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Getting to 99%

Posted on Sun Jan 2nd, 2022 @ 12:40am by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant JG Mia Anushka & Olivia Carlyle

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Spa
Timeline: Prior to Barham Departure by 3 hours

"Hey Dr. Carlyle." Acacia murmerred as she entered the spa, the musical fountain in the back of the entryway bringing a calm, coolness to the air that she found very appealing. Maybe she would get a tiny fountain to put by the bed, to help her sleep. It would be good for her if Jason didn't come back, and she needed help sleeping. She'd prefer to avoid drugs if she could help it.

"Dr. Thomas, good of you to drop by. Something I can help you with?"

"Anyone skilled in prenatal massage?"

"Mia, definitely."

"Great, you think I can book an appointment today?"

"Sure...I have a few openings for her. Why today specifically?"

"I am getting swollen ankles and feet, but I also think my hip is out of alignment a little. We're about to be super busy in sickbay and I need to be able to function at as close to 100% as the baby will let me."

"What makes you say that?"

"Which part?"

Olivia laughed at the question, and clarified her question "What makes you think your hip is out of joint?"

"Oh. That." Acacia looked thoughtful, her face twisting into a grimace as she rubbed her hip. "Well, walking is more difficult and there's a sharp pain when I have to bend in any way. Not that I really can bend anymore mind you, but I try to squat when I can. It's more than just your standard round ligament pain...because that I've had already, and is simply annoying."

Acacia smiled wanly, her hand stroking her growing belly. It was cumbersome, and heavy. Her legs felt the same way, and she was both enjoying her pregnancy and wishing it was over at the same time. The scent of peppermint in the air caused a ripple of savage hunger to tear through her and she cast her gaze upward in despair.

"Hold that thought, I have to get something to eat it seems."

"Gotta feed that baby?" Olivia looked amused and sympathetic at the same time.

"Normally, the child makes me nauseated, but this week it's been nothing but ravenous hunger. I don't understand it, but its better than heaving up my toenails every time I smell something like eggs."

"Urgh" Olivia turned a little green at the idea. "Remind me never to have kids, because that sounds appalling."

"It's an exercise in trigger avoidance for sure. But, otherwise I have found pregnancy to be entirely an enjoyable experience. I would do it again."

"You would?"

"Sure. Provided Jason was willing, of course. This baby was a bit of a surprise, the next one..." She paused and smiled wanly "If there is a next one, will be planned and discussed. I wouldn't mind if he also got to enjoy the process. Lets just say that him being gone has been...difficult on me."

Laughter answered that statement, and Olivia and Acacia shared lascivious grins. Both women had similarly risque senses of humor and genuinely enjoyed the other's company.
"I'll book you in for Mia in an hour, so you can go find something foodish to eat. "

Can only feed certain hungers here and now
Was the clear thought in Olivia's eyes, and her amused gaze followed the silver haired doctor from the spa.

Acacia only waved at Olivia on her way out. She was certain that she could follow her nose to something that would satisfy her as fully as food could.


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