NCC - 77447 - B
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Search & Rescue

Posted on Wed Aug 18th, 2021 @ 7:37pm by Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: City Outskirts

Sam had the information needed to carry out her plan and now she had the people to do it. The rough locations of the shuttle's crash site put it almost 60 minutes away, but there was the need to do it without drawing attention otherwise the locals seeing a marine force on the move would think the shuttle contains something of value. Even with semi cautious approach it would take nearly 90 minutes to reach them and Sam knew all too well that was an optimistic approach.

The city was ringed in places by a moderately thick wooded area with underbrush and pockets of open grassland. Sam intended to make use of this natural cover for as long as she could before venturing into the city. If reports were accurate the shuttle crashed into a partially toppled multi story tower so it was no longer ground level. While that in itself was not a problem, what could be was the unknown structural stability of the structure following an impact or the state of the interior for traversal.

Snyder along with a team of marines suited to urban warfare and S&R moved with Sam along the pre-chosen route. As the team moved she took note at how the others kept an eye up and ears open for anything or anyone that might be close. Sam had no intention of engaging anyone if it could be avoided, a firefight would do the very opposite of what she sought and draw everyone in the area to them. Regardless of this however Sam had instructed that heavy stun only be used, killing the locals would only stur up a situation even more that was tense and delicate enough as it was.

As they skirted the city they saw ruins, buildings without windows, collapsed structures, overturned vehicles, even basic infrastructure crumbling. Even the roads bore signs of weapon impacts that tore straight to the dirt ground under it, boring through the many underlays. One building seemed to have only half collapsed, a shop of sorts but the roof seeming to defy gravity and remain in place even though all under it had fallen. As they made more progress things took a turn, on the road was a vehicle that had clearly been altered into a makeshift weapons platform with at least 10-15 people with it. It pained Sam to watch and be forced to do nothing about it, even with all the training and the element of surprise they were outgunned on the onset with no idea how far enemy reinforcements were. That however didn't stop Sam from sending a coded message to her CP alerting them of the discovery.

Waiting was not something Sam was good at but something right now they were forced to do as they watched on. A crowd of people of varying sizes walked up the road, the very road that Sam and her marines had to cross to enter the city. Part of her said to circle the city limits some more and find another point of entry but with the local groups so close all it would take was any one of her team to be seen moving before hell broke loose.

There was no way to hear what was being spoken by most but one male individual seemed to enjoy bossing the others about. Looking through the scope of her rifle with the aid of some magnification effect she saw a mix of people from men and women seemingly upset to others armed with all manner of hand held items for weapons. Sam was well aware they were desperate and desperation often lead people to do silly things, only hope could reveal what these people were planning.

It was nearly 20 minutes by the time the group of people and the vehicle had moved on, 20 minutes that Sam had not counted for, 20 minutes of additional delays and risk in getting to the survivors if there were any. Not wanting to rush and risk detection Sam ordered her team into twos and cross the road into the cover of a building while the rest covered. 8 minutes before the whole team made it over.

There would be many delays, a wondering local, a noise, shouts and screaming and debris that needed to be scaled before pressing on. Smoke could be seen in the distance and its cause was clear from a large hole that had been punched into and through a still standing tower block, how it had not fallen yet was beyond Sam but structural mechanics was not her speciality, being a marine was. Debris had caused Sam to divert more than once and in doing so more delays while they waited for people to move on or fall back and find another way around.

Sam could only hope that if there were survivors, they stayed put....


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