NCC - 77447 - B
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Escaping the Desk

Posted on Sat Oct 23rd, 2021 @ 3:10am by Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Marine Section

Amanda stood on the scales, making funny faces at readings being displayed. She stepped off the scales and slung the damp towel around her neck and walked at a rapid pace to her quarters. She wasn't happy as even her allotted time in exercise and physical activities was losing to desk duty.

Striding into her room and flinging her towel where it was suppose go for later recycle. She peeled off sweat laden exercise outfit to join up with the discarded towel.

Coming to a pause before the full length mirror, she looked over her figure. She still had the figure to make most men take another look and she was still within Marine standards by a long shot. Yet being bound to a desk was definitely a losing battle.

She gave her reflection a wry smile and unbound her hair from the regulation ponytail, letting fly loose. She turned and moved towards the refresher, seeing a picture of Zan and her on some beech walking in the late twilight of evening, holding hands.

"Good times," Amanda muttered wondered where he was now as she entering the shower to freshen up. Like most of the Marines she worked with either transferred out or got promoted up to another slot and new location. She gave serious thought at times for transfer to a training base to become a Drill Instructor to pass on her hard won knowledge to the recruits. But she had been shipboard so long, even with the artificial gravity, there was still loss of the required mass to withstand the constant natural gravity, even with the weight gain she was constantly fighting from desk duty.

Wearing a new duty shipboard uniform, boots highly shined to use as a mirror, Amanda moved through the section, nodding to those she knew. Seeing some of those she trained were wearing Sergeant stripes which did her proud. They would nod to each other or give each other a fist bump in passing.

Entering her cubicle to see what was on the day's agenda. She looked through the various padds on her desk. A few newly arrived one. She looked thoughtful at one. Even though she hated going through stored inventory to see if it was properly stored, She gave a smile. At least she could take her time on it. Cause you can never be to sure when it came to explosive ordinance.

Amanda smiled, knowing time away from the desk meant less weight gain. She placed a sign on her desk, informing anyone passing, she was doing Stored Inventory Safety Checks and proper storage techniques with the equipment. She grabbed the manual of storing of items properly with compliance to Marine Corp regulations and safety guide lines. This ought to keep her away from the desk all day and a week.


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