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A date with 100000 Baby Names.

Posted on Mon Oct 25th, 2021 @ 5:26pm by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Medical Officers Quarters

Acacia walked back to her quarters and once the swish of the doors enclosed her in safety, she collapsed. Knees gone watery from the rush of adrenaline dumping from her system, the scarlet redhead simply sat and shivered. Icy tendrils that wrapped around her guts had her shaking almost to the point of nausea. She'd thought that Jason had...had... Oh sweet Custodian, what am I going to do?

The nausea was unrelenting, and she was grateful that she'd yet to eat anything. Exhaling slowly through pursed lips she fought for control of her body. It didn't help, and her stomach lurched. A strangled whimper escaped at the rush of bile at the back of her throat. No. The chain around her throat held a in its depths a combination of scents that eased nausea. It was spicy and honey sweet at the same time and brought her a sense of well being.

It took a long time to return her legs from Jelly to a solid state and even longer still to stand up. Slowly she walked into the nursery, with it's soft forest green walls and white accents. The rocking chair was her refuge, and she settled into it drawing the beautiful quilt around her. Warmth flooded in, where the icy chill had lain.

"Alright baby, let's see if I can find a name for you. "

She'd decided to go with a botanical theme because of her own name. Acacia was a tree after all. Flower names were fine for girls, but they weren't super appealing to her. She'd already rejected the most popular floral names.

"We need botanical names that go well with Frost, that aren't silly sounding. Then we can find a middle name that suits as well, no restrictions there. At least if you're a boy, it's easier because one of your names can be Thomas.".

Her soft blue eyes were tender as she stroked over her belly. Her smile widened when the baby kicked under her hand. A pang of sadness that Jason hadn't gotten to feel their child move in her belly tore at her. More things that she felt guilty for.

"Names. Names. Inspire me little one." Her fingers traced down the list of botanical inspired baby names, and wordlessly considered them. At times she shook her head and dismissed names out of hand, others her eyes rested on and made her look thoughtful.

She giggled "Holly? Holly Frost. That's almost mean. Very festive Christmas celebrationy."

"Heather though, that's kind of sweet. Heather Frost. Definitely needs a middle name. " Heather got added in her rounded script to the list of girl names.

The list was short. Short, because she had no idea the names that Jason would like. Short because she was having difficulty even thinking of naming their child without him. Would he object? What if there was something in his past that made him hate the name? Maybe naming would be easier once she could see the child?

Her eyes fluttered closed again and when she opened them, to focus on the 4 first names she'd picked out of thousands. Maybe more would jump out as she continued to read, but exhaustion made her eyes droop.

Jason, I need you here.


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