NCC - 77447 - B
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The Rescue Mission

Posted on Sat Jul 3rd, 2021 @ 3:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil

Mission: Guilty By Association

The steady trickle of patients had grown into a stream, a never ending stream. Most of the patients were minor injuries and maladies, stuff easily tended, just time consuming. Nurses were triaging as fast as they could and medical staff were lamenting sore feet and hunger pains as they passed each other, moving to the next patient.

Nim, however, was not part of the throng. Instead, she found herself in a small room, alone with one patient, one patient who, at least at first glance, seemed barely responsive. His condition was well beyond the limits of the makeshift field hospital. He needed to be taken to the Dreadnought where she would have the facilities to diagnose properly and treat him.

All they were waiting on for that to happen was for their transport to arrive. A shuttle had been requested, now she just had to keep her patient stable until they got the call it was time to leave.

Word had come in that transport was required, injured patient plus medical. Zan logged it and tagged it for himself, he'd handle that. It was after all a simple to and from transit that in essence didn't need any fancy flying. He sent a signal back that he was on the way and that he'd arrive in little over 13 minutes, an accurate measurement because he'd not long done the flight himself in his fighter. With all the atmospheric issues and the situation Zan understood the need for a transport rather than risk being beamed up.

It wasn't long before the shuttle touched down on the wet floor, the rear door opened and he stepped out. "Lt. Vixil plus one?" He called out.

Fifteen minutes later the patient had been resettled into the shuttle, a new set of vitals had been taken and Nim had taken her own seat. "Thanks for the rescue," she said with an easy smile. "I hope it wasn't too inconvenient for you?"

"Actually, it's given me a chance to get out of the fighter and stretch my legs a little." Zan replied as he secured the shuttle for flight. Once all was set and done he lifted gently off the ground and set a flight path back to the ship. "Shouldn't be long now. If it helps you can arrange transport of the patient once we have cleared the exosphere." Zan thought to offer since there was a patient to consider.

"I can see how things go when we're clear," Nim responded, flipping open her medical tricorder and scanning her patient from the small distance to make sure he was still stable before turning her attention back to Zan. "Everything seems quiet on the surface, it's not at all what I would have expected."

"Early time yet, from the look of things everything has just come together, I've seen the marines scattered about the place but I'm sure it won't be long now before someone gets nosey and takes a peek." Zan answered hearing the chirping of the medical tricorder next to him. "The patient ok?" He did try and keep the flight smooth but that wasn't always possible.

"So far so good, but wait and see." She sighed, scanning again. "There's just so much that doesn't make sense. I guess I'll work out his story when we get back to the Dreadnought. Any idea of our ETA?"

"We should clear the planet in a few minutes, back to the ship in 6." Zan had to made a quick check just to make sure that he got his information correct but it wasn't long before clouds gave way to the view and blue turned to black as they drove towards the stars with the Dreadnought off in the distance.

The first shot aimed at the shuttle caught them off guard, the small craft rocking violently. A single curse word escaped Nim's lips as she unbuckled her seatbelt, moving toward her patient, tricorder open. "What the hell was that?" she demanded, confusion and uncertainty clear in her voice.

"What ever it was we have lost engines." Thrusters were all he had but that wouldn't be enough to keep them in the air. "Communications, life support are our and we are leaking plasma on the port nacelle." Zan knew the only way this was going to go was down. "You might want to secure the patient and strap in, without engines this is going to be rough."

"How much time can you give me?" Nim asked, eyes widening as she glanced toward Zan. "Are we able to make it to the Dreadnought?" A moment of panic swept through her. There was almost zero chance her patient could handle a crash landing, but without more information she had nothing to work on. "Commander Luther, I need details I can work with!"

"You want details?" Zan spoke as he fought the shuttles controls. "No we can't make it to the ship, engines are out and we are in a semi controlled decent. Communications and life support are gone and the landing is going to be rough to say the least." Alarms and flashing lights lit up his face as the shuttle's nose rotated back towards the planets surface that for the moment, hidden by cloud. "Details enough for you?" He asked calling upon all his skills to try and get down in one piece.

"I'm dumping the fuel." It would serve only one purpose now, an indicator of direction and decent angle.

The details were more than enough. They sent a cold hard shiver of fear through her body as she took half a moment to process what it was that he said. Finally she cast a glance toward the patient before looking back toward Zan, her mind in overdrive. Opening the medical kit, she pulled out a hypo and loaded it with a cartridge, dialing up a dose before she moved toward the pilot's seat of the shuttle.

"If we crash, I can't help him," she said softly, pressing the hypo against his neck. "This will take about ten minutes to take effect. It's a simple analgesic. Hopefully it will help.." she administered the dose and pulled away, moving back to her own seat and fumbling for her seatbelt. "Just.." she drew in a deep shaky breath. "Keep telling me what's happening Zan."

Zan couldn't help but think that the scene right before their eyes would speak louder than what he could say. They pierced the last layer of broken cloud cover like a dart and despite Zan's best efforts there was going to be no gentle landing. Thrusters would only so do much and even with a glide attitude input into the flight controls it would only marginally slow them.

Zan had trained for uncontrolled and marginally controlled flights being a pilot and this was putting that training to the test. They were headed for a city region that appeared to be war torn. At best his chances were to skip the grassy areas it would help bleed speed quickly when they impacted the ground. Fate however conspired against them as more systems failed, Zan was helpless now to guide them, only forward and aft thrusters worked now. "I've lost most of the thrusters."

Looking up Zan saw where they were going, into the side of what was once a tall skyscraper that had toppled over. With little left to lose Zan poured what little power was left into the forward thrusters and fired them, it would help slow them down but that would be all. "Brace yourself." He could only hope the decent had been noticed.

Everything roared, plunged into darkness, the scraping of metal, the subtle chill of fresh air the sudden stop that threw all forward into console and bulkhead alike.


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