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A Tear In Love & Heartache

Posted on Sat Oct 23rd, 2021 @ 1:59am by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati
Edited on on Sat Oct 23rd, 2021 @ 1:59am

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Captains Ready Room.

A complaint from a Marine against a Starfleet officer was something that didn't happen every day. The complaint of harassment and threatening had to be dealt with face to face. An older man who bore the bright leaf of a Major on his lapel also wore the tired expression of a man who despised the calls such as this one. His voice spoke into the computer from his pristine office without any hesitation.

"Computer, open a channel to Fleet Captain Morrisaati"

Ra was reading a report on the status of the ship, routine for the most part yet informative as to the readiness of the vessel. When his computer chirped for an incoming communication he looked at the blank screen before pressing the button to make the connection. "This is Captain Morrisaati."

"Major Gelsemine, Judge Advocate General Marine Corps. Hopefully my timing isn't inconvenient for you Captain?" He steepled his fingers over the desk, rustling the fern that grew on the corner.

"Not at all Major." Ra spoke somewhat surprised that a Major of JAG would be contacting him. "What can I do for you?"

He chuckled at the flicker of surprise on the Captain's face. "I've had a complaint, of harassment from one of my Communication Officers, from a Lieutenant aboard your ship. Normally, I'd not give this more than a cursory glance, but you can understand with the tension between the Corps and the Fleet that something like this might require a bit more attention."

"A complaint?" That did peak Ra's interest, he had not heard anything of this. "May I ask the particulars of this complaint?" Hoping to gleam some information as to the substance of it and what he might be able to do to resolve the issue before it escalated.

"Your Lieutenant Thomas has been repeatedly attempting to contact a personage in a restricted communication zone. That in and of itself would not be a problem, except that in the latest communication she did threaten the communication officer and his career."

Lieutenant Thomas, a quick check revealed the additional information he needed to know. "Lieutenant Thomas, as I understand she is the significant other to Colonel Jason Frost. Is there any mention as to what the content of her communication included?" Thomas had to know the demands of operational security but he suspect that she wouldn't act this way without just cause.

"It is hard to say without unsealing personal messages. I can do that, but it needs to be done in an official capacity. Something I was trying to avoid. Bad press you understand."

"I am certain that Lieutenant Thomas felt she had good reason, what that reason is eludes me but if you would permit me to investigate this and inform you of my findings perhaps this can be resolved before it escalates?" Ra asked, he was hoping that he could get to the bottom of it before anything official was noted in any logs and reports.

"I would appreciate that Captain. I am at your disposal, unofficially.". He inclined his head to Moresaati with a genuine smile and closed the connection. A moment later the official complaint, as yet unanswered dinged to his PADD.

Ra looked at the PADD, at least now he had something in writing that he could attend to. =^= Lieutenant Thomas, could you see me in my Ready Room? =^= He hoped she was on board, he forgot to check and knew some were still on the surface as yet awaiting return.

=/= "Of course sir. Do you need me in an official capacity, where I need to put on a uniform? =/= her voice was startled at first

=^= No, nothing official. =^= Ra spoke, hoping that in the one hand he was not disturbing her while in the other hoping he could get this situation wrapped up swiftly before others cotton onto what has transpired.

Acacia arrived promptly enough, dressed in a pair of deep violet leggings and a paler purple and white dip dyed lace tunic shirt that covered a tank. The undershirt clung like water to her body. When the doors opened for her without a chime she raised both eyebrows in surprise. "You wanted to see me sir?"

"Yes, I am sorry to call you aware form your activities, I will try not to keep you long." His hand out to one of the vacant seats in front of him. "Please." A momentary pause. "I wanted to talk to you about a situation that has just been presented to me by a Major from the Marine JAG's office." Even that little snippet of information would be able to ring a bell about what this was about.

Confusion crossed her face, why would JAG have anything to do with her? "Did something happen to Jason?" She heard herself saying in a quiet voice, her hand cradling her belly as if shielding it from the answer.

"Not that I am aware of, however mention was made to a threat made towards a communications officer." Ra explained. "It seems word has filtered up the chain and to a point where I was contacted personally about the matter." Ra spoke.

"A threat?" All the pieces fell into place and Acacia snorted something that was half a laugh half sob. "That pathetic excuse for a marine wouldn't know a threat if it smacked him in the face with a dead fish. " She laughed again closing her eyes against the bubbling up of hysterics. Acacias voice broke as she continued " I suppose I should explain."

"Please." Ra spoke glad that now things had seemed to settle in and the situation laid bare.

She sagged into a chair and raked her fingers through sunrise curls. "To fully understand, I am going to have to go back a ways. You are aware of my relationship with the Colonel?"

"I am." Ra spoke, he did make sure to read up on the ranking officers past and present and Colonel Frost was no different.

"His father, Major General Alan Frost has hated me since the moment he laid eyes on me. He has repeatedly tried to sabotage our relationship, and this mission is just one more way. I however, did not know I was pregnant before he left. "

"I see." That certainly explained the urgency of the matter. "And you believe that because of the General and the feelings he has towards you he's purposefully blocking your efforts in an attempt to bring your relationship with his son to an end?" Ra asked, trying to get a feel for the family dynamic that was in play.

"I do, and my last conversation with Corporal Bertrick confirmed part of it. You see, Jason has orders not to be contacted that are specific to me. Dispute the corps knowing that I am his partner. ". She licked her lips and a single tear slid down her cheek. " He doesn't know he is about to be a father."

"I see." Ra was not a parent so he couldn't fully grasp the import of such news but knew it would be something of such import to the Colonel. "As you might have expected, the Corporal has filed a complaint with the Marine JAG, whom contacted me." Ra letting the details known and in doing so, the severity of how things could be if it went the wrong way. "The Major who contacted me I believe is hoping to keep this from escalating and I too would like to avoid it if at all possible."

"I merely informed him of the legality of the situation. Any other Marine wouldn't be stopped, getting that news. Jason is going to be furious when he finds out why... especially if he misses the birth. "

"And if you don't mind my asking. When is the due date?" Ra spoke, gathering such information would help him make a case on her behalf, especially since she was right in that such information was a legal known unless the mission the Colonel was on was classified to even higher levels than even his own would grant him knowledge of.

"Soon? I'd wager I've got another month to go. There has never been an Aldean human hybrid pregnancy, so it's difficult to pinpoint with any accuracy. Too many variables in the hybrid, but the baby is healthy."

"I see. Well..." Ra cleared his throat. "While I obviously do not approve of the conduct on board on my ship or from a member of my crew but in light of the details of the situation I'm willing to overlook it. That aside, I will contact the Major from JAG and relation to what you have told me and see what I can do about relaying a message to the Colonel or submit the information up my command chain for relaying."

"I call every day at 1900 ship time, to try to tell him in person. Once a week I of me and the baby. I didn't want him to think that I... didn't want him to know. Or that I was... unhappy. " There was the hint in her voice that some of the pictures might be of an intimate nature.

Ra could understand how the interference of someone on the outside of a situation could have such a negative impact on something. "I will see what I can do, however I am only a starship Captain, there are obviously limits to my influence." Ra explained but he would try and see what he could do.

Her hands covered her face for a moment and she nodded her understanding, behind the shield of her fingers.

"That said, no more threats to people." Ra spoke trying to sympathize as he could. "Agreed?"

"I didn't! I told him how Jason was going to react. I didn't say anything about me doing anything to him. I'd cheerfully garotte the man, but I didn't threaten him!"

"That's not what the Corporal has logged in his complaint, but I'll deal with that. In the mean time I suggest you wrap up any affairs you have off ship as we are preparing to depart shortly." Ra spoke, he was confident however he knew even he had limitations to what was possible.

"I can only imagine what the Corporal has logged in his complaint. I record all my communication. You may review it if you wish, with my full permission." Indignation was still hot in her voice.

"I may not review what was said, but I will use time stamps and dates. I'll use them to bolster my request that a message be sent." Ra answered, more ammunition to use was always welcome when making a case for something.

"I" she paused a moment to shake scarlet curls out. "Of course sir. I have sent 1 message a week since I found out I was pregnant, so it's approximately 8 months of messages. I got more organized once it was clear that it was me on my own. "

Ra could detect some undertones in between the words. "Forgive me for asking and I am not trying to be insensitive to the situation, but am I correct in thinking you want the Colonel back to be apart of the family again?" Her comment about being on her own was what drew the question and as such, he needed to be sure before he acted.

"I want him to know." Acacia said firmly. "It's not fair that he doesn't. I've never once asked him to put me over the corps and I love him all the more fiercely for his dedication to duty. I'm afraid. Really truly, make my soul shiver afraid for him. If he's in a war zone, that something might happen to him before he finds out we're going to have a baby. It's not right."

Ra could see that there was love still present, a desire for a loved one to return and with a baby due soon time was of the essence. "I will see what I can do for you, I can't promise anything or anything swiftly like I said I am just a Starship Captain, but I will try for you."

"I. We appreciate that sir. I can't tell you how much.". Her eyes welled up with tears and she swiped them away with the back of her hand.

Ra paused for a moment to allow her a degree of composure. "As soon as I hear something or have news, I will contact you. I wont keep you any further. Unless there is more I should know?"

Chuckling wetly she offered a shrug "Honestly Captain, I don't know what is important anymore and what isn't. I..." She licked her lips, chewing on the lower one for a moment. "I just get tired of hearing that I don't deserve to talk to him because I'm not his Progenitors damned wife."

"Words." Ra spoke. "Heed not what is said to you about the quality of your worth in the eyes of others, only of your own. Take strength in what you know, what you feel, not what it dictated to you or forced upon you. Change only what you are able, worry not what might be. " He continued. "I will do what I can to help."

Her eyes closed a moment and a crystalline tear slid over a pink cheek. "Yes sir. Thank you."

"Once you are composed, you are dismissed. I will send for you once I hear something to tell you." Ra tried to be reassuring but knew he could only do so much and thus did not want to give a sense of hope where there could very well be none.

"I have a date with 1,000,000 baby names anyway." she muttered with a smile. Even through the tears that slid freely down her face. She sniffled for a moment, finding a handkerchief and drying her cheeks with careful practiced swipes of her fingers. Wincing a bit as she rose from the seat, she rubbed at her back with faint distaste before she turned and left.


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