NCC - 77447 - B
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The Plan

Posted on Mon Nov 15th, 2021 @ 12:12pm by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn & Amber Omier Dr

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Engineering Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 1 1700hrs

Reagan reserved an engineering lab room at the end of her shift and waited for Omier to arrive. She had asked the engineer to meet her at the start of her shift. It was high time that she got to know the talented Banean and she wanted to discuss her new plan. A plan that would hopefully make Omier feel more involved, take some of the load from her own plate, and make for a more efficient engineering department in general.

The day had been a challenging one with the preparations to get underway and with enough systems to rival a small orbital outpost there was plenty to be done. Amber was surprised to get a message, a request rather to meet in one of the Engineering labs. Amber had to wonder if her icy demeanour had caused problems for the visiting engineering teams and techs from the yard.

Walking in and the doors closing behind her Amber saw the Chief. "You wished to see me?" Her voice level as she stated the fact.

"I did," RJ stood, smiled, and motioned towards a chair across the table. "Please, have a seat. Firstly, I wanted to apologize that I haven't found the time to coordinate with you more since I've been here. Secondly, I saw your report about certain engineering team members, and I was concerned."

As they settled into their respective chairs, RJ pulled up a padd with her research on it. "I dug into a bit and noticed that you hadn't been included in some of the ranking officer meetings during your shift. That needs to change." She set the padd back down and made eye contact with Omier. "I have an idea, but I wanted to hear what other feedback you had first if any."

"I have none." Amber spoke. "I was aware since my cultural exchange that there would be challenges especially not wearing the uniform and on this ship which is no doubt a 'pretty feather' in the cap. I am used to such judgements though I thought it prudent to inform others of the situation." Amber was no stranger to being judged, not only for being a woman but also for her skills and talents, it came from the Homeworld and it seemed followed her to the ship.

"I appreciate you bringing it to my attention," RJ said. "Truthfully, I don't know much of what goes on during the other shifts outside of the reports I get and the little I see here and there when I'm crawling around doing fixes past the end of my shift. I think that should change. How do you feel about a sort of co-chief arrangement? You're clearly already qualified since you held the position yourself before. It would, however, require an additional hour tacked on to each of our shifts every day," RJ paused there to see Amber's reaction. She doubted her fellow engineer would scoff at additional hours, but there was something to be said for being free of leadership duties. The freedom to roam through engineering tunnels and get your hands dirty was something she missed about being a worker bee herself and she couldn't blame Amber if she didn't want to shoulder chief responsibilities again.

"You would have to run that by the Captain, I am on a cultural exchange program and my assignment conditions are rather strict." It was not that Amber was bothered with the duties, more that she didn't want to get into trouble with any changes to her assignment conditions that were outlined when she accepted the offer.

"You held the CEO position before. I can't see how your assignment conditions would have changed since then," RJ stated. Standard protocol dictated that she discuss this plan with the Captain already, and she had, but RJ wanted to gauge Amber's interest in the arrangement before letting on that the Captain had already given the go ahead.

"Assume for a moment that the Captain did approve it," RJ continued, "is it something you'd be interested in? There's no pressure or obligation. I could certainly use your skills as a leader, but if you'd rather continue being an engineer that's a completely acceptable answer."

"If you feel the change in responsibilities would help the department I support it. My only concern would be being taken seriously despite not wearing the uniform. As you can see I've already encountered obstacles as a result of that, though if you can do something to change that it would make my position easier to manage." Amber spoke considering her options and the avenues that it presented.

"Yes, I think the change would benefit everyone. Don't worry about being taken seriously, that mistake won't happen again," RJ replied with a serious expression. "I'll expect reports at the end of your shift and I'd like to meet up in between our shifts every day. We'll review ship status and personnel. In addition, I'd like to move Hawkes to your shift. He's an excellent engineer and easy to work with. He'll be a Starfleet uniform you can lean on if you need help on that front. I don't think you'll actually need that, but it never hurts to have support."

RJ picked up her coffee and took a sip, letting her mind rack through everything she had just said and double check that she hadn't missed anything. "Oh! And I already talked to the Captain about it. He's onboard. So from here on out, everything from second shift comes through you. Any questions or additional concerns?" RJ smiled as she set her mug back on the table.

"I would also like to coordinate more with our fighter department for component manufacturing and assisted maintenance of the fighter and sub contingent elements. This vessel is essentially a carrier after all and I feel the department could be supported by our aid in keeping the wing operational?" Amber knew the department had its own techs and engineers to do the work, but perhaps Engineering could provide some hands for the less demanding work freeing up others for more demanding or skilled works.

"Good idea. I'll talk to the Commander about it. Maybe we can set up a weekly review and share resources. Maybe add in some cross training." RJ paused for a moment before looking at Amber sincerely. "Thank you, for agreeing to this. I think we'll all be better for it."

"I agree." Amber replied, the faintest of smiles graced the corner of her mouth but she wasn't called the 'Ice Queen' for nothing if her expression was anything to measure by. "If there is nothing else, I have checks remaining to be completed."

Was that a smile? RJ thought she caught a glimpse of one, which made her smile even more. She picked up her coffee, satisfied that the meeting had gone as well. "Nothing else. I'll see you tomorrow."


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