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A New Addition To The Block

Posted on Sun Nov 14th, 2021 @ 11:10am by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati
Edited on on Sun Nov 14th, 2021 @ 11:11am

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Bridge. U.S.S Dreadnought
Timeline: Current.

With a flash the large bulk of the starship Dreadnought dropped from warp into its destination system 2 days after leaving the familiar scene of Earth. Ra knew that its presence would quickly be detected by long range sensors in this region, vessels on trade routes and even the more unsocial and undesirable elements that lurked in the region.

Ra knew this was bound to happen but he had no intention of reacting to a situation as it developed, he was here to act on a one before it did.

During the transit he had ordered his two Defiant Class escorts ready in all respects for launch, they would be his arms, his fighter wing his fingers. Commander Luthar had orders to prepare his fighters for launch to act as scouts, shadowing trade routes and relaying to the Escorts any signs of trouble.

Ra also had plans to launch several long range recon probes into areas off the beaten path knowing that raiders and pirates had to be coming from somewhere and it wouldn't be anywhere locally.

Ra had also considered that his orders didn't mention how long he was to remain or to which point his withdrawal was authorised so caged that in the back of his mind until later. The Dreadnought was to serve its function, a Command and Control Carrier and here was where it would do that function.

Ra turned to Nim, his new First Officer. "Take command of the Agincourt, go to these coordinates, patrol and report, act as necessary but don't do anything overt at this stage, we need to know the lay of the land before we walk amongst it."

What Ra meant was he didn't want to go hunting for the raiders just yet, feeling instead to catch a predator it was best to watch the prey.

"Ayla." Ra spoke turning a little to face the Mousian. "Assume command of the Barham, launch when ready and head to the following coordinates. Patrol the area and report findings." He explained to both that fighters would be in the area if required but try to handle a situation without them if possible.

Ra wanted to cast his net as wide as possible over as much area as possible but knew that some of the local powers might not take kindly to Starfleet turning up.

Ra was an accomplished diplomat but knew that the art of a diplomacy was an icy one at the best of times given all the elements involved. Perspectives, opinions, positions all had to be heard and respected while trying to achieve a common ground. "Communications, send a communications greeting to all inhabited planets in the system, invite them to open a dialog with us regarding the pirate and raider situation in the system and that we are here to help."

Patience was one thing Ra had, time however was not. He knew all too well that the initial set up period was a dangerous one because anything could happen and he could be caught off guard by it.

Hoping to avoid it that was why he deployed almost right away, it might not be all but it was something which was by far better than nothing.

=^= All hands, this is the Captain. We have arrived in our designated area and will begin operations immediately. Departments prepare for orders from your department chiefs. =^=


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