NCC - 77447 - B
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The First of Many

Posted on Thu Jul 8th, 2021 @ 9:30pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati
Edited on on Thu Jul 8th, 2021 @ 9:33pm

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Planetside

The many flights of shuttles and fighter resorts lead the way for curiosity to take shape. That shape came in the form of groups of people clutching what few persons they still had, crying babes in arms, supporting a wounded friend, pushing or pulling a makeshift cart containing the elderly and those unable to move.

One group walked the tattered excuse of a road, another group, more followed all heading to the same place. Even under the watchful eye of the many secreted marines belonging to Major Snyder, scanners and the guarding gaze of Commander Bawden's security forces.

Starfleet came with a purpose and now it was time for action. Scores of desperate people were funneling through the gates after they were checked for weapons. However it seemed that problems that ravaged the planet were not strictly limited to military sources, civilians were also party to it.

Even though Starfleet were neutral it seemed the only thing they brought were another battlefield to be fought over. As people from both sides of the conflict made the walk to the complex there were scuffles breaking out, shouting, pushing and shoving. While the effort put into this was limited due to a lack of food or injury it none the less took place even as security tried to keep the peace.

Meanwhile however other parties who watched what was transpiring saw other opportunities taking shape, the watched were also watching and intent was slowly taking a dark and immoral form.

The shuttle that streaked through the sky leaving behind it a trail of smoke behind it crashed and hard which drew some attention from others, be friend or for was at this stage undetermined, but intent was a constant.

On board the ship the Caltain was being bombarded with messages from the surface in the form of aid requests, mediation of disputes and even demands. The need to remain neutral was key, the need to keep the peace was equally so, he only hoped that he could at the very least but as much time as he could to keep the peace going.

Meanwhile the crew of the ship kept busy with duties, busy with keeping the supplies flowing, the shuttles ready and fighters primed. The damage caused by the Agincourt was being repaired to both ships and Ra was interested in the report from his Chief Engineer as to the cause and progress being made.

The situation on the planet was being played like a game of chess, the question was....

Who planned ahead the most?


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