NCC - 77447 - B

When Things Go Bad Part 1.

Posted on Wed Sep 15th, 2021 @ 8:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar & Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: City Limits

Progress was slow but rushing could cause mistakes and mistakes could cost lives and everyone in Sam's team knew that. Block by block, building by building, every corner a risk ever street a change of engagement but they were well trained and very prepared. For the moment Sam's team held the advantage of surprise but everyone knew that they closer they got to the crash site that advantage diminished steadily.

The point man signalled to halt, a clenched fist raised, everyone stopped, waiting.

Several other hand signals indicated a signal individual, armed, projectile rifle consistent with the technological level of the planet that had only just started trying to put a satellite into space yet had reached the fission stage. This was not unexpected but they couldn't let this one individual alert anyone. Same gave her commands with her hands. Seconds passed but when the time came the plan was executed perfectly.

Point man grabbed the individual that turned out to be female, the sudden attack doing its job catching her by surprise, hand over mouth. A rotation of the body and positioned her in front of another team member that finished the task with the standard issue knife and a twist. She died silently and almost instantly.

Her body hidden inside a destroyed shop front out of view. Sam didn't like killing which was ironic considering that was what she was trained to do but the situation demanded operational security.

That security was shattered by a ricochet and screamed between two other team members. Everyone dived for cover, some behind a vehicle, others through windows, some behind debris mounds. Another shot rang out impacting the vehicle that two were hiding behind but figuring out where the shot came from was difficult with the sound bouncing off of many walls of buildings and surfaces.

Instantly everyone knew that others would have heard the weapons fire and be drawn by it.

It was more by eagerness than training that revealed where the sniper was. A tall damaged building with the top floors missing, twisted metal beams jutting out the sides as if a few floors were crushed before tossing aside its compacting force to the street below. One of the team took a shot, it missed the mark but it was enough to mark the location of the shooter. Now they had an avenue of engagement.

Needing to get off the street and into better cover the members of Sam's team laid down suppressing fire, it was a risk, but a calculated one given the pulse energy weapons would mark where they were to anyone that saw where they were aimed at. Two by two they moved while the others engaged and not long after till everyone was inside the same shop as the body of the dead woman from moments earlier.

"Split levels, secure the building."

=^= Ground 1 to Den, we have been engaged, relay to Barn, request air support. =^= Sam repeated the message twice more just in case her signal was garbled or distorted somehow.

Sam didn't know if the message was received because a volley of projectile fire tore through the shop front. Breaking glass, tile, wood, shattering concrete ripped through the ears of those on the bottom floor and it was deafening. What they also didn't know was a pair of Gryphon class fighters were screaming at full speed towards them from orbit, the message had been relayed.

What seemed longer was only minutes of exchanged fire between Sam's team and those advancing on her position, when the communications opened up, hope seemed to return to Sam.

=^= Ground callsign, this is Dragoon 1, flight of 2. =^=

=^= Dragoon, this is Ground 1, we are trapped in a block corner, engaged by hostiles closing on our position. =^=

Sam didn't know how close the fighters were but regardless, they would be useful very soon, she knew. Meanwhile the fighters had already locked onto her commbadge signal, knowing exactly where the marines were =^= Copy Ground 1, you have foot and vehicle units heading towards your location, estimate 40 plus 2. =^=

Sam's team was not fit for vehicle engagement. =^= Can you do anything about it? =^=

=^= Copy Ground, ETA 20 seconds.=^=

Sam relayed to her team that support was in bound and danger close was likely. She could hear her team returning fire from different floors, it slowed the advance but time was in the home teams hands. Explosions could be heard as the fighters flew over laying down weapons fire of their own. Right now all Sam could do was fight to stay alive, hearts and minds of the people were out of the window right now.

There was a small measure of satisfaction when Sam observed the area where the sniper was erupt into flame. Who ever it was had caused this mess and fired upon her team. It was short lived when from over the comms came. "Man down."

"Report." Sam spoke.

"Vickers is down, injury to right shoulder."

It had now become a battle of attrition, superior technology would only hold up for so long against numbers and the amount was rising with all conflagration of battle.