operations immediately. Departments prepare for orders from your department chiefs. =^=

Taking the hint of that Mark brought a display to life to give a review of his department. As it stood all weapons were available, torpedo magazines were loaded, shield generators were showing green across the lines. Essentially the large vessel was ready for combat. Mark however was also the Chief of Security and so ran a check there too.

Security patrols were active but that was more to keep a presence in the civilian areas and secure zones of the ship, not set to repel boarders. Deck by deck the force field systems registered ready, all weapons lockers were locked and secure but reading full and complete.

Mark doubted anyone would be foolish enough to test the metal of the Dreadnought but knew that someone would, at some time, somewhere try it. It wasn't much later that notification had come through that the teams sent to the two Escorts had arrived, Barham's were already boarding the ship.


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