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Posted on Tue Sep 7th, 2021 @ 1:40pm by Alain D'Aramitz & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz

Mission: Guilty By Association

Amélie sat on the bench across the walk way from the restaurant. She and RJ had finished shopping and they had both stopped for cupcakes for dessert, but rather than take the walk back to their quarters alone, she had decided to wait for Alain, to walk home with him. She was happy to find any excuse to spend time with him, especially if it was just the two of them and tonight she was hoping they would definitely hvae some quiet time together alone to talk.

Everyone squared away, lights off, lock on the door engaged. Alain turned as if to take his first step when he saw his Wife sitting on the bench waiting for him. "Fancy meeting you here?" He spoke with a grin on his face. "We really should stop meeting like this...people might talk." He whispered.

She rose up from the bench, looking up at him and smiling. "Let them," she whispered back. "They'd just be jealous that I'm the one that gets to walk you home." She paused a moment. "All done for the night?"

"I am, a hard days work done. Did you enjoy your meals? I was unable to get out and check before you had departed." He asked coming to a stop in front of her and giving her a kiss to the cheek and a smile.

"Everything was incredible, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you," she replied, tucking an arm around his waist and leaning into him as they started walking. "I didn't feel like walking home alone so I thought I'd wait for you so we could walk together."

"A woman after my heart." He spoke placing his hand on her arm and started to walk. "So what did you get upto today before you walked into my establishment to be fed?" He asked, wondering what she did with her time waiting for him to finish. "Oh, if you need to know what tomorrow's specials are, you can find them on my computer at home, in case you see something you like and want to drop in."

"I saw Doctor Matthews this morning, and then after I finished my shift I met with RJ for some shopping and dinner. The staff at Taylors delivered my purchases already so they should be at home waiting for me. I'm glad to be going home though, my feet hurt," she added with a laugh."

"Home it is then." Alain smiled, it seemed his Wife was a busy woman today and he wondered how many 'purchases' he was about to walk into when he passed through the doors to home. "Any of these purchases aimed towards helping your sore feet?"

"No, but I did find the most gorgeous little crib set! Oh, and you should see these shoes I got for the baby, they are so tiny, honestly, they look like little doll shoes. Oh my gosh, so many gorgeous baby clothes." There as a pause where she hurriedly took a breath. "Oh!" she exclaimed, excitement clear in her voice. "And there was this teddy, I found it in the toy store, a little teddy bear dressed in a chefs uniform, how could I possibly say no?"

There was something cute about Amélie launching into full 'mom to be' mode. All that energy and passion, thinking of things like that which honestly he'd not considered himself. "Well news has it you have a thing for a Chef." He chuckled trying to picture these purchases in his head and what they would look like on the baby.

She stopped walking, taking one final step so she could stand in front of him, looking up at him. "There was one thing Doctor Matthews did confirm for me this morning," she said, still unable to hide her excitement. "I was going to wait and tell you when we got home, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. I nearly blurted it out in the middle of the restaurant when you came to our table."

Uh oh. Alain though as he ground to a halt lest he walking into her. "What, what is it?" He wasn't sure, she was smiling and eager to say something, but was it bad, did something happen. "Is everything ok?" He asked looking down at her keen for an answer.

Amélie's grin got even bigger if that was possible. She nodded quickly. "She's perfectly healthy in every single way," she replied happily. "Growing exactly as she should be and absolutely beautiful. Some pictures were saved into my files if you want to see? I can access them from our quarters."

This was good news, no...Great news. "This is wonderful." The worry that threaten his voice before had gone and elation replaced it. "Let's go, I want to see." See the little life that the two of them had created. That feeling of going to be a dad came rushing back to him.

The subtle announcement had been lost, but Amélie wasn't concerned. She had other ways to tell him at home. The rest of the walk to their quarters didn't take long. As soon as they walked in, she stepped around the rather impressive collection of boxes and bags that had been delivered and moved straight to her computer, pulling up the file that contained the images of their unborn baby. "Here," she said, stepping back so he could take a seat and scroll through them.

One after the other, picture by picture. It came to him like a fright train. A girl. He was going to have a daughter. It was the heavens had opened up and bestowed to him a gift that left him in awe. She would have seen it was over him as his face, the expression on it had changed. Like his brain had roused from its shock and processed the information. "A baby girl..." his smile continued to grow from that point on.

Amélie moved to sit sideways on his lap, her hands resting on his cheek for a moment before she leaned in to brush a soft kiss across his lips. "Now, do you want to see something truly amazing?" she asked softly.

"There is more," He responded and one arm went to hold her to him while the other lay across her thighs. "What is it?" He asked eager for the news

There was a few taps on the console as she brought up what, at first, looked like another image just like the previous ones he had seen. One last tap and it showed that this one was very different. A soft but steady 'whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh' sound started to eminate from the console. Amélie tapped again, zooming on the image so the flicker causing the whooshing could be seen before leaning back against him. "That's her heartbeat," she said softly.

He turned up the volume, soft, slowly yet steady. Context came to him as he listened and without him even realising that he did it has harmful was resting upon her where the baby would. "Were going to have a baby girl. " He watched the little ha dry beating and the sound that came with it only just able to contain himself.

She sighed contentedly as she leaned back against him, her hands covering his, closing her eyes and just listening. As far as she was concerned, at that moment, life was absolutely perfect.


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