NCC - 77447 - B
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Home is where your heart is

Posted on Mon Jul 26th, 2021 @ 4:51pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati & Briseis Kinsley

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Quarters

Ra had in his hand the report that one of the shuttles en route to the ship with a medical casualty had been shot down, means unknown and only a vague indication of crash site due to radiation interference in the area. He dared not risk additional flights lest he turn one downed craft wrecklessly into more. Major Snyder however was already on the case with a SAR team, but the situation still did not sit well with Ra. In his mind he told himself that he was here to help and yet for doing so, his hand had been bitten. Tomorrow would be a difficult day when the two leading dignataries would beam to the ship to begin talks and aid in keeping the very fragile cease fire in place.

Leaving the bridge with what felt like the weight of the ship on his shoulders he headed for his quarters to turn in for the night with orders that any update on the downed shuttle be reported to him immediately. When he stood before the doors he hoped they would stay closed, hoping he'd be able to strip the role from his body but the sensors detected him and opened them, snatching from him the time he needed.

Bri heard the doors open and looked up from the couch. Almost instantly, just by the look on his face, she could tell something was wrong. She closed the book, setting it neatly on the table before rising gracefully to her feet, moving through the room toward him. "Ra?" she asked softly, the single word deep with concern. "What's happened?"

Time snatched from him he walked through the doors to allow them to close behind him. "One of our shuttles has crashed on the surface, we suspect its not a failure of sorts but as a result of an attack." Ra paused. "This complicates matters as two delegates are due to arrive tomorrow and I will be forced to ask some difficult questions in an already fragile moment."

She didn't have to be a telepath or an empath to tell how deeply this was affecting him. "My love," she sighed as she stopped in front of him, reaching up to rest the palm of her hand against his cheek. "I can't even begin to fathom the difficulties of the situation," she said softly. "Can I do anything to help?"

"Nothing yet." Until he had an update from the Major he was yet to know his own options. "I am waiting on Major Snyder and her SAR team." He hoped they would find something or at the very least something which might indicate who was responsible.

Her hand slid from his cheek to the back of his neck, fingers winding in his hair as she rose up on tiptoes, pulling him down toward her, kissing him softly. "Then why don't you freshen up, I'll make you a drink and something light to eat and we can sit together?"

"Alright." Seeing as he had little option else to consider while in his Quarters. The kiss was welcome and while a momentary distraction he was, but a moment. He had no idea about if any of the crew were still alive but also he couldn't leave Federation technology in the hands of others especially the situation they were currently found in and what might be done with such discoveries. Walking into the bathroom he ran the water from the sink and splashed it on his face. Looking in the mirror he saw a tired old man looking back at him and he felt it, stress and pressure were constant companions of late.

By the time he returned, Bri had a plate of nuts and berries ready to help nourish him and a steeped tea to help soothe him. She waited until he sat before carrying both across, handing them to him and sinking down onto the seat next to him, resting her head momentarily against his shoulder. "This is just a small blip on the road," she reassured gently. "Things will work out. Would you like to stay in this evening? Maybe we could watch a movie? Or just listen to music? I could play something for you?"

"A blip with disastrous consequences." Especially with a large number of officers and ratings currently on the surface in many functions. "Let's stay in, it would bode ill for the moral of the crew to see me so." He ate a few bites of food and washed down with a sip of tea. "Just you." She was what he needed, the centre to calm the storm beyond those doors. "Have are things progressing with your teaching and rooms?"

"I'll be able to start preparing next week," Bri replied with a smile. "The rooms are being fitted with soundproofing and some internal doors to connect suites. The designs were filed with Operations this morning." Music had always been a strong part of their relationship, given it was how they met. "I've already had people contacting me about lessons, so hopefully it will be enough to keep me busy."

It was good that things were proceeding a pace considering following him onto the Dreadnought took her much out of the public spotlight from where they first met. While Ra would at a moments notice allow her if needed to leave the ship for a concert or musical engagement, he felt her being on the Dreadnought would shut many doors to her, thus he hoped having her own rooms and teaching areas, she could still engage in music while teaching others her skills and art. "Good." He made a mental note to prompt Operations into haste.

"I spoke to Maestro today," Bri smiled at the thought. "He wanted me to do a tour with them to play some events, I turned him down, told him I'm quite happy here, with you." There was a momentary pause. "I thought I'd miss it, but I don't. Being here with you makes me happy."

"You could have gone if you wished. I am confident I could spare a pilot and craft to ferry you to where you needed to go." Ra spoke. Ra didn't want Bri to close herself off from her past, he'd do what he could, when he could, to help her keep her passion alive. The Dreadnought may not be able to go where was needed but he had the means, a means he was happy to use if she so required it.

She shook her head quickly, taking the cup from his hands and placing it on the coffee table in front of them before turning to face him, leaning in and kissing him softly. "No, I want to be here with you," she stated firmly. "You are my life now."

"I just want you to keep in touch with what started this life." While he accepted her answer, the two did meet during one of her concerts and it was that he didn't want to give up just for him. Ra held her close to him. While Ra enjoyed music he was more interested in listening than playing which was what brought him to her concert to begin with. "You turned down many ranking officers that day walking away from the venue on my arm." He joked. "The heart breaker of Admirals."

"There's no arm I would rather be on, then, or now," Bri looked into his eyes lovingly. "There is no one else I would rather be with than you, and no where I would rather be than right here. Now, tell me, what can I do to help you relax?"

"Flatterer." Though the intent was felt, warmly. "Have you eaten?" Wondering if she was hungry and while opting to stay in. "Perhaps something ordered, I hear there is a venue on the Promenade that has a fine selection of culinary options."

"I'll tell you what," Bri grinned. "How about I take a shower and get into something more comfortable and you order for us. How's that sound? Unless, of course, you want to join me in the shower?" her eyebrow rose questioningly as she looked at him.

Ra had to admit, since Bri came along he found himself engaged in activities that otherwise would have not been considered or simply ignored in his species customs."Perhaps I will." He replied as he stood up and started to unfasten his tunic.

Rising up from the couch, Bri helped to remove his tunic, a content sigh escaping her lips as she slid it back over his shoulders and took a step closer to him, once again, rising up on her toes so she could kiss him softly.


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