NCC - 77447 - B
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Unplanned Passenger

Posted on Wed Jun 16th, 2021 @ 8:09am by Commander Ayla Bawden

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Shuttle

Miracle scampered through the big ship full of wander and awe at the all the room that was available. She didn't have to worry about getting in anyone's way. Specially the busy crewmembers who were more focused on their jobs and conversing with each other.

She scampered down the corridor, having escaped from the children's area after school let out. She slipped by the Adult that monitored the exit where parents picked up their children, by hanging out with another student in her class. Making it look like she was going to spend time with her friend under the care of student's parents.

~~ The great mouse villain had escaped her captors! ~~ Miracle thought as she glanced back over her shoulders to see if any Adults from the children holding area.

Seeing none behind her, she slowed her pace to a more leisurely pace that still covered ground. She peeked into open doors as she passed by them to see what was there. Seeing nothing that caught her interest, she continued on.

"...Finished setting up the cargo runs to planet side has been completed." She overheard from two crewpersons who were heading up to the lounge.

"Squeeee..." Miracle interest was definitely perked. ~~Planet... Earth? Uncle Steve?~~ She scampered to the nearest information kiosk and brought up the data on where the shuttle bays were. ~~ Whont Unca Steve be surprised when I go see him a by mezelf!~~

Miracle scampered to the closest inter-ship transporters. Already thinking of Unca Steve's number to call him for a ride from the shuttle port. And seeing how she was such a big girl now and that her parents allowed to travel by herself. He was sure to be impressed.

"Shuttle bay!" Miracle yelled out as she scampered onto the transporter disc a long with several other people, both civilian and crew.

She smiled as she felt a soft tingling and everything faded to a blue mist with sparkly lights. She waited a few minutes till the blue mist faded to show that she was just outside the Shuttle bay.

She scampered from the Transporter room and entered the vast lit up Shuttle bay. She looked around with eyes wide. Seeing the vast open shuttle bay with Shuttles entering and departing through the magnetic field that held the atmosphere within the vast bay.

She watched the various vehicles bring in cargo to the big cargo shuttles with markings from all the sections and departments on the ship. She darted from one shuttle to the next, avoiding getting ran over.

Miracle finally reached her destination. A shuttle closest to the containment field. She ran breathlessly as the big cargo doors began to close. She dove into the shuttle and pulled her tail quickly in as the doors shut with a hiss as it sealed the compartment closed.

She had made it. But the commendation sure sucked. They should at least have some lighting, instead of the stygian darkness. "Squeeee... This is the last time I'm riding this shuttle!"

She felt a slight queasiness as the gravity switched from Dreadnought to Shuttle. -Burrrrp!- She giggled after expelling the burp as she settled down for the ride.


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