NCC - 77447 - B
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Fighting For Acceptance.

Posted on Thu Oct 14th, 2021 @ 5:05pm by Amber Omier Dr

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Ten Forward
Timeline: Mission Day 1, 06:00Hrs

The ship had been docked up for a few weeks now while yard techs and crew crawled all over the ship testing, retesting and running all manner of diagnostics on nearly every system imaginable. While it was good to make sure the ship was ready and able before departing on its next mission what bothered Amber was the looks and lack of inclusion in anything.

She knew it would be a challenge because she was not Starfleet, it took some doing just to get people to accept that she was allowed to be there and even when that was known it was a struggle to get involved.

She felt that just because she didn't wear the uniform that it would be just like back in the Homeworld where she would be better off at home playing the dutiful housewife. Amber however wasn't totally unprepared, she took the names of the officers than shunned her, those that cast her aside without any kind of thought.

She would submit it to the Captain when she was able because she was a member of his crew and this was the treatment said crew was getting subjected to.

She would forward the list to the Chief Engineer as well just so that she was informed, unsure what she would do but it was worth a try. Feeling that it was a waste of time to remain in Engineering she walked out and headed to Ten Forward, it would at least get out of the way and a place where people would leave her alone.

Walking into the very spacious room known as Ten Forward she found not many people present, a group here and there, smaller groups near the windows, singles dotted about but otherwise keeping to themselves.

Slipping into a vacant table near the windows that granted a pleasant view outside of the shuttles, tenders, worker bees and transport craft swarming around like the ship was it's Hive she waited till a waiter turned up, which wasn't long.

"Can I get you something Miss?"

"A cheese board please, with crusty baguette, Raspberries, Apple chips and salted Cashews, oh and Honey on the side." Amber spoke.

"And beverage?"

"A French red please, surprise me." Amber replied with a smile. She tried to be pleasant even if her mood wasn't so, there was no need to take out on the poor waiter after all. When it arrived however, placed before her there was a lift in her mood when she saw what she was about to enjoy, the array spread before her made skipping breakfast actually seem worth it for once.

Amber had taken the time since getting on board to get familiar with various foods and try new things, some things she didn't like yet others she did. Knowing that was a risk however at least she knew that having tried it she could make an informed decision.

At least the food didn't judge her.

She ate in peace, calm and quiet, just how she liked it. She knew full well that once the yard staff were off the ship there would be much to do and plenty for all to be dealt with. She had not seen the Chief Engineer much but no doubt busy with her own duties so didn't ponder much on it, no doubt to catch up with her soon in due course no doubt.

Amber was a little surprised that she'd not been replaced, a non starfleet officer on exchange, in a posting like this on such a vessel she knew would be looked upon strangely or more so sought after by ranking Commanders of some experience. She was prepared for it, she knew it was not a permanent posting, a cultural exchange as it were but that was in the future...

This was now.


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