NCC - 77447 - B
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Dwindling Supplies

Posted on Tue Aug 17th, 2021 @ 6:45am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr.

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Field Hospital
Timeline: After Fresh Air

Dr. Ross attended patients, many of them with sepsis and cuts along their journey. Many tackling terrains as well as hostile mercenaries from each side of faction.

There were not so many casualties as there were long time, ongoing health issues with the patients. Each side was dehydrated, mal nourished with no food security to speak. Each side had children who had paid the price for this ongoing, needless conflict. Children were coming in severely traumatized and needed to be out of the hostile region.

Ross’ heart, like every other Officer on the planet had their hearts break, and bleed for these children. Because they simply were from a different region, clan, value system the adults could not even begin to speak at the same table due to long standing feuds and ever increasing hostile retaliatory actions.

“This is beyond sick, this is… Heck!” Gavin narrowed his eyes, seeing yet, another child, the 3rd that week so far, enter on a stretcher with Security and Nurses rushing in by the child’s side. The male child was so famished, he had agony.

Ross, turned to his medication stocks. Rifling through the remainder of his stock. “This simply cannot happen, not now, not ever! We are OUT of critical IV’s and Nutrias Therapy boosters.” He shook his head, breathless in exasperation.

He was a doctor, he couldn’t ‘Doctor’ well, if he didn’t have the supplies that Doctor’s in the resource rich Federation are used to working with. “Where is the Operations Dept? Where is the Fleet Captain on this?! We need movement. We need faster replenishment!” Gavin in a fit of anger drove his first into the nearest medical locker, busting one of his knuckles in the process…. Shaking his hand, he walked away.

“You have the firsthand information Doctor. You are aware just like all of us down here, there is no supplies, and if any is coming. It won’t be coming from the Dreadnought!” One of the Nurses, Dr. Brier stressed out of concern. Dr. Brier was a cardiologist, surgeon, and amputation bio re-gene therapist.

“I don’t understand. We have a Starship the largest in the Fleet. Our Flag Ship. And I can’t help the child.”

Gavin was quickly mashing raw medical compounds, that would be diluted and them sterilized and hypo-sprayed into the 4-year-old child. His blue eyes were going weak, going dark when Gavin rounded to look at the child, he held the small hand of the child in his larger hand. A single tear escaping from Doctor Ross’s left eye. Injecting the child, his eyes immediately watched the first signs of his glucose levels, heart rate, and neural activity.

He needed the proper medication and he needed it now. Doctor Ross in no way, believing that Fleet Captain Ra Morissati had nothing to with the backlog with hospital medications, resources, beds… He needed to see the Fleet Captain. Gavin turned to change into his grey hoodie for a cigarette out back of the hospital. After that, he would beam back to the USS Dreadnought.


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