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A Distressed Field Hospital Runs Dry...

Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 12:26am by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati & Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr.

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: The Dreadnought - FC, Morrisaati's Briefing Room
Timeline: Current


Back onboard the Dreadnought, the familiar hum of the giant starship was welcoming. Yet, it was a reminder that the civilians on the surface were not faring well.

The Supplies would be beamed down and transported down, yet the logistics chain seemed to break down somewhere along the way. Gavin was left with dehydrated children on the brink and new typologies of infection that he had never witnessed in fleet medicine. Answers. He needed answers.

In no way did he believe Morrisaati was responsible for the medical logistics breakdown. Dr. Ross warranted the FC to become well aware of the situation. As Chief, it was Gavin’s duty to inform the CO of the Mission.

Ra was in his Ready Room having concluded yet another unproductive meeting with the Commander and Chief Minister who seemingly still seemed more intent on instigating the other than keeping the peace. He'd received word that his Chief Medical Officer had returned to the ship which while causing a slight surprise Ra also knew that such an action would not be done casually given the need for him on the surface.

It was not long before he heard the door chime sounding, that would be the Doctor because he was expecting no one else. "Come."

Ross entered the Fleet Captain's Ready Room, which was a prominent room to be in while onboard the Tomcat. Not many people had the ability to visit FC's room.

"Sir." Gavin had entered, and stood at attention and offered a one-off sharp salute to Morrisaati. Dropping the marine act, he then stepped forward seeing as Ra was receptive to Gavin's presence. "I wish to speak to you regarding medical logistics. There is no logistics, Sir." Gavin was not meaning to be disrespectful, he just wanted to impart what he was dealing with. Morrisaati, the name himself, was a diplomat, a man of high esteem and integrity when it had come to Starfleet Operations.

"Indeed Doctor, you are correct." Ra get the feeling by posture and tone that perhaps all was not known to the Doctor on recent events. "Not long ago one of our shuttles was shot down by a crude, by our standards, homing explosive device, containing my CAG, one of your medical staff and a critically wounded member of my crew." Ra opened then to let a pause settle. The Doctor had presented a legitimate issue in a calm and respectful manner, Ra would in turn do likewise.

"I have approved a search and rescue mission by Major Snyder and a small team to enter the crash region, which happens to be a city zone, locate and rescue survivors, destroying the remains of the shuttle so its technology doesn't fall into enemy hands." While this was far from what the Doctor was here for, it did however paint the situation as Ra saw it, the bigger picture.

"I understand you run a Hospital Doctor but I am sure you also understand that while treating the wounded, the suffering, the sick is a noble aim, the protection of and security of such an aim, to see that aim continue is equally as important, at least to me." Ra added. "As such, in light of recent events I have instructed the Chief Engineer to prepare a number of armoured ground units for deployment, my Assistant CAG is preparing the dedicated transports for these as we speak. Meanwhile a number of the crew are preparing medical supplies for transit in an additional two transports which should see you in stable operation for a number of days at least."

Ra knew that the transports were very armoured as they were large and slow moving, easy targets and so had to be able to take a hit or two and keep going. Considering the size of them and what they had to transport it was fair to say that the quantity of supplies being delivered in leu of the missing armoured unit would indeed be considerable.

"I can appreciate Doctor that the situation is far from ideal, even now I hold talks with the leaders of the two factors over the matter and make little headway on the subject." Which while frustrating, Ra knew that such talks could not be rushed. "We are here by invitation, if things continue to escalate, I must consider the welfare of my crew down on the planet first and foremost, at the expense of other considerations." Which was also why all technology on the planet was planted with isolinear tags for retrieval if needed.

This one statement let the Doctor know that Ra would try to support the Doctors efforts as best he was able as the situation allowed, but Ra would act swiftly to save his people if the situation demanded it.

"Medical staff..." Ross's face had flushed from pulsing red and anxiety to a dead white. He almost felt his self take a seat, before realizing... "Who was it, Sir?" The first casualty to hit close to home, had hit Gavin's own department. Not to mention the Commodore's personal CAG, and another.

"Morrisaati, Sir... I had only rumors of an incident... a intel/security alert in the systems." Gavin shook his head looking at Ra. "I understand now, the situation." Ross reaffirmed. Deep grief for his own staff, pushed down and knotted tightly... "I understand now. I will immediately get back to the Surface." Gavins eyes searched the Commodore's desk, up to his face and seeing his own concerns pushed aside.

That was all they could do.

"A one Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil." Ra answered, at least now the Doctor had all the facts to hand. It was an unpleasant situation and one they found themselves caught in the middle of which could explode again at any moment. "The transports I am hopeful will depart shortly. In the mean time, return to the surface and prepare to receive the supplies, assure your staff that the armoured units are for protection from expected escalating circumstances."

His computer chirped with an update on the transports. "That is the hanger bays now, unless there is anything else Doctor, I believe you have some place else to be. Dismissed."

Ross gave a nod, as he watched as the Fleet Captain looked to be quite busy with calls coming in, even as they spoke of developments. Gavin having seen he was doing his hard work, and he had better 'bust it' back down to the Hospital.


Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati
Commanding Officer
USS Dreadnought


Lieutenant Gavin Ross
Chief of Medical
USS Dreadnought


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