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Capturing a perfect moment.

Posted on Wed Nov 17th, 2021 @ 11:02pm by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Earth Pacific Northwest
Timeline: Shore leave 0545

Acacia stood in a quiet studio in the middle of Paradise. The foothills of Mount Rainier was one of Acacia's favorite places on Earth and the blanket of wildflowers was exquisite. It was vibrant and bright and as fragrant as any bouquet when the sun rose. The gentle scent of pine that accompanied it made the fragrance wild and woodsy. Even though it was late in the season, the artificial weather kept the wildflower season lengthened until the snow started. Then the beauty would change, but in no way diminish.

"Ms. Thomas?"

"Thats me." Acacia turned away from the window to lay eyes upon the photographer Ann Bilaut she'd gone to school with. She grinned and waited to see if she'd be recognized, for she'd registered as A.Thomas.

Appraising dark hazel eyes raced over her body, then rested on the brilliant cascade of black to metallic silver crowning her head. The middle shades almost looked blue if you didn't look too closely at it. The effect was ethereal, and all-together lovely."No! Acacia?"

"Also me."

"Damnation girl! You look fantastic!" The photographer hugged her, and a moment later rested a hand on Acacia's blossoming belly. "I don't need to ask why you're here! I'm so flattered you chose me! I haven't talked to you since you left the Academy. "

Both of them shared giggles and Acacia smiled down at her belly. "You're the only photographer that I know. But you think I'm a worthy subject?"

"Goddess yes. Do you know what you're having?"

"No, it's going to be a surprise."

"So no pink and blue lace hmm? That scraps one idea. May I assume you're okay with white silver and maybe a deeper blue to accent your eyes? Not baby blue of course, because that would have people make assumptions, and we can't have that. Oh, I forgot to ask is your husband going to come and be part of this shoot?"

Acacia's eyes turned sadder, and she turned them back on the spectacular view. Tears gleamed for a moment before she swallowed against the lump in her throat to speak. "My partner and I aren't married. He's a marine and he's on assignment."

"Oh I'm sorry!"

"Don't be, that's exactly why I am retaining your services. Its not fair to him that he can't enjoy my pregnancy as much as I have." Acacia's eyes twinkled, and the smile on her lips was genuine if a little sad. She wished that Jason could be here with her. To capture these moments of pure beauty by her side. She still ached deep inside with a gnawing guilt, that she'd yet to even TELL him he was going to be a father.

"My plan is to take us to several locations in the park. Silver Falls, Tipsoo Lake, Mount Shuksan, Cape Flattery, Olympic Wilderness Coast and maybe the San Juan Islands if there is time. The trip and the setup will likely take the majority of the day. I have a small personal shuttle to get us to the locations, and permission to fly, if you're ready. We do need to move quickly if we're going to catch the sunrise."

"Oh, I've been looking forward to this for some time, I think since I learned I was pregnant. Lead on."

The flight was quick and the shuttle was comfortable enough to lull Acacia into the lightest of dozes. She woke when the hum of the engine cut off and she smiled at the setup. They'd started at the lake, and she sat in a chair gazing out into the sunrise lit sky. It reflected on the lake in such a perfect reverse image that it was almost impossible to tell which was real. The sunlight lit her silver hair and it threw back a vibrant almost metallic golden color, that flattered her coloring and made her freckles stand out. Ann had packed some props, and so too had Acacia. Between the two of them, they had her in everything from nothing to a dress in a similar style to the one she'd worn to the Marine Gala. She was partial to the fluttery nearly transparent number that she'd stood in, that seemed to absorb the colors around it.

The rippling beach that made up the Olympic Wilderness was breathtakingly beautiful. Part of her delighted in the soft sand under her bare feet. Her fingers trailed a length of the softest lace, which wrapped around her belly, and promised beautiful things within. The light wind teased it into fluttering.

It was on the path to Silver Falls however that would give her the most beloved of the shots of her, the ones that would make her weep to look upon them. Acacia walked into the water of a tiny lake within sight of the main falls. Mist poured from the cool waters, and made her shiver. Her body was sheened with droplets, and she fairly glittered in the muted light. The white lace that clung to her body drifted away from her on the top of the water, and as she glanced down she caught the fabric before it could escape from the curve of her belly. Water glittered on her eyelashes and fell to the clinging fabric. The mist was an almost physical presence in that moment, and she felt the heaviness of it against her breast and in each breath she took. It wrapped around her from the falls and gave the whole scene a sense of otherworldliness. As if she was reaching through the water of the tiny lake from another world.

She remembered a promise she'd made him a long time ago as they walked along the bridge. That she would find a way to wear just his jacket and something lace to match. His jacket, the one he'd worn daily when he'd been with her, which bore his name upon the breast didn't come close to covering her. The lace underneath was the perfect shade of olive that it almost didn't look out of place. That was, until the pale ivory of her skin shone through the delicate lace.

The photographer had snapped the picture the moment that her fingers had drawn the collar of his Jacket closed around her throat. Her eyes had closed at the scent of his aftershave still in the jacket, and the smile on her lips had been pure. It was almost as good as having him wrap his arms around her.

The day had been filled with laughter, nibbled snacks, and the satisfaction of making art. It had even rained on her a few times, something she adored. Those pictures were full of joy as she danced in the falling droplets.

It took less time than she'd anticipated to receive her copies of the pictures taken, and her eyes welled up with tears as she looked at the spectacular shots. The edits she'd made in the development process had been subtle, and she noticed that her silver hair picked up the colors around her in the reflection.

Now to send them to Jason and hope he actually received them.


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