NCC - 77447 - B
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If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

Posted on Fri Oct 22nd, 2021 @ 2:40pm by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Medical Crew Quarters
Timeline: Earths Orbit, during resupply.

Acacia Thomas stood in the middle of the nursery, counting the tally marks on the page that she'd created to keep track of how many times she'd tried to get in contact with Jack. Licking full lips she caressed a holopic she had of him, with a rare gentle smile on his lips. "I love you."

Despair swirled inside her, and she sighed resting her hand on her belly. The swell of it had really increased the last few weeks, and she really looked pregnant. She'd had to start wearing stretch tops in medic blue, but the lab coat still concealed her pregnancy for the most part. The doctor smiled at the changes her body was making. It was time to try again, for every night at 1900 on the dot, she attempted to get a message to Jason. Her fingers typed the comm address without her mind even having to touch it, and the swirl of stars turned obediently to the Marine Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

" 27th Mobile Infantry Division, Communication Oversight Center. Corporal Bertrick speaking, -oh its you again...”

"Yes indeed, me again. I need to speak to Colonel Frost."

"You just do not give up do you Lieutenant?" His tone dripped with disdain, and made the rage bubble up inside her. She bit her tongue and hard to keep herself in check. Her temper was definitely affected by her hormones.

"No, I don't tend to. You'll find I'm just as stubborn as any Marine, and it's Doctor." Her chin raised in challenge to him, as she remembered her interaction with his former assistant. His smirk spread slowly across his face. Part of her thought that he truly enjoyed giving her the run around, and his next words confirmed it.

"So what exercise in futility shall we play today Sunrise? I'm not overly busy this morning, so I can afford to play your game for a while."

Inwardly, Acacia snarled at the nickname he used for her. Her hair was the colors of flame, because that was how she felt- fiery. She'd have to change it so he wouldn't call her sunrise anymore. It was tainted now. Maybe she'd go back to the blue and purple that had initially attracted Jason to her. "Tell me Corporal Bertrick, Exactly what qualifies as an emergency to the Corps?"

Cocking his head to one side, he actually thought about her question. "I suppose that would depend on the circumstances."

"Would the birth of his first child be considered an emergency, worthy of his notice?"

A woman behind the 'gentleman' jerked her head up and chewed her lip in a gesture reminiscent of Acacia herself when she was nervous. The dark haired woman, with glasses perched on a nose too long for her face to be pretty wore the dual stripes of a Corporal as well.

"Considering what is here in his file, I'm going to say no."

"If it were any average serviceman- any other marine would that be a good reason to get a message, under Article 608-99?" Acacia's voice was icy, a testament to the man from whom she'd learned the tone.

His eyes flickered to the left as he spoke "I suppose."

The woman nodded 'yes' behind her, and Acacia easily caught the gesture and smiled softly. She had them now! "So, you're saying..." and she laid a finger on her lips. "That you won't tell your commanding officer, that his Girlfriend is expecting a child. But, any random corporal in the same situation you would allow the message to go through to him because the ancient rules regarding familial information still apply and the Red Cross network still exists, even if it is a technicality in these more civillized times. That marine would have to have a standard parenting plan in place for the as yet unborn child." A brief pause for effect and her sapphire eyes flickered from one set of white rimmed eyes to the other. " I have already confirmed paternity with DNA on file, and I have the information in both of our personnel files, so that is not the issue. The issue is, any Marine is entitled to know that he has a dependent- even or perhaps especially when the event occurs. He is not going to be happy when he finds out that information has been deliberately withheld from him. "

That was about the biggest understatement of the century, and Acacia knew it. She didn't want to be even remotely close to the firing line when THAT bombshell struck. The carnage would be incredible. Tapping her lips, Acacia continued her softly voiced complaint. "I know that you have instructions not to let him speak to me. I am sure it's due to...keeping his mind on the mission because I might be distracting. I might even know who gave you those orders. However, you are putting yourself in a legally precarious position, as well as one that is potential career suicide. I can't imagine that you want to spend your whole career behind a communication desk."

Bertrick's face twisted, and Acacia's eyebrows raised in silent reply to the disgust she saw there. "I thought not. You must realize Corporal, that, when he finds out that you've been willingly withholding the knowledge that I am carrying his child...he'll be incandescent. Your boots will still be smoking by the time you are aware of the thermonuke that you've brought down upon yourself."

"I..." something flickered in his face, and she found herself looking at the swirling symbol of the Federation.

She settled into her rocking chair, drawing the green quilt she'd found on Earth around her and began to take notes on the things that she'd learned.

1. Bertrick was afraid of Frost. Rightfully so.
2. The woman, whose name she didn't know didn't realize the full situation that was occuring until now.
3. She might just have hope of getting Jason at her side before
the baby comes.
4. She needed to research the exact legalities of the situation she was in, from Starfleet and the USCMJ.
5. She was excited in a macabre sort of way to see the aftermath of the explosion that was about to occur.


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