NCC - 77447 - B
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It All Comes To Verbal Blows

Posted on Sun Nov 7th, 2021 @ 8:13pm by Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Assignment

The Corporal tied secure connections together into the recorder and set them in place in the proper channels with the urgent emergency codes attached until the end, where they hit the personal communications system on Earth, where it was currently 0500. "Comms ready sir."

Jack stood in the secure communications room of the base in his uniform, still bent out of shape over what transpired, still seething over the Corporal's antics and no Coffee. He activated the communications link to make the connection, he was not looking forward to what was about to happen but it needed to be done, a line had to be drawn and it was too late for anything but his Father to listen and accept.

It came as no surprise that the holographic image of his Father appeared in uniform and sat at a desk, Jack was not sure where he was but right now he didn't care. "Jason, this is a surprise." Alan spoke, Maj. Gen Alan Frost, Commanding Officer, 27th Mobile Infantry Division. He had a reputation for being a hard worker, dedicated and unfortunately for Jack, never seemed to draw the line between family and duty.

"General." Jack spoke. "If you are free I'd like to discuss something with you of a sensitive nature." Even now he was trying to keep his emotions in check.

Alan could feel the formality, the icy distance from his son. "Of course."

"I'd like to know why you insist in interfering in my personal life and what it involves?" Jack asked getting straight to the point.

Alan sat back in his chair now knowing what this was about. "You mean that Doctor girl of yours, Acacia?" Alan replied.

"I do." Jack confirmed.

"Jason, all I am trying to do is help you, thinking about your future." Alan began. "I don't want you making a mistake that you will later regret, all I want is the best for you."

"You mean, what's best for you." Jack fired back. "You had people here block communications from Acacia so that I wouldn't know what was going on. You deliberately and intentionally tried to break us up just because you wanted 'what's best for me' without having a thought as to asking?"

"Now Jason, lets be real here. We are marines, its a dangerous life, a difficult life, there are threats everywhere that we have to face and the amount of potential that's wasted is staggering as a result." Alan answered.

"That's a blanket answer. I know you don't like Acacia but that does not give you the right to interfere in my relationship just because you don't approve. I'd be very keen to know what Mother would say if she found out." Jack took a breath before he continued. "Your problem is you never once took the uniform off, you were always a General and never a Father and you thought that when I joined up it would make up for that."

"Now you watch your tone with me Jason, I'm still your Father." Alan barked.

"True." Jack shot back with equal ferocity. "It's never been about what's best for me, only what's best for you, the General's son on the path to being a General himself, rising up the ranks. You've not once thought about what is best for me because you have never asked, you just acted. Did you know Acacia was due?"

"I did." Alan answered.

"And you didn't think to at least inform me?" Jason barked. "That's my child, mine, you had no right to interfere, no right to get in the way, to subject Acacia to that kind of upset and heartache."

"I have every right, I am a General and if I think that you knowing would distract you from your duties then so be it." Alan sent the shot back into his Son's court.

"Well not anymore. I'm resigning my commission. I will not live in your shadow, I will not have my life's course be dictated by you. I think you have been a General too long, you have forgotten what it means to be a marine with honour and integrity. You have been behind a desk so long you've forgotten, too busy playing chess with my career well no more." Jack began to lose his cool.

"I wish I could say you have been a poor General but you walked your path to where you are now and I wont take that credit from you. You have been a terrible Father and one I will not talk to any longer. The next time I see you, if I choose to see you, you better be waving a white flag nice and high otherwise we will see who's training is better, and I think you and I both know who's is. Your actions are unforgivable and I am ashamed to be your son."

"I won't accept your resignation." Alan spoke, trying to put on the 'parent voice'.

"You don't have to, as an officer I have the right to resign as and when I choose, but please, try and stop me. I'll be more than happy to have JAG walk all over you and then some for what you have done and I have the proof to back it up." Jack replied. "Don't you ever try and contact me again, you leave Acacia alone, I mean not test me. You always said to mean what you say, I mean mine."

Jack closed the link before his Father could answer but what's done was done. For too long he'd interfered and now that chapter was closed, it was like a weight had been lifted and he could sigh with a measure of relief. A line had to be drawn and he drew it in the sand. Walking back to his quarters Jack began to write up his resignation to the base commander and making arrangements to return to the ship only this time as a civilian.


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