NCC - 77447 - B
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When Things Go Bad Part 2.

Posted on Sun Sep 26th, 2021 @ 12:23pm by Major Samantha Snyder & Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: City Limits
Timeline: Current

Projectiles ricocheted from wall and pillar alike around them sending shards and dust all around. Sam could hear her marines shouting contact advisories as they engaged while outside was raked with phaser fire from the very welcome fighters that were doing what they could where they could in a situation even Sam doubted was ideal given the fallen buildings and multi level structures.

The fighters had troubles of their own however. Even as they fought to lay down supporting fire for the trapped marines there were only so many avenues of attack, this made approach vectors predictable.

"Dragoon 2 defensive." The comms link opened.

The flight lead saw a streak of smoke from the roof of a building trailing towards his wingman but only a moment to look as he rolled in for another attack. His displays showed a vehicle edging towards the marines but because of the proximity larger munitions couldn't be used.

"Ground 1, enemy vehicle approaching south with infantry. Engaging." From his vantage point he could see the enemy was trying to encircle the marines and if they did that it was all over for them. "Ground 1, enemy is attempting to encircle, I strongly suggest you withdraw."

"Understood 1." Sam spoke thankful that the pilots were keeping their eyes on more than just targets but the larger picture too. She turned to look at the wall behind her. "Everyone up to the first floor, shaped charge into the next building lets go!!" Sam's plan was if they couldn't escape on foot on the ground they would building hop through them.

"Dragoon 2 engaging." The comms spoke and a sigh of relief went unheard. A quick glance at the display and a red marker blinked out, where ever that missile came from was rubble now. The fighter took a slight down angle approach with the vehicle targeted and locked. The phasers were set to full power and they spoke carving a trail of destruction nearly 200 feet long up a street. The vehicle rolled onto its roof with the force of the attack, the troops around it killed, the road even more pocketed than before.

All the marines took cover when the attack started, something about hearing a series of explosions caused everyone to kneel or crouch for cover as the explosions tore past them. They could hear shouting and screams but they had to move. A scan had revealed the next building was stable and a charge placed upon it, the only solace was that it was for the moment, empty of anyone.

Sam charged up the stairs along with the others of her team and saw the situation. Vickers had been bandaged up but he was in no fighting condition, the charge went off leaving a person sized hole in the wall. "Everyone through." A pause as she watched a Marine haul Vickers towards the exit. "Dragoon 1, Ground 1, we are exfil through the building block, track our signals. Cover and assist where able."

"Copy Ground 1, South West is advisable, high density of forces are pushing from the East. We will continue attacks to distract and shift when needed."

Sam understood, the fighters would continue to lay down fire making the enemy believe the Marines were still in the building buying them time. Time was a luxury and it seemed they were borrowing it now, the mission to search and rescue was almost turning into one for themselves at this point. She didn't like it but she knew they had to turn back, Vickers could get treated and with fresh people she could try again after she filed a report to the ship on what had happened.


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