NCC - 77447 - B
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Same Day, Same Crap, Only Depth Varies

Posted on Wed Oct 13th, 2021 @ 8:27pm by Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: MCO's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 1, 06:00Hrs

Sam has already been on duty for the better part of half an hour even though her shift hadn't started yet but she wanted to get started on denting the mountain of paperwork that she knew awaited her. It wasn't a big surprise that after the disaster of the last mission some of her marines had asked for reassignment to more ground based assignments while others had sectioned off to other fireteams. It was in essence a logistical nightmare since Sam had to sign off on all of it.

With 800 marines under her command she knew her posting was billeted for a Lt.Colonel at least and news had filtered through friend and colleague that three full bird Colonels were trying to nudge in on what they saw was a sure fire bet to the General ranks.

It bothered Sam that this was going on as she thought she was doing just fine in her position since taking over but part of her told her that maybe 'fine' was not good enough. She tried to believe that if something was wrong that the Captain or Marine Command would have said something but so far nothing had been.

So why the battle for her role?

Taking a seat behind her desk she picked up the first Padd and started to read it. It came as no surprise that the most important was placed on top, Amanda saw to that. Amanda had been a godsend since taking over the department. It was a message from Colonel Stavos Gilleand informing her that he was paying a visit to inspect the department and the ship. That request was swiftly declined by the Captain.

Sam liked to believe that the Captain had her back and saw what was going on, maybe he knew because he was the Captain but the request was ultimately rejected.

Other Padd's were reports on transfers but one was disappointing, Sergeant Simon Paolo had decided to resign after 19 years service. Sam knew those would be some very difficult boots to fill because he was a fountain of experience, leadership and skill. Amanda had obviously made suggestions and recommendations as to who would be an ideal replacement but deciding would take time.

Others were promotion board due dates for time in grade evaluations, Sam enjoyed those as she often remembered going through her own as she rose through the ranks. Others were reports of new certifications or revalidations of existing certifications on equipment and weapons, one of which was her own.

Sam hated re-evaluations but knew they were part of the job so took them for what they were. Sam made a mental note to have Amanda book the holographic suit for her examinations because she didn't want to put her marines in a position that she couldn't or wouldn't do herself.

She understood that she couldn't be certified or qualified in everything, there were specialisations sure but she was a firm believer in being great at one thing instead of satisfactory in many.

There were a few unfamiliar names on the roster now, new arrivals, some straight from boot camp, one or two seemingly looking for end of career 'easy' postings. Sam would make sure it was anything but because she hated the lazy types. She was glad however to keep a good majority of her senior NCO's and junior officers because she needed that level of stability and team leadership to keep the whole operating properly.

Sam made plans to do an orientation session with the new arrivals, meet and greet, give the run down of who is who, what's what and do's and don't. Not always the most enjoyable about the position but remembering her first she learned a lot to keep her out of trouble.

One Padd at a time, one after the other the pile would get smaller and smaller, every now and then thinking of Annabelle, a smile on her face, a slight flush of colour to her cheek.


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