NCC - 77447 - B

Eyes, Ears & Wet Ground

Posted on Mon Jul 19th, 2021 @ 8:22pm by Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Surrounds Of The Complex

Sam scratched her head from on top of the camouflage head covering she was wearing, a must considering Sam had blonde hair. It was a little stuffy given the fresh pour of rain but it was nothing Sam had not experienced before but it was something Sam wasn't keen to remember. Reports had already started coming in about people walking up the main roads and pathways to the Hospital, keen eyes through ranged scopes looked at the people as they walked and hobbled. It was always the risk that what was seen was not real and merely a cover for more hostile intent.

War was a dirty business, conflict or arms, battle, the intention of one side at the expense of killing another never sat well with Sam which is partly why she enlisted. From her earpiece she was able to listen in to the communications from her other teams and her command post. There were some in her team that was unhappy at the MCO herself going out into the field but Sam was one that she'd never ask someone to do something she herself was not prepared to do.

Sam had several sharpshooter teams completely around the hospital so that she had eyes at all angles. From makeshift shelters and dens in fields they were able to observe, wait and if needed, act. Earlier reports of vehicles that had been converted into armed combat transports kept people on edge, even with all the protection and the shielded fence it would take less than 3 minutes for any transport to reach the gates and it was this that meant for Sam to make sure any threat was spotted early.

The shuttle going down swept the secure comminications bands and some of the teams could watch it go down until the trees broke line of sight. Projections had to going down in the city area but residual radiation made an exact fix impossible. Sam was already preparing two teams to enter the area of rescue and look for the occupants. She had hope, but experience had told her that desperation drove people to do uncharacterised things, even from those they were trying to help.

How the shuttle was shot down was unknown, there was no indication of technology that could be that accurate and there were no smoke trails from a propellant typical of a missile. There was much that was unknown of this planet and its technological level but in times of war, ever more ingenious methods of destruction came to fruit from those that needed it.

From her ear she heard that the two teams were ready and exiting from the rear of the command post they would make their way across the open field towards the city. The biggest issue was, it was an open field and as such the movements of the team meant crawling, inch by inch so not to be noticed and draw attention. Last thing Sam wanted was for more people to become casualties or captives in a situation wrought with tension and hostility.

Sam's attention was caught by an old woman, hunched over, dressed in tatters of clothing, a dirty appearance in general pulling behind her a small cart. Wooden build that looked aged and worn, on it were two people, infants. One was motionless, covered in blood that was now dark almost black. The other sat upright holding the others little hand looking down, sad, clean patches on the face from tears and smears from being wiped.

They were headed towards the Hospital.