NCC - 77447 - B
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Aftermath of Failure

Posted on Sun Oct 3rd, 2021 @ 10:53pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Main Engineering

Ra had taken the time to leave the Bridge opting instead for a change of scenery all together. He found it strange how a vessel that was new off the production yard would suffer faults like a failing magnetic lock especially one that supported one of the Defiant class escorts. The resulting damage while not considerable did draw much attention from many on board the new and recently cleared for active duty vessel. Ra was thankful that not all the locks failed on the ship otherwise the damage would have been much worse for both vessels.

As he walked the hallways towards Main Engineer he was greeted and smiled at but otherwise undisturbed he made his way. When the doors opened and he stepped in he could see the scores of officers busy, they were obviously busy with supplying the hospital with supplies and equipment. One of the staff on duty stopped when Ra was seen. "Captain. Is there something I can do for you?"

Ra paused at this female in gold drawing his attention. "I'd like to see the Chief Engineer, Lt Quinn."

"Right away Captain." The young woman darted off with almost as much zeal as when she realised who he was.

RJ stood over a console on the far side of the room looking at the latest readings from the primary power couplings when the young engineer appeared. Her hurried demeanor immediately caught her attention and she looked up from the console with a cocked brow.

"Captain wants to see you, Chief," she said.

"What, in the ready room or his office?" RJ asked, curious as to why he didn't just call her over the coms.

"No, he's here. In main engineering," she pointed over her shoulder.

RJ looked past her coworker while her brain tried to run through reasons Ra might have made a personal visit. Captains didn't usually come to engineering, except on rare occasions. She just hoped she hadn't done something to end up on the naughty list as she straightened her uniform and walked over.

"What can I do for you, sir?" RJ inquired as she approached the Efrosian Captain.

"My visit serves many purposes but I'd like to speak with you about the system failure resulting in damage to the Agincourt and my ship." Ra spoke as he looked at the young appearing Chief Engineer. "Have you determined why the magnetic lock failed?" Considering the ship was still 'new' there shouldn't be failures in systems as routine as a magnetic lock.

Reagan drew in a breath. "Well, sir, the Agincourt may not have been as fresh out of the yard as we were led to believe. The cause of the mag lock failure was a short in the system that caused a feedback surge to the docking system on their side. When we inspected closer we found evidence of a system that had been frayed and then repaired, just not repaired as well as it should have been. I can't fathom why they would've needed a repair if it was truly new unless it had seen some action between here and there."

That detail irritated Ra, he was lead to believe the ship and everything on her was new, her two Defiant Escorts included but now it seemed this was not the case. "The status of the systems now and the damage to both vessels?" Ra asked trying to hide the frustration from his voice but made a mental note to take this information to the UP shipyards for a lengthy and detailed explanation.

"The mag clamps on the Agincourt have been repaired...again," she noted, almost purposely drawing emphasis to the fact that this wasn't the first time. "We made sure the repair was better this time around so they shouldn't have trouble with it again. The armor plating and hanger deck are still being worked on, but it won't take much longer. A couple more days. On the Dreadnought, the damage to the nacelles has been repaired." Reagan gave him the full listed status, hoping that he would find it satisfactory.

"Can I ask you something, sir?" She inquired, wanting to dig further into the Agincourt's history, but she could tell that it might be a touchy subject.

"Please." Ra was always willing to hear what his officers had to say, a different perspective was never wrong, just different and its that difference that could mean the difference between failure and success.

"It's clear that the Agincourt was in some sort of skirmish before it got here, yet Starfleet insisted that we were getting ships fresh out of the shipyard. Do you think the Agincourt is holding something back or Starfleet? It just doesn't make sense, does it? Like why hide this?" She asked.

"I will do some digging at the command level and see what I can find. In the meantime, I'd like you to assist the fighter department with supplies and replicator requests, one of our shuttles was shot down and I've mounted a rescue. If they can shoot one of our shuttles down then this mission provides more risk than anticipated." Ra spoke, there was little he could do about the crash now, but he could at least plan for later if and when things headed up.

"Yes sir. Have you heard anything about the shuttle yet? Have they found survivors?" Quinn asked.

"Nothing yet, I have authorised Major Snyder and a small team to enter the city to search for the crash site and rescue any survivors." Ra answered hoping in no small measure that there would be some. "I'd also like you to prepare in all respects the deployment of 4 of our M-705's. I want to afford the hospital more security in light of recent events, Commander Luthar will handle transporting them to the surface."

"Got it, that won't be a problem," Quinn replied. "Was there anything else you needed? I could have my team run some additional analyses on the Agincourt accident and send a report your way if you'd like."

"Please do. I will await on the Bridge for your report." Ra spoke, opting now to not take any additional time from his Chief Engineer knowing she had much to do. All that said and done Ra departed, next stop was the main Hanger.


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