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The Words of Many, the Ideal of None

Posted on Wed Aug 4th, 2021 @ 9:26pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Current

While the mission progressed on the planet Ra found his own time being spent on a mission of his own. Being a neutral party was all well and good but maintaining that neutrality was just as important. How own reports had yielded some information as to the 'lay of the land' but even that was vague in places but what caught his attention was the rumours that Starfleet was secretly siding with one side over the other. In order to put these rumours to rest Ra had invited the two figure heads of the icy peace observing sides to the ship to talk, a talk he knew deep down would not go smoothly.

***Observation Lounge.***

"You expect us to believe that Starfleet is here strictly to offer medical aid to all?" Nagari Osla spoke. A gruff middle aged man of approximately 50 years of age serving as the Chief Minister for one of the two sides. Clad in well worn military garb dotted with signs of age with only a name tag on his chest.

"Exactly Chief Minister, my team is on the planet as we speak in the designated safe area treating any and all who should attend and require it. Regardless of side, they will treat anyone as they are able." Ra spoke, he knew Nagari would be difficult to placate but duty demanded he try.

"My sources have informed me that Starfleet has been secretly aiding the enemy even going so far as supplying weapons." Nagari huffed as he stood next to the window, his arms crossed as his large frame was flanked by the planet they currently were in orbit of.

"I can assure you Chief Minister that is not the case. My mission is humanitarian, strictly. I am to establish a hospital to treat wounded, making no gesture to favour one side over the other, to be strictly neutral which is why I invited you here to demonstrate just that." Ra spoke. "I invited you both so that I could not be accused of taking sides. It is my hope that with such transparency that my sincerity in these delicate matters would be plain to see but also together we can help your people, both your peoples."

"Our people have reported craft regularly making flights too and from your hospital complex. How do I know these are not filled with weapons and biological agents that could be used against us?" Commander Bjorn Net spoke. Bjorn carried himself like a politician as far as Ra could observe, he'd stayed silent upto this point, speaking when the time was right and saying just enough to appear to agree with his counterparts opinion but at the same time not present the same hostility.

"The atmospheric conditions make transportation of equipment for the hospital difficult." Ra played a card. Tapping a few commands to the table it brought up a holographic list of all materials taken from the ship and when. "As you can see, this is a complete list of all materials and equipment that have left the ship."

"So you say." Nagari spoke. "A list, from your own computers, could easily be altered."

"For once, I tend to agree." Bjorn spoke.

"You are more than welcome to inspect the facility yourselves with your own eyes if that would put your minds at ease. However..." Ra played his next card. "Before I permit of my shuttles was shot down on its transit back to this ship and crashed in a nearby city area. 3 of my officers were on board."

"None of my people." Nagari spoke.

"Nor mine." Bjorn added.

"Then who's?" Ra asked. "Gentlemen I understand the peace between you is new, I have little doubt it is uneasy but as leaders these things seldom are. However, my ship and crew are here to help but I will not put my people at risk to be a buffer between you."

A silence lingered, for what was a little over 15 seconds felt like minutes. "There is a group, a radical group of militia who believe that the war must continue. It is possible these radicals are responsible."

"These wouldn't be the same radicals that detonated a dirty bomb in our capital city.....would it?" Bjorn spoke, but the glare he got in return gave him not only an answer, but much more. "We were assured that these radicals were brought to justice, your own government claimed to see to that. Are you saying it was a lie?"

"Do not take the moral high ground with me, your people poisoned a water supply that killed nearly 3,000 children in a youth protection shelter." Nagari barked.

"Gentlemen, I am not interested in who did what before, I'm interested in what we do now. It is my hope that once my mission is concluded or I am relieved by another vessel that the peace will continue to hold. If you want to resume your war after that time then so be it but right now those that are trying to help you are suffering." Ra was trying to keep the peace but also maintain his position, he was going going to be used as a trigger for the war to resume. "So who will help me and in turn help yourselves?"

There was silence and this time it lingered far longer than before. "Well, then it would seem we are at an impasse." Ra spoke as he brought his hands together in front of him. He could see neither side was willing to cooperate especially in front of their counterpart but he couldn't risk meeting each in private. "Gentlemen, I appreciate the history between your two peoples is a complicated and bloody one. The damage inflicted on both sides is considerable and the loss of life even more so. I am here to help ease your peoples suffering by doing what I can but rest assured, I will do what I have to to get my people back, dead or alive and those responsible brought to justice."

Ra's tone in the latter part of his comment rang thick with warning. He had little doubt they could appreciate the power of the vessel they stood on, what it could do, but if foul play was found he would find it and blame properly mounted on those responsible.

"I will need to confer with my staff." Bjorn was the first to speak as he stood up.

"As will I." Nagari added.

"My security staff will escort you to the hanger bay for a transit back to the surface." Ra answered as he pressed a button. He opened the doors to both ends of the room figuring that the hatred the two men had for each other would be somewhat placated a little by leaving the room in separate exits. As he watched the two leave he knew that this would be just one of several meetings and this was just the beginning.


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