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Fancy Meeting You Here!

Posted on Wed Nov 17th, 2021 @ 11:57am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: USS Dreadnought, Main Engineering
Timeline: Current


Gavin was astonished. Having known all the specs from Reagan, the Engineering of the Dreadnought was a literal monument to Federation Engineering and Development.

"I..... So... What the hell..." Gavin was walking through the central gangway that led through the four separate extra-large, warp cores. The tandem sounds of the plasma fluxing the four cores in themselves had to be toned down with sound diffusers. If you weren't told or knew, you would have thought that Engineering was always quiet, which wasn't the case.

Gavin had watched the crews, fixing malfunctions in various labs and LCAR libraries, literal libraries of computer LCARS ensured that the Dreadnought was optimized for anything.

Ross was in his dress-down clothing. He was ecstatic to be able to see RJ after the time away on the planet. Being able to walk in, surprise his Lady was a chance that didn't come along often. See her, hopefully not seeing her shouting or being angry at someone else.

"Imagine. OMG." Ross thought to himself if I ended up falling for a megalomaniac. Suppose I walked in and seen her shouting at people angrily.

Then, there was RJ. Not her face. Not able to see her. It was her voice. Gavin heard RJ in the adjunct corridor access to one of the central cores just a split second. She was speaking with other Engineer Officers, it sounded. Gavin stopped in his tracks. He looked around the corner to peek at his Lady.

There she was. There was his Lady, his Chic. His ongoing romance as to which he never thought he would find.

"Hand me that hyperspanner," RJ said to Galindez who then looked behind him in the engineering kit. As he did so, he noticed Gavin peaking around the corner and grinned. He put a finger to his lips and then waved to Gavin, signaling him to quietly approach.

As Gavin crawled forward, Galindez crawled in the opposite direction. His plan being to get Gavin to take his place and surprise RJ.

"Galindez, the hyperspanner!" RJ yelled from inside the bulk head that she had wiggled into for repairs.

"Oh, yea, just a second, sorry, it got buried underneath some other tools!" He replied, stifling a chuckle, as he urgently motioned Gavin towards the tools.

Gavin had rushed over towards Galindez as his own face had begun to burst. This would be fantastic! Sleuthing by, RJ and Galindez he took spot immediately reaching into the tool kit.

From RJ's perspective 'Galindez' handed her.... Well, he had no idea what it was, but it looked big and ridiculous to be what she had asked for. The optronic coupler came in to RJ's view, as 'Galindez' said nothing. Only the jeffries tube entrance squared her view below.

RJ accepted the tool and a look of bewilderment grew on her face as it came fully into view. "Galindez, what the hell. This isn't a hyperspanner!" She exclaimed before looking down to see what had distracted him.

"Gavin?!" Reagan said with a wide grin as she realized it wasn't her coworker that had handed her the tool. Without further thought, she climbed down and embraced him before planting a passionate kiss on his lips. "I had heard that everyone had been recalled from the planet, but I didn't know you had made it back yet!"

The whole anxiety of being on the planet, the current shortages of medical supplies had been a demoralizing factor for Gavin and the whole staff. No way would he bring it up, as this was his time to see RJ and nothing would steal that from Ross.

Grabbing RJ, incredibly affectionate Ross hoisted her up by her Lilith frame and then sat her on the nearest table top readout panels. "You..." He held RJ's face stroking the sides of her hair and passionately laying kiss after kiss... "Are so missed!" RJ then immediately felt Gavin's nose near her hair as he whiffed her perfect scent of her hair. "So missed!" He groaned. "Had to speak with the Captain. Everything's good. What are you doing? How are you?! It feels like its been a week... Or has it?!"

"I'm good, but Nanook and I have missed you," she smiled as she hopped down from the table. As much as she wanted to fully engage with Gavin, she couldn't appear too unprofessional while on duty and with all of her coworkers around.

"I have a few more repairs to take care of before my shift is over. You can come with me and catch me up on everything that's been happening on the surface. I hope you don't mind Galindez," RJ looked to her coworker.

"Not at all," he smiled. Though he had once wanted to engineer for himself, he was at least happy that she was happy with the doctor.
"Might I suggest repairing the EPS conduit in jefferies tube E24?" Galindez smirked knowing that it was a very private area, no one went in that jefferies tube unless they have a very specific reason.

"Good idea," she chuckled before turning back to Gavin for his answer on whether or not he would join her.

"RJ, I've been thinking of being inside of yo..." Ross had stopped mid-sentence, forgetting he was standing next to Galindez. Now cheeks turning a reddish blush. "I MEAN, thinking about being inside the Jeffries tubes all... All day!" He coughed, as the Jeffries tubes didn't do much to renovate Gavin's horrified comment.

RJ laughed. "Well I guess today is your lucky day then," she winked before crawling into the access hatch headed for E24.

"So tell me about your time on the planet. How was it? Have you had time to read up on our new mission?" She streamed off questions, excited for the opportunity to catch up and spend some time together after being apart for so long.

Like a puppy with limitless energy were Gavin's feelings towards RJ whenever he was around her. Especially now. Having had completed the mission tasks at hand. The hospital was nothing short of an un-attended PTSD symptom of neglect.

"It was haunting. I can't begin. It was not something I ever wanted to experience again. You experienced the planet. Did your mission goals carry out?" Ross remembered the smells of sickness. The sounds of the warring factions outside the hospital coalescing to a drumbeat of frustration and anxiety.

"I didn't really spend much time on the planet. Most of my time has been spent up here repairing the damage from the run-in with the Agincourt. From what little I heard though, it sounded like a nightmare," she paused and looked back towards Gavin. "I'm glad you're home." She smiled before continuing forward.

Slipping into the alcove they had entered, a cross-sectional tube-junction of myriad proportions, Gavin embraced RJ, nearly lifting her off her tiny feet into his arms tightly.

"I knew I would be ok, as long as I had you to come back too." Gavin relaxed his hold and sat beside RJ into the circle of the tube cross-linkage. "Have you had contact with your Parents? Your brother? How is everyone?" Gavin had truly enjoyed RJ's family.

Her body surged with excitement as Gavin lifted her up and they embraced. RJ held just as tightly to him, remembering his warm and strong yet gentle touch. She wanted to just stay locked in that moment forever, but duty called and her shift wasn't over.

"I've talked to my whole family. My parents are doing well, so is Cam. We're thinking about meeting up at home in a few months assuming everyone can take leave," RJ replied before crawling into an access hatch for the EPS conduit to begin work.

"Can you hand me that ODN recoupler? It's the one with a triangular head. What about you? Have you had a chance to connect with your family since you've gotten back?" She asked.

Ross shot RJ a look of, 'you're kidding me.' "Can I hand you a coupler? You're not seriously..." Ross then held his hand up, not one to argue with RJ. "I swear. You take in pleasure with work, and it's like an orgasm for you inside."

Gavin had shaken his head, breaking into a laugh at "you are a quintessential worker bee. But... That's what makes you so friggin interesting." Ross had searched over the various tools in the nearby kit that was already open for work. "What exactly is it you are working on?" Gavin handed the ODN coupler to RJ.

"An EPS conduit. It just needs some retuning. The power levels leaving this conduit are a little lower than optimal."

As much as Ross was a surgeon to a patient, RJ was the surgeon to the Dreadnought, and a ship this large demanded a lot. RJ indeed was the perfect Chief for this vessel.

"I am glad you are planning to see your parents. In three months, lord knows how ready you will be for a break." Ross nodded as he picked up another one of RJ's tools, one he recognized as a penlight. Playing with it as he thought, Ross stated. "Medical had lost one officer on the Agincourt. A recent transfer, Ensign Darren Jones. I never had the opportunity to meet him." Ross hated to bring it up, but he knew nobody else to speak to other than RJ. She was a safe place to talk.

RJ paused for a moment, hearing the hint of sadness in Gavin's voice. Neither of them had really experienced a tragedy since they had been together. Holding the tool in her hand still, RJ crawled out to look at her partner. "I had no idea. I'm sorry. Are you ok?" She asked, her eyes filled with empathy. It was always hard to lose someone from your team, even someone you hadn't met.

"I'm alright. It's. You loose a Department member. And to me. All he was is a name, a service record. A ship this large, I can't be expected to meet everyone off the bat." Gavin watched RJ, appreciating her understanding and offering of sympathy. "Doesn't make it feel better." Ross shrugged knowing the Officer had served and been killed.

"Have you ever lost a team member? A colleague?" Gavin and RJ had never broached the subject previous. He was curious.

"A couple," she looked away from Gavin and solemnly continued working. "Anytime something goes wrong, engineering becomes a pretty dangerous place to be. I wasn't super close to either of them, but they died in the line of duty trying to fix a ruptured plasma line. I lost an uncle in Starfleet too. But that risk is part of the job and its part of the reason I always refused to date anyone in engineering."

"Yes. You refuse to date anyone in Engineering. Yet I exclusively relate to... A certain ... Engineer."

Gavin bit his lower lip, watching her, remembering the sweet vanilla taste of her lips, the blue sparkle of her eyes when wild in laughter, in bliss. The sight skipped his heartbeat, filling his nostrils inward, catching his breath. No, it wasn’t just vanilla: RJ’s strawberry, sun-kissed lips to skin ever-encompassing.

Taking a step back, and with slow deliberation, Ross slowly, painstakingly looked RJ up and down in his sight as his head shook side to side as if she was criminal. His inspection seemed to endure RJ hours, only passing mere seconds in his eyes to mind. The presence became magnetic crackling between her and him.

A step forward, an invasion of personal space as RJ was working on the coupling. His hand reached the bulkhead just above, planting his determination. Ross grabbed, twisting RJ forward in his grasp. Gavin is in fever for RJ, letting his lips linger above hers, just the two breathing in the quiet, lonely Jeffries tube.

His intent was clear as day as he planted a kiss to the penetrable lips, his hold on RJ only tightening as he pulled her closer into his larger body. He was reaching RJ’s tunic of her uniform collar, tearing it aside as Gavin’s lips burned desire, relenting RJ in acquiesce.

She melted into arms. As much as she wanted to get work done, RJ couldn't resist the temptation to sink into Gavin's warm embrace after having been away from each other for so long. It was a welcomed escape from the previous conversation.

"Wait," she tore herself away from him, if only for a moment, and sealed the doors connecting to the jefferies tubes that they occupied. It was incredibly rare for someone to stumble into this part of the ship, but RJ didn't want to risk getting caught.

RJ strolled back to Gavin and her lips met his. Before long she too was tearing away at the blue uniform that he adorned. The two became entwined in a mix of heat and passion as their bodies pressed against each other and time seemed to slow down.

Minutes passed, maybe even hours, RJ couldn't tell by the time they released themselves from each other. She smiled at the attractive creature standing before her. "I missed you. I missed that," she chuckled as she shuffled back into her uniform.

"I mi-" Gavin was broke in his reply.

"Oh my God, the time has flown by! My shift ends in ten minutes. You have to go. I'll never finish this if you're here to distract me," RJ gave Gavin a sincere smile. "How about we meet in my quarters for dinner tonight in about an hour?"

“Oh wow. Time has flown by?!” Gavin gawked in total jest. He then relented that he knew RJ was a work aholic at heart and Engineering had a tight deadline onboard a starship this size. If the Chief of the Dreadnought was working directly on a panel, it probably warranted a lot of technical work.

“Hour. Perfect!” Gavin winked. “I feel like Italian… Think on it.” Ross had backed out the door hatchway that RJ had closed and locked down prior. “Il tuo culo è la perfezione.” He had learned while on holiday once.


Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn
Chief Engineering Officer


Lieutenant Gavin Ross
Chief Medical Officer


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