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A Meet & Greet, A Different Perspective.

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 7:19pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil
Edited on on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 7:19pm

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Ready Room.

Ra sat in his Ready Room eager to get underway, yet one task remained. He needed to meet his new First Officer following the departure of his last. It was a surprise departure indeed but Command had seen fit at least to appoint from within, Ra however knew there were full Commanders waiting for the spot to vacate because some had even sought to meet the Captain as a means of introduction.

His new First Officer however, Lieutenant Commander Vixil was formerly of his medical department and while he pondered on her choice to change, he wondered if she was fully aware of the sacrifices that would mean in the positional change. As a former Doctor the chances for her to utilise her medical training now that she not only sported a red uniform but also a vital role was greatly diminished. Ra had only met the Doctor on a few occasions, and she seemed competent, talented, level headed and all would be needed for a leadership position on a ship of over 6,000 crew. =^= Commander Vixil, will you join me in my Ready Room? =^= Ra spoke after tapping his commbadge.

Nim had been expecting the call, still, it set a level of unease within her. Though she had met the CO before, it was in a different capacity. The walk from her office to his didn't take long and then she found herself standing before his door, straightening her uniform, the collar still feeling like it was choking her as she reached out and hit the communicator, waiting of his permission to enter.

Prompt, as he expected of her. “Enter.” The doors opened to reveal the Commander. “Come, please, take a seat Commander.” This wasn’t to be an interrogation, but he did feel that the more he understood his new First Officer the better the two of them would work together being the ranking two officers on board. “Settling in?” He asked, knowing that in the past few days she’d had to make many changes not only in duties but general life and home as well.

As she sat, Nim crossed her legs and smiled politely. "The quarters and uniform may be new, but the ship is still the same," she said with a smile. "There isn't much difference yet, but I imagine that will come as we're well underway and embracing our first mission. I trust Bri is adjusting well? I saw her on the promenade yesterday, she looked gowingly happy."

"She does enjoy to partake in the offerings that the Promenade affords, her tutoring takes up some of her time but allows her to keep her talent with music sharp." Ra answered. "One pressing question continues to hound me however, you are a qualified Doctor, an extensive training list, scores of hours performing and yet you applied for the role of First Officer." Ra posed the substance of the question. "Why?"

Straight to the point. Nim drew in a deep breath. "Why not?" she countered calmly. "Captain, what was your specialty before you entered Command?"

"Pilot and Helmsman." Ra answered, though for him his choices were a more natural elevation tree towards command, nothing like what the Commander had just done.

"So why did you decide to enter the Command path?" Nim asked. There was no challenge or defiance in her voice, just curiosity.

"Natural course. I wanted to command." Ra spoke. "Command selections are typical from helm and operations, especially for Bridge Officers and even more so for First Officer appointments. I knew the course I had to take and went the path that saw me along it to where I am now." Ra answered. "But you are a Doctor, trained in medical, to heal, to treat, becoming First Officer puts much of that on hold for you."

"First and foremost, my desire is to help." Nim paused for a moment, taking a breath and looking down at her hands. "I don't believe that my taking the role of First Officer will completely cut me off from the medical world. I fully plan to stay current on my qualifications and medical training. If I managed to do my Command training while maintaining a rigorous medical schedule, I have no doubt I can be First Officer and maintain my medical training, so, no, I don't plan to put all of that on hold."

She paused again, for a moment, taking a breath. "When I went into medical, it was because I wanted to help. I wanted to do good. I still want to do good. This, entering the Command path, it gives me a chance to do more to help others than sitting next to a bio bed in sickbay does."

"As I understand it, being a Doctor requires you to take the Hypocratic Oath at Starfleet Medical. Primum non nocere First do no harm." Ra spoke, glad for having looked that up before the meeting. "As First Officer you will be expected to defend the ship and crew and by action ordered by you, inflict harm upon others or worse. Are you comfortable with that?" Ra needed to know where Nim's lines were drawn, needed to know she'd be on the Bridge when he needed her to be and not in Sickbay answering the call of training.

Nim remained silent for a long moment. "I sat by while we watched an entire race be consumed by a black hole. We could have helped them. We could have saved them. I stayed silent. Not because I wanted to, and not because I wanted to, and certainly not because I agreed with the decision, but because it was what my position required." She paused, taking a breath. "Sir, if I can be blunt... if a medical emergency were declared, and a member of your crew was needing me to make a life defining decision for them, would you have an issue with that if I were still CMO?"

"If you were still Chief Medical Officer no as that would fall under the direct purview of the role, I wouldn't. However that is no longer the case is it?" Ra answered, being First Officer meant looking out for the whole crew from a more commanding position who's actions and decisions effect everyone. "As First Officer you have to step aside from your training, show confidence, trust, believe in the now Chief Medical Officer and their conduct even if you believe things should be run differently."

"You trusted me to do my job then, I would hope you could trust me to do my job now. If not, I would question why you approved me for the position." Nim watched him curiously. "I am not Chief Medical Officer any more, I haven't been for some time, and I've never had an issue with allowing others to make decisions, even if I disagreed with them."

Ra was satisfied with the answer, confident that with the new First Officer things would go smoothly again. "Very well." Leaning forward he turned his monitor towards her, on it showed the orders that he'd received. It was not overly a detailed read with many vague areas and elements that could only be filled in once they arrived. "Our orders."

"Anything specific I should know about before I start reading?" she asked simply.

"What you read is what I have been sent. Essentially region stability and security which I suspect will require deployment of the fighter wing for reconnaissance as well as the Defiants for trade route patrol. Who ever is responsible clearly has little regard for life if they are venting crews into space." Ra answered.

Nim was visibly taken aback at the final remark. "Venting... crew... into space?" she asked incredulously. "Are we talking something like pirateering or a localised race on some kind of warpath?"

"Well pirates are suspected but we are being sent to confirm and resolve or bring stability to the region until local authorities can deal with the elements themselves." Ra answered. "When we arrive I suspect it wont go unnoticed, news will spread quickly which is why I want to act quickly. A fighter is better to scout than a starship but a starship better to respond than a fighter in the right situation. I'd rather avoid a direct engagement with the ship which is why I'll be using the Defiants as able."

"Of course we aren't going to go unnoticed," Nim retorted. "We practically rewrite gravity as we move." She shook her head slightly. "Fighters would definitely be the better option at least to scout initially. I would probably suggest we keep the Dreadnought at a safe distance until we have a handle on what's actually happening, then we can make an informed and calculated decision on how to proceed."

"That is why we will be dropping into the region in a central location where we can react to a threat promptly, sitting at the sidelines will only extend our deployment time." Ra was confident that the ship itself would be in very little danger considering what the trials and combat testing result yielded before commissioning but this area bore many unknowns. "Once we arrive we will open a dialog with the local governments and see what information they are willing to share, I am not banking on complete honesty in what ever is shared but I doubt everyone will tell the same story if asked."

"I assume we won't be utilizing away teams to gather information?" Nim asked.

"Unknown yet, we may send teams to meet officials or conduct some ground work but at least until we know what we are dealing with and where I'd like to limit what we do until we get the locals on our side and cooperating." Ra answered, rather hoping to have the support of the victims than appear to be an aggressor stomping around in a back yard.

"While we're enroute I suggest we have operations listening in for localised scatter chatter," she replied. "Monitoring local stations may give us something more to work with before we get there. It also might shed some light on information that the locals don't want to share."

"I'd also like covert probes launched when we arrive, I don't plan to be caught off guard even while on the ship, there is no reason to be blind to our surroundings." Ra spoke. "See what Operations can do, any information will be helpful."

Nim nodded slightly. "Of course Captain. Is there anything else you want from me while I'm going?"

"No, get the ship underway, the crew should have returned by now and supplies already stowed. I'd rather not tally any longer." Ra did this on purpose, the First Officer's first charge was to launch the ship from its position and get it underway, a prime opportunity to get her feet wet to the role. "Dismissed."


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