NCC - 77447 - B
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Dreams turning into Goals?

Posted on Thu Nov 11th, 2021 @ 1:28am by Lieutenant Constantine Ravenloft

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Dreadnought
Timeline: Current

Constantine moved gracefully though the ship with several Data padds in her grasp. She had a soft smile of accomplishment. Passing a stringent shuttle recertification course and coming out in the top 5% of the class against many others that were just as good and even better than she was. What she enjoyed the most were the shuttles were of a new breed of classes coming out to serve the aging fleet of starship and the newer line ship suck as she walked the corridors of. Dreadnought. A strong name for a warships though out history.

Her smile grew a bit wider as she remember her struggles in learning the nuances of piloting such a large ship. The long hours on the holodeck, putting a no-name Valkyrie Class ship through it paces, bugging Fleet engineering about the duration of maximum sustainable speeds. It gave her the edge to specialize from the diversity of generic ships of the line that were in current use.

Once again she was assigned to the newest and biggest ship in the Fleet. She knew as her experiences grew, she could go for the one of the coveted spots in being a pilot. Test Pilot. Not just run of the mill Fighter pilot. She wrinkled her nose at the mere words being thought of. Something she could fly, dig out all the faults of the ship and have people, other than herself read the report full of technical jargon that would even send Engineer crossed eyed and to act upon. Just knowing that the ships she put through the tests could take the punishment of some inexperienced pilot at the helm would be a major accomplishment and a sense of wellbeing coursed through as she paid her due in gaining the necessary experience to become one.

She gave a little skip, hop and shuffled her feet in a private dance of celebration when there was hopefully none to see her.

Now she needed the few more requisites and traveling to unknown destinations would come to an end. It drew her up short, mentally as she continued on to her newly assigned quarters. She thought about her love of traveling to see new places at the far ends of universe. Maybe even visit new galaxies that currently unmanned ships were being sent out to explore. Not only were the Federation involved, but a lot other spacefaring empires were doing so. It came down to getting across the vast gulf of black between the galaxies that brought a lot of ventures to a halt. Even generation ship had been sent out to cross the vast void to be never heard from again. Even transwarp conduits that the Borg using currently was under vast study from the limited information that had been gleaned from previous encounters with them.

Maybe the collective mind with its vast network of brilliant minds was what caused the Borg to rise in dominance from communicated dreams and theories, practical math being worked on mentally on a continuous basis which enabled them to master transwarp conduit travel. A ship this big and all it resources with the firepower would be an ideal platform for a transwarp journey to another galaxy.

Connie nodded a slightly as she entered her quarters. She would begin to study up on transwarp physics. There wouldn't be much need for pilots as it would all be done by computers. But still Sentient Being always felt more comfortable when there was another Organic Sentient Being at the helm. And its kinda hard to place the blame on a mere Computer AI program. And the developers of the AI program were never around to be blamed for erroneous programming in the first place. Nor the 'Acts of the Deities'; Nature interfering with the flight path. Even traveling at great distances at speeds almost beyond comprehension was daunting. Flying an unknown path blindly without advance warning that even warp flight had troubles in keeping up with. One misread signal, disaster struck in the worst possible way.

She tossed the padds on her work desk, looking about her new spacious quarters. She stood there in awe at the room she had to move around in. Or clutter it up to remove spacious feeling from the rooms. But then She'll be either too busy to notice in her new line of studies, work, exercise and socializing with others.


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