NCC - 77447 - B
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The Grim Truth of Lawlessness.

Posted on Mon Oct 11th, 2021 @ 6:14pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Ready Room.
Timeline: Mission Day 1, 06:43hours.

Sleep didn't come easily for Ra as today he was to get his new orders would be coming through. He was not sure what would be asked but he had confidence in his ship and crew that they could undertake everything that was asked of him. Standing at the window looking out over the spine of the colossal vessel with a now cooled Tea in one hand he thought and pondered. Ship and crew had thus far performed admirably and something he reported to Command considering the somewhat controversial design of the ship. From what Ra had come to understand the Dreadnought would for the time being remain the only Valkyrie class in service. Something tha instilled a sense of pride but also a measure of thought considering the applications the class could be used for.

His mind delved into deeper thought but only briefly due to his computer chirping for his attention. Were these his orders?

Taking a seat and placing the cup off to one side he opened the communications link. The logo to Starfleet Command flashed up on his screen and then darkness, that then was replaced by Rear Admiral Koran Kirick of Strategic Operations. The Admiral was a known element in the command circles, a fair but firm man, ruthlessly efficient, calculating, a man often outside the box and frequently a few steps ahead in the game. Few Captains, even Starbase Captains would dare to cross him and fewer still wanted his attention.

"Admiral Kirick." Ra greeted.

"Fleet Captain Morrisaati." Kirick replied, professional, straight to the point and true to his reputation. "I have your orders."

"I understand." Ra answered trying to remain poised yet patient.

"I am sending your ship to the Hupyria System. Citizen elements as well as Ferengi information sources have reported increased raids by renegade parties. Who they are is unknown at this stage but what is known is they have stolen cargo including industrial replicators, agricultural equipment and fusion power generators. Entire crews have been enslaved and sold to the Orion markets or worse." Kirick paused. "We received a confirmed report that 61 people were ejected into space, their bodies were found by a trader. This must stop Captain."

"Yes Sir." Ra spoke.

"Our information is limited but I want you to go there, put an end to this mess & capture those responsible."

"Am I cleared for faster than Warp 5 Sir?" Ra asked knowing that his top speed was 7.9, but that was faster than Warp 5.

"For ingress only." Kirick answered. "Then follow standard transit routine."

"Force application?" Ra asked.

"Fire only to defend yourself or if fired upon but try to capture where able, we need people to put to justice and the Ferengi will want some also." Kirick replied. "You have your orders Captain, carry them out." The link went dead leaving Ra with few questions but now with a purpose. With that in mind he set things in motion.

=^= Senior Staff this is the Captain, all hands to return to the ship within 2 hours, all departments to make departure ready. We have new orders. Morrisaati out. =^=

Ra had set things in motion to prepare his ship to carry out the orders given, he knew he'd have to brief his staff about what he had been told but before he could do that he needed to depart, but only when ready. Ra also had the issue of his First Officer, Bianca had left the ship, reassigned which left him only a few hours to pick his replacement before it was too late. There were many candidates available to pick from and a few recommendations were sent through by the personnel department at Starfleet to assist him.

Time was a luxury however so he would need to pick, and quickly.


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