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The Words of Many, the Ideal of None Part 2

Posted on Sat Aug 28th, 2021 @ 12:50pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Current

Ra knew that he had to bide his time when dealing with leaders and especially those that until recently were at fierce war with. While the cease fire had held it was tittering on a knife edge in light of the shooting down of his shuttle craft. Security had informed him that Chief Minister Nagari had arrived on board with Commander Bjorn not far behind. He felt that things would go more smoothly if they didn't board together. Standing in the Observation Lounge Ra waited to begin another round of talks to keep the peace and promote it but inside he had doubts. When the door opened Chief Minister Nagari along with two officers from Security entered. A look from Ra dismissed Security but he knew they would wait outside.

"Chief Minister, I'm glad you could make it." Ra spoke first, trying to play the good host that was about to mediate a coming tense situation once the Commander walked through the door.

"The ride was a little bumpy. Your pilot told me it was atmospheric." Nagari spoke.

"Yes, due to the conflict the conditions on the planet have made things more difficult that what might be expected. However my pilots are trained and capable of handling such eventualities." Ra explained. Just as the silence was about to set the doors open again and in walked Commander Bjorn also flanked by two security officers. Ra gave the same look and Security walked out. "Gentlemen, please, take a seat."

"When we last spoke we discussed the situation surrounded my downed shuttle. Have there been any developments on this?" Ra spoke feeling that getting to the point early would negate lingering hatred from rearing its head.

Bjorn surprisingly was the first to speak up. "The individuals, a small group estimated numbers in the region of 200 have laid claim to the city complex next to your Hospital. Our information has confirmed that they are the ones responsible for bringing your craft down."

"Not the only thing." Nagari chipped in.

"Chief Minister." Ra spoke. "I made my position clear the last time we spoke, I am here to help you and the current crisis both your peoples are facing. I will do what I have been ordered to do but if my people get caught in factional warfare and hurt......" Ra tapped the table, he had a ship that could do far more damage than both parties combined many times over.

"We have a team of soldiers preparing to go into the city and attempt a rescue, however the team is small, the city is large and it will take time to search." Bjorn spoke.

Ra was loath to reveal that his own team on the surface doing the same thing but if he was open and honest at least then there could be no accusation later on. "I have my own team on the surface also conducting a search. They have orders to rescue my people and destroy what ever is left of the shuttle." Ra was subtle enough to hide noticing the slight raise of an eyebrow from Bjorn. "I'm sure you are both well aware of the implications if technology such as you see is found and in turn the shift in power?"

"I'd like my team to accompany you?" Bjorn said.

"And now do you propose to make your team known to mine as friendly?" Ra spoke and it came as no surprise that he was met with silence. Ra had little doubt that he had hoped Starfleet would lead his men to the crashed shuttle so they could seize it and the Starfleet team for ransom. "As you can see, even with the best of intentions of cooperation, there remains the risk of injury."

Chief Minister Nagari was next to speak. "My ministers tell me that people have already started to receive treatment at your facility but the line of people is long."

"Yes, early reports indicate that people are arriving and receiving treatment, however progress is slow with the need of appropriate security precautions, when able those treated are discharged to make room for other arrivals." Ra explained though he could see this was not the information Nagari wanted to hear. "I'm sure you both can appreciate that while yes we are here to help, medically, we are not going to be victims caught in your fighting. My security teams are screening everyone, equally to make sure they post no threat to the hospital or the people inside out to help them."

"What are you implying?" Nagari spoke.

"I'm implying Chief Minister, that it only takes one incident, one accident for the tide of this endeavour to shift from neutral to chaos. Please do not think me foolish enough not to consider that the Hospital itself would make the perfect setting for one side or the other to cause an incident that sparks the fighting once more." Ra explained. "My security measures screen for weapons, explosives, any contraband to negate this threat and ensure the safety of my medical staff."

Ra could cut the unease with a knife that hung between the two opponents. "I welcome your efforts to keep this hard earned peace alive, fighting has caused enough damage to this planet, there need not be more."


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