NCC - 77447 - B
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417:56: 5:1

Posted on Sat Nov 6th, 2021 @ 8:49pm by Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Intelligence Office.

The interface was solid, and it consumed his every bit of attention, as he watched information swirl across the globe of a screen. It was a living web of information, tendrils swirling connecting one tenuous thought to the next. Neurons. They reminded him of the very fabric that allowed advanced consciousness. Apt.

The AI within he'd programmed himself, and hid within an extremely advanced set of protocols within to allow him to keep an eye on a crew of thousands. The computer wasn't foolproof, of course but it gave him an advantage over the typical intelligence officer aboard a ship the size of this one. Skovik had patterned it after the way his own mind worked, and it was beneficial to him simply for the scope it allowed him to process.

It occurred to him that he might benefit from requesting an assistant in this endeavor. Perhaps, simply a yeoman to compile data from the computer.

It stood to reason that the enemies they had acquired, bided their time here. Sooner or later they would slip up and he would catch them.

417 discrepancies had already been detected by his system.
56 of those discrepancies had been enough to flag for his personal review.
5 might actually be useful to report to the Captain.
1 was a fringe member of a social group that was casually anti-federation, and had been investigated but not charged in several terrorist attacks over the past 15 years. That was troubling.

Skovik was inclined at this moment, to give Fleet Captain Ra Moresaati the benefit of the doubt. The man had neither been dismissive to him, nor was he afraid of what he was. What he
and his position represented. He kept his own counsel and had remarkably few 'skeletons in his closet'. The quaint earth term that had come up in response to searching out secrets had stuck with him for many years, and still caused the barest quirk of his mouth upwards in gentle amusement. The Vulcan could do more investigation in the matter, his assessment of the man was a positive one.

"Computer, extend an invitation to the Captain to come to my office at his convenience. I have a non-urgent matter to discuss with him."

The computer beeped an affirmative and sent the message- text only.


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