NCC - 77447 - B
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The List

Posted on Fri Oct 15th, 2021 @ 2:35am by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: CEO's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 1 1000hrs

Reagan felt as though her office had turned into a swimming pool of reports and had avoided it for the past couple of days. Unwilling to wade through piles of electronic paperwork when all she really wanted to do was to be in the action with the repairs. But it was finally time to face the music, she thought as she sat down at her desk, coffee in hand.

Two hours flew by as she reviewed each file, detailing repairs, standard upgrades, everyday maintenance. Time for a break, she thought and turned in her chair to get up when something caught her attention. A list from Dr.Omier. Admittedly, Quinn hadn’t interacted with the former head of engineering much besides the first round of introductions and hand-offs. It had been busy and they worked different shifts, but deep down she knew that was no excuse. Reagan rotated her chair back and picked up the list.

’Well, this is unacceptable,’, she thought as she read through the names which had been identified as those that had shunned the talented engineer.

“Galindez, report to my office as soon as possible,” Reagan chimed through her combadge.

Only a few seconds passed before her bright-eyed coworker graced the room with his presence.

“You called, chief? I’m starting to think you’re tracking me. I was just passing your office when you rang,” he stated with his regular jubilant smile.

“You didn’t know that I had the computer tracking your every movement and that it sends me regular reports of your activities?” RJ chuckled. “I do have a question for you. What have you heard about Dr.Omier since you’ve been on board? Any complaints or issues? I know she works a different shift, but you tend to know all of the engine room gossip.”

“Not really. Some say she can be defensive or icy at times from what I’ve heard, but I think for the most part people respect her. She’s not Starfleet though, and you know how sometimes people forget to include the civvies or ignore them, even when they’re good.” Galindez answered with a slight look of concern. “Why, has something happened?”

“Not necessarily. I just wanted to know how everyone was adjusting. Thanks, Galindez, that’s all I needed. You’re dismissed.” She forced a smile as her brain turned, calculating the right response to the report.

“Aye aye, just let me know if there’s anything you need.”

“I always do,” RJ replied as he exited.

“No one gets disregarded on my crew, especially not someone with these qualifications,” she whispered to no one as she looked up all of the department meetings for the shift that Omier worked on. Sure enough, there were multiple meetings from which Omier was excluded.

“Dammit,” RJ slammed her fist into the desk. Frustrated and feeling as though part of the problem was how she had worked the transition into the role and disappointed that members of her own crew were being disrespectful. Beyond that, a sense of failure. Her position as CEO was a prized one, and if she couldn’t keep her own team in line, how long could she hold it?

But she had a plan. RJ always had a plan.


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