NCC - 77447 - B
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One step forward, Two steps back.

Posted on Tue Dec 7th, 2021 @ 2:38pm by Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask & Olivia Carlyle

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Spa

The muscles under her hand were tight and trembling with the strain upon them. A tiny frown decorated Olivia's face as she ran the Vulcan through the strengthening exercises designed to keep the nerve impingement at bay. He'd been working diligently, and had up until this day not had any significant problems. Her fingertips were upon the joint in question, feeling as he went through the exercises- perfectly of course because what Vulcan doesn't practice perfect technique. Her thoughts were bitter, mostly because the spa hadn't been doing as well as she'd anticipated. Carlyle hadn't expected the Chief of Medicine to push back against what was a needed service aboard the ship. She was sure it was only because he hadn't thought of it and that she wasn't a member of Starfleet- so he couldn't boss her around. Hypocritical pig.

Something shifted under her fingers, and suddenly icy fire shot from neck to fingertips. He brought in a deep breath, in surprise. "Dr. Carlyle, that has exceeded the point of discomfort. My hand is also uncomfortably cold." Skovik spoke up, quietly, but firmly. Tremors ran the length of his arm as he attempted to do what she'd asked of him.

Olivia stopped what she was doing immediately, and ran a scanner over his shoulder. She realized, in hindsight that she'd felt the repair give way and the bones shift back to where they had been. Surprise flickered over her features at the shift in the bone to once more impede the nerve that fed his arm. "I think it is possible that you might need surgical fixation of the trapped nerve before we can proceed further."

"I find myself in agreement, though curious. I had thought that Dr. Thomas had repaired the problem." The pins and needles had not eased yet, though the painful cold was dissipating. His fingers were a bit pale, and he briefly wondered if the defect had caused some circulatory defects as well.

"She did, and it had been maintaining until now. I will send my scans to her for her opinion on the subject. It is possible that we need to actually physically stabilize the bones themselves instead of relying on muscular strength increases to keep them in the proper alignment."

"That is a logical assessment."

"I'm flattered."

"Your logical assessment of the situation is not intended as flattery doctor, merely an admission of truth."

A smirk touched her lips, in response to the words, amused despite his assurance that his flattery wasn't what it was-flattery. He couldn't know that it was charming, even for someone who knew full well they weren't getting flirted with. What would it be like to be flirted with by a Vulcan one wonders. Grateful once more for the fact that she was mind-blind and could no more transmit her thoughts to him than could a rock she spoke. "Can you raise your arm?"

He raised his arm to about 40% of the full range of motion that they had gotten him back to. Also, there was a distinctive tremble of effort. "I believe you humans would say...Ouch."

Olivia laughed softly, not having missed the tremor or the other very subtle pain indicators in the Lieutenant. "Not to worry Lieutenant, we will get you back to 100%."

"I am incapable of worry, but the sentiment and its intent is appreciated."

"I am going to give you an analgesic and a muscle relaxant directly into the site, and then you need to go to sickbay. Ask for Dr. Thomas, but if she's unavailable anyone with orthopedic surgery experience will do. " Carlyle dialed up a hypospray and gestured to his neck, in a silent request for him to turn.

"I understand Dr. Carlyle." He did turn, so she might access where she needed to apply the medication. A soft hiss indicated the discharge of the hypospray. A trickle of pleasant coolness spread from the injection and exhaled quietly. "This is becoming tiresome."

"I don't doubt that. Go on, get your shoulder fixed, I'll be waiting for post op care."

Nodding his assent, Skovik rose from the massage table, exiting the spa through the pale marble arch, heading for sickbay and the discharge of this unpleasant sensation.


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