NCC - 77447 - B
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Lots of New Faces

Posted on Tue Oct 12th, 2021 @ 9:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Main Fighter Bay
Timeline: Mission Day 1, 07:30hours.

On the dot of 7.30am Zan walked through the doors to the hanger that housed a section of the substantial fighter wing, he chose this particular door because it was right next to the ramp that would lead him up and to the command & coordination section of the wing where his office was located. Inside the main room in the middle sat a holographic command and control display, along the wall were several monitors many of which looked identical as each displayed a number of green, yellow or red fighter icons denoting 1 of the 140 Gryphon class fighters.

At a glance Zan was able to see the condition of his wing taking note that only a few were yellow and none were red. Those that were green had a large white 'S' in the middle indicating they were Standby readiness. Other displays detailed a list of fighter pilots, others detailed lists of support teams and to which fighters they were assigned to. Zan liked that with a single glance he could see the status of his department, the ability he felt of being able to answer a question on the availability of his department from the Captain meant a lot to him.

When he walked into his office he saw a pair of Padds waiting for him, he knew they were unread because the flashing icon in the corner told him the message or report was unread. "Coffee, black." Zan spoke to the replicator as he picked one of the Padd's up. Taking his beverage from the replicator he brought it to his lips as his eyes roamed over the information, it told him on the new additions, transfers and additional certifications that his pilots had obtained. One point that did please him was that one of his pilots had obtained the electronics suite certification for the Viper class fighter. Only a handful of his pilots were rated for the Viper and an extra one with a certification only added to his wings capability.

The doors opened and in walked a young woman, ensign in red. She carried herself well, professional appearance, confident. "Can I help you?" Zan asked wondering who this woman was that so casually walked into his office.

"Ensign Clara O'Shae, I am your EA Sir." She spoke with an accent that Zan couldn't put his finger on.

"EA?" Zan had a slightly puzzled look. "Like a Yeoman?"

"In a manner of speaking. I handle appointments, make any arrangements that you require, meetings you require, pilots that wish to see you as well as keeping you informed of changes to the department." She spoke as she stood in front of Zan's desk.

Zan held up the padd he was holding. "Your doing?"

"Yes Sir, there were a number of changes so I broke the information down for you." She answered.

Zan looked at her, then the Padd. "How many transports are fit for duty?"

"All 50 if you combine the 3 types."

"Fighters?" He asked.

"134 Gryphon fighters with 6 are undergoing tail end routine checks and maintenance. All Vipers are flight ready."


"The last supply arrived at 22.19hrs, all safely secured in armoured storage. Each storage has been signed off by respective crew chiefs and resealed."

Impressive, very impressive. "Excellent." He sipped his Coffee with a marked sense of ease. If Clara meant to go on as she started, things were indeed looking up. "Have we completed any Scramble Tests?" Scramble tests were aimed at seeing how quickly a flight of craft could exit a hanger and into combat engagement, the hope was they could launch and clear the hanger doors so that the flight behind it could exit just as quickly.

"Not yet, many of the hangers were used for supply shuttles." Clara spoke.

"I see. I'd like to arrange one as soon as possible. Seems like we got our orders from what the Captain said so once I know, I will let you know." Zan explained confident that Clara was able to make all the arrangements.

"Aye Sir." She spoke. "Will there be anything else?"

Zan looked thoughtful for a moment then shook his head. "No, I think that just about does it." He watched her nod and just as briskly as she walked in, she departed.

Impressive indeed.


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