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A Quintessential Arrangement

Posted on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 9:08am by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn & Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr.

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Gavin's Quarters


Gavin was finished for the day on the holodeck. He had been mountain biking on a program in the Canadian Rockies overlooking Lake Placid, Alberta. The terrain was intense riding, as he had stumped a few rocks and tripped over his mountain bike head first.

His bruised ego, scratches, gashes on his knees and forearms had told the story of how well it had gone.

Inside the Sickbay of the Dreadnought, Ross took one last day to himself before cracking down on his staff to organize and prepare for the upcoming mission. Though Gavin had no idea of what the mission was as it was not yet released.

“Shut it!” He growled. Ross was holding up his hand at Nurse Renshaw. The male Bolian was chuckling to himself.

“If I want to bust my ass on something… Then I have that prerogative. Besides, my A-10-109 calcium density is one of the best on this ship.” He flexed his biceps as his shirt was off, the Nurse having had attended to some gashes.

-Gavin’s Quarters-

After bringing back his mountain bike in tow, Ross rubbed his forehead. He wondered what RJ was up to. Last he remembered, she was on a social night with some of the girls night out onboard. “I wonder if she wore that sexy little number….” He raised a brow in thought.

Just then, Nanook had hoofed ‘er into the seated living area of the Chief’s Quarters. The spacious, albeit spartan abode, had quite a few excellent amenities. It was a shame to have it all just to himself. He wondered.

Nanook jumped on Gavin’s lap and hurried into a comfy laying arrangement that always seemed to be furr and more fur on top of Ross.

“Nan…” Gavin croaked. “Easy, dude! Easy.” He welcomed the giant Huskey with a nice big warm rub on his head and down his neck. Nanook then sensed something. His nose turned inward to Ross’s chest and then to his knee. The Huskies large black nose flared, and then his long thrusting tail swapped. Nanook knew the scent of topical antiseptic from the minor bruising and gashes from Ross’s prior mountain biking adventure on the holodeck.

“I know. I know. This doesn’t impress you!” He crossed his forearms as Gavin had then turned on his screen viewer to see the latest Federation Hockey AAA games that were being covered.

Nanook leaned upward and howled throatily and then eyed back at Ross. An instead longing stare, a glint of disapproval in his eyes with a sort of ‘I told you so,’ thump of his tail.

“Yeah yeah, maybe next time I’ll get you out with me and see how well you fare on the trails.” Gavin shot Nanook back a grumpy look and then broke into a chuckle. How could he ever be grumpy with Nanook? The husky was a walking, almost talking mood ring of fascination.

Just then, Gavin was a bit surprised hearing the door to his quarters chime. Nanook lifted his head from Gavin’s lap, immediately trained at the doorway.
Nanook was then looking back at Ross to judge what company it was.

“Come on in. The door’s open.” He had wondered if it was Nurse Renshaw once more checking in, which would be nice of him.

"Hey there," RJ announced her presence as she walked in.

Nanook bounded up to greet her and RJ chuckled as she knelt. "Such a good fluff ball. I certainly hope Gavin is treating you well." She winked and looked up at the handsome man she was lucky enough to call her own, but her smile twisted to a frown as she noticed the cuts and bruises. "Or maybe I should be more worried about you treating yourself well. What happened? Are you ok?" Concern was clear in her voice.

“This?” Gavin gestured to his few bruises and scrapes, which had been attended to in sickbay. For the most part, Medical allowed the humanoid body to recover from minor bruises, scrapes on its own for the sole sake of immune response for the body. If the body continually relied on dermal regenerators and technology, it would not pose well for evolutionary terms.

Treatment or non-treatment of some wounds within Starfleet Medical Halls was the hot topic recently.

“This is exhilaration marks! RJ. If I was going to try something… More adventurous, you would be there. And we would have heat-seeking hornets involved, no doubt!” Ross mused. “That is a good one. We have to try that on your cheeky brother of yours.”

"You mean you participated in a dangerous holodeck program and you didn't even invite me?" RJ feigned a look of shock. "Well I'm at least glad you're doing okay and that you didn't get too beat up. Though it might be wise to lay off the mountain biking for a while." She paused and laughed. "Now I'm starting to sound like you."

"Anyway, I just stopped by to say goodnight to you two. I have to admit that I love having you back, but I miss having Nanook with me. We made such a good pair, didn't we?" RJ rubbed the large husky's ears. "Is there anything you need? Anything I can get you to make you feel better before I head back to my quarters?" She asked, wishing she could make Gavin's wounds heal in an instant so that he didn't have to suffer.

“RJ. I feel your concern. And I appreciate it, I am fine. Honestly, it looks worse than it feels.” Ross then motioned for RJ to come in. “Please,” He got up from the Sofa and smiled as she had a moment with Nanook. “Nanook has been missing you, RJ. He has.” Gavin watched as RJ was attached to Nanook, and Nanook was attached to Gavin. Gavin then wanted RJ to be connected to him, now more than ever lately realizing she was one of a kind. A bombshell of feminine sexiness, yet capable of maintaining a starship the size of a small planetoid function.

As RJ had relented for the time, Ross had gone to his replicator, ordering two double shots of whiskey in tumblers, each on the rocks cooled. Handing RJ the glass, he then sat down on the Sofa once more, happy that Nanook had come around and sat his head on top of RJ’s lap, a sort of, ‘I’m with her as well’ look in his eyes as Nanook participated with the humans.

“I want to talk.” Taking a drink from the tumbler and letting it taste, Ross had replied. “It’s nothing bad. I hope well.” Gavin cocked his head from Nanook up to RJ. His thought process was, if they had little time seeing each other as it were, both attending to heavy shifts on the Dreadnought, then what was wrong sharing a space where they could relax together. This way, RJ and Gavin, and Nanook could all share the same quarters. If anything, it might be a good test of their growing relationship. Or it could be harmful. Gavin had wanted to know RJ’s thoughts.

“What do you think if we shared.” Ross sheepishly mumbled in his glass as his eyes peeked at RJ’s face. “Shared quarters?”

"As in, living quarters? Like moving in together?" RJ looked half shocked at Gavin.

"OMG." Gavin famously mocked RJ's style of shock. "As In like... Like move in, Seriously?!" He joked. "I am." Ross then affirmed it was not just a joke, with a smile.

A grin grew on her face as Gavin confirmed what he had said before. "Yea, of course! I would love that!" She paused for a minute as she looked around Gavin's space, thinking about how their combined quarters would look. "Where the hell are we going to store all of our books?" She chuckled, noting how large Gavin's collection of medical books was and knowing her engineering collection was just as large.

"We could make forts with them. A nice square of book houses. A nook here and there! Nan would sleep inside them!" Gavin paused. "You'd have a never ending reference to various inter galactic rashes, their pictures! It would be fantastic! Plus I could learn how to fix the light that went in my bathroom, and gives off this burning smell every now and then when its been on for exactly 15 minutes."

"Ew, I think I can live without the intergalactic rash references," RJ chuckled. "Wait, you have a light that gives off a burning smell?"

"Yes. See it would be so much fun. Plus we'd be together." He reached forward and placed his hands into RJs.

"Yes, it would be nice," she smiled. "Now, tell me more about this light."

"The burning smell comes and goes. The light turns greyish, and then comes the smell. But I was hoping that you'd somehow notice that and maybe fix it whenever..." He shrugged with a chuckle.

"I've never spent a whole fifteen minutes in your bathroom undistracted," RJ laughed before hopping off the couch and walking towards the bathroom to inspect the light. "So, who's moving in with who? Your quarters or mine? Or should we request new quarters and start fresh?"

"Well. Nanook hasn't been impressed. When it starts that smell after the 15 minutes, I mean. I know its circuitry is burning. Nan knows its circuitry is burning. He shunts his head with that eye upward as he does. You know the look! But like. What are we going to do? I don't even know how to open it."

"I'm sure I can fix it. Maybe new quarters would be best? What do you think?" RJ popped off the cover for the lights and the control panel and proceeded to run some diagnostics as she talked. "You have your baking apparatus for those delicious cookies you make, and I have a whole grilling set up. Maybe we can request a place with a slightly larger area for us to combine our cooking stuff."

Nanook entered the room and watched as RJ fixed the lamp above the mirror to the wash alcove. Nanook was just as perplexed as Gavin were. The smell of burning metal quickly twisted the huskies burly nose.

"That's a good point." He nodded. "I have been meaning to make a maple apple pie. Just seems eventual. An American Apple Pie with a hint of Maple in there." Gavin then stuck his tongue out and winked as he poked RJ in her cute perfect bottom.

"You could request one of the situations monitors added to the Office. I know you missed not having that on the Dreadnought in your quarters. Why shouldn't we apply for an exchange? Nan can have a wash and dry unit. It would save him that hair of his over the couch and bedding." Ross was getting more pumped on the idea as they both discussed it.

"Besides. If that light is malfunctioning, it makes sense that more things like the corner of the upper left screen viewer in the living room are starting to fade. At first, it just blinked in one area. Now it's spread. We could leave that for the next looser to inherit." Gavin had shrugged.

"Yea and guess where that request to fix it is going to end up? In my office," RJ chuckled.

"Ok. Well. You fix the things in here, and I will fix the rash breakout on Deck 07. How about that?"

"There's a rash breakout?" Her face twisted into an expression of disgust.

"It happened after a crate from Deneb IV was opened in a stateroom. Terrible diarrhea, along with a blue-green rash. It's transient. It's already been identified and inoculated the primary outbreak population of deck 07."

"Gross. What's on deck 07 again?"

"Ironically. Deck 07 is the staffing quarters for the ship's new Spa." Ross again shrugged. "That's one bubble bath we should stay away from for a week," Gavin thought and lent a finger, pausing. "I will get you something to eat before you return to bed. I'm sorry, your too exhausted to be working on stupid vanity lights."

"Nah, it's fine. I can fend for myself. I did it for years before I met you ya know," she winked. "I'll fix this and the view screen and then head out and grab something out of the replicator to eat. You deal with that deck seven rash and tomorrow we can request joint quarters. Hows that sound? Just promise me you'll take a good shower at the end of the night. I don't want anything to do with that rash."

Gavin replied. "You are aware that medical has sterilizer showers. Your subordinates had checked the metrics on those babies a few weeks prior. Let's hope they are as good as you, or things will be getting.... itchy."

"So replace the bathroom light, fix the view screen, and double check that the sterilization in the medical shows and the sterilization subprocessors on the sonic shower in here is fully operational. Living with you is going to be an extra full time job on its own," RJ chuckled.

"Well. At least we will have plenty of Bourbon." He shrugged, as he then poured another sip in the glass for RJ. Gavin handed it to her. "Trust me, you need it. We need it. Please. Come have a seat with me... Forget the light... Forget I asked you to check on it. I want to spend time with you, the last I want you is to fix things. Honestly." Gavin pleaded sincere his eyes had glistened with longing.

Nanook witnessed the voice changes of Gavin, the expressions. Nanook then sat upward on his hind back legs, and raised a shake a paw at RJ. Ross then grinned. "See. Nanook rarely does that. He wants to spend time with you. Its been a while. Come to my bedroom. I mean couch. Please." He literally begged RJ.

She sighed. "I suppose we should spend some time together." RJ reluctantly took the offered glass from Gavin and sat on the couch. She looked up at him a smiled, though behind the upward curled lips was a hint of sorrow.

"I was hoping to find the right time to bring this up, but I guess this is as good as any. I'm being assigned to the Agincourt temporarily. I don't know that much about our mission, but from what I do know, I don't think I should be gone all that long. A week, maybe two. It's not that long, but I hate being torn away again after having just been apart. One of the not so convenient aspects of Starfleet relationships." RJ took a swig of the bourbon and searched for Gavin's reaction.

Ross was surprised. Firstly, RJ was the Dreadnoughts Chief. Then it hit him that she would be away for a while. A shade of sadness had come over him, but not enough to not understand and be happy for Reagan.

"I am happy for you RJ. This is a great opportunity for you to put your expertise to the forefront." Gavin genuinely smiled and gave an acknowledging sigh.

"On the plus side, it'll give the logistics guys enough time to find us some new quarters so by the time I get back, we can pack up and be in the same spot so we don't have to spend any time away from each other when we're off duty," RJ chuckled.

Ross acknowledged RJ. "This is true." He counted on his fingers quickly. "Also, it will give you a new way to boast the Colonel Quinn Sr., and Commander Warner that your not only in control of four warp cores, but yeah. Five is it now?" Ross stuck his tongue out teasingly.

"Well, I wouldn't be in the charge of the Dreadnought's warp cores while I'm gone," she chuckled back before snuggling in closer to Gavin on the couch.

"Your going to be the one to have to break it to Nan. He certainly won't be impressed. That's for sure. Especially now that you've got him on that new playlist daily you've set him up with." Ross rubbed the back of his neck, mocking a bit of a conundrum.

"Aw, I didn't even think about that. I'll miss you both," RJ said as her mind thought of the best ways to spend the following day together before she left. "I have some prep work to do in engineering tomorrow morning, but I should be able to wriggle free after that. Do you think you can get out of sickbay a little early? I have an idea. A way to spend the day together before we have to be apart again." She gave a somewhat mischievous grin.

Gavin was watching RJ's lips as she had talked the whole time. They drove him to want to stare, and watch them. "I will get out of Sick Bay as early as I can." He stressed, and breathed outward. "Which, yeah I want to be out early with.. you."

She planted a tantalizing and teasing kiss on his lips. Before he could respond, she backed away with a smirk. "But for now, you have problems to attend to on Deck 7 and I have a light to fix before bed. I'll see you tomorrow?"

Gavin tasted and enjoyed the sweet kiss, it was definitely a tasty precursor to come. As he grinned. "Fix that light like it's been naughty now!!" Gavin had teased.

He then left with a lab coat on as he felt more relaxed, and more in a clinical mood than that of a Doctor. Dealing with Rashes and the like was the less than joyous occasion for Ross.


Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn
USS Dreadnought


Lieutenant Gavin Ross
Chief of Medical
USS Dreadnought


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