NCC - 77447 - B
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Who Knows What Comes

Posted on Tue Oct 19th, 2021 @ 8:20pm by Lieutenant James Bradshaw & Commander Mark Bawden & Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Ten Forward

James had just finished a twilight shift trying to get things ready for departure, part of him was glad to finally get underway while another wondered if the next mission would be just as much of a disaster as the last. Without him realising he'd been nursing the same cup of now cold Coffee for over half an hour and knowing it was cold meant it would remain unfinished. His mood was a little down because two of his friends had transferred off ship to new assignments, one of which was because of a promotion so he was happy for her but he learned that friends were a finite commodity, and one he didn't have much of.

"Fondle that cup any more and it's going to file charges." Mark spoke as he stood next to the table James was sat at. "Mind if I join you?"

James looked up and saw Commander Bawden, one of the ships senior staff. "Please." Placing the cup down.

"I know that look, what's up?" Mark asked as he settled himself into a seat, with a hand signal he called over a server. "Coffee, black. 2 please." A pointed wave between himself and James denoting the Coffee was one for each.

"Just finished a shift and found out two of my friends have left the ship while I was working." James explained. "Didn't expect it honestly, they didn't say anything."

That was rough, Mark wasn't a stranger to that especially during his Marine days. "Thats harsh, but look at it this way. You are still on board and more chances to make new friends. Everyone you don't know is just a friend you have not made yet." Though Mark did feel for the man, leaving without a word was just outright cold.

Zan needed a drink that wasn't surrounded by ground techs and other rowdy and noisy pilots. Even when leaving the Hanger he was glad that his headache had started to ease. There were a number of people in Ten Forward but that was pretty much assured at any moment in time simply because of the amount of people on board. He saw Mark with James sat at a table, he'd worked with both in tactical simulations and for engineering needs to keep his craft operational.

"There is Zan." Mark spoke giving the pilot a wave. "See that's a guy that's dating a marine. He had to work hard to shake off that pilot stigma but he did it."

"What's your point?" James asked as he rotated to face Mark again.

"With effort, anything is worth it." Mark replied knowing that his marriage to Ayla needed work, otherwise what was the point. He loved her, she was his world and that was worth the effort in keeping.

"Gentlemen." Zan said as he came to a stop beside the table and already able to smell the aroma of Coffee. "Late nights?"

James nodded.

Mark shook his head. "Not I, just taking a moment before I get back to it."

"Mind if I join you?" Zan asked, hands on the back of a vacant chair.

Mark with a hand directed his attention to James who was here first, so his table. Watching Zan's attention divert to James.

"Sure." James answered seeing that Mark had pointed him out. "What about you, late night?"

Zan smiled. "No, just wrapping up last minute reports. Swapped out some of the fighter craft for new ones, some of your lads are certifying them as we speak for stowage. Then sign off by the Chief." Knowing that even though they were his fighters, anything brought on board that was mechanical, needed a run by of the Chief.

"When you were kinda new on board, how did you find fitting in?" James asked the pair of them.

Mark was a little surprised by the question but leapt in first after a glance at Zan to see if he was going to leap in first. "Well uhh, Well it was a little easier for me than most because I joined the ship as a Marine. I trade transferred after I started a family. Most generally leave Marines alone so making friends isn't really an issue per say."

"I joined as a Pilot, pilots have a bit of a reputation as a 'girl on every assignment' kind of deal, never in one place for very long and after the Dominion War and the casualties, life expectancy in an engagement was short. Like Mark I pretty much kept to myself, then one day it all turned upside down when Amanda turned up." Zan chipped in after Mark. "This about a girl James?"

"No, two of my friends just left the ship with no warning." James replied, his face clear that it bothered him deeply.

"Ouch." Zan spoke figuring that was rather cold of his friends to just up and leave without a word. "Well if you'd going to stay, you have time to make more friends."

"Which is what I said." Mark slipped in.

"Yeah, just wish they told me." James added, he thought he had better friends than that.

"We need to get this man a girlfriend." Zan spoke to Mark.

"What!!" James spoke in shock.

"Got any female pilots, pretty sure the marine girls would eat him up." Mark joked. Not that he wasn't wrong though, marine women had it rough during bootcamp and had to overcome the 'men dominated' setting they found themselves in which meant they could sometimes be really cold, or straight up to the point and that kind of directness could be off putting or intimidating.

Mark had to feel for the guy, losing friends never was a good thing and going cold like they had was a rough hand to be dealt. Figuring that James was single made it worse because with even fewer friends there was nobody really there for him.

"You guys are nuts." James spoke.

"Arn't we all to some degree?" Zan answered with a grin. "Pretty sure Amanda would agree so."

"Don't ask my Wife, I'm sure she'd ship me off to the looney bin at the first hint of the suggestion." Mark joked.


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