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Old Friends

Posted on Sat Jun 12th, 2021 @ 1:27am by Lieutenant Aislinn Gallagher Perez & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Quarters

RJ arrived in her quarters, exhausted from another long day in engineering. Nanook bounded up to the door when she arrived, happy as ever, and it brought a smile to her face.

"Hey there, did ya miss me?" She asked as she bent down to scratch behind the husky's ears. With Gavin on the surface, she had stolen Nanook under the guise of pet sitting as a favor. Truth be told though, she loved the husky and was glad to have some company while Gavin was gone.

"Hey, you know what I heard today? We're getting a new chief of ops, and you know what that means?" Nanook perked both of his ears up, awaiting a response. "It means I'll get to work a little less and we'll get to spend more time together!" Reagan chuckled as Nan let out a small bark of approval. She along with others had been working extra. Picking up some of the ops duties that crossed over with engineering to make up for the gap in staffing and RJ was happy to finally sluff some of the work back onto the ops team.

"Let's go see who accepted the new position, shall we?" She said to her fluffy companion as she strolled across the living area to the couch. RJ took a seat and grabbed a padd off of the side table as Nanook nestled onto the opposite side of the couch. She scrolled through the ship's roster for a moment until a familiar name caught her eye.

"No, it's can't be," she whispered under her breath. Yet there it was, Aislinn Gallagher Perez. Quinn's face lit up with excitement. They had served together before and it had been quite the fun adventure.

There was no time to waste, Aislinn was going to need a buddy to show her around the ship. She found her friend's quarters listing, popped up from the couch, and headed out the door with a rushed 'be back later' to Nanook.

It wasn't a far walk from her own little slice of home, which piqued RJ's curiosity as most married officers were in slightly larger quarters farther away. She arrived a moment later and leaned against the doorframe of Aislinn's quarters as she rang the chime.


"You know your captain eats people, right?" Raf asked, the mischievous expression on his face undiminished by the small screen.

"That is a horrible rumor and you should know better... Commander," Aislinn teased. "You're just mad I didn't go with you."

"It would've been epic, superstar."

"Except for the part where I'd be passing up a promotion. Oh, and everyone would think I was there just because I'm your wife... which would be true," she reminded him. "Much as I love you..."

"It would be career suicide. I know. I know."

The lack of open positions was the only reason they weren't serving together. His father warned them, and they prepared themselves for the possibility, but they didn't expect it to be so soon.

The Dreadnought just got a new kickass Chief Engineer. Unless something happened to her, Rafael's only options were to switch specialties, take a demotion so he didn't outrank the chief or endure without Aislinn for a while. Piece of cake.

Before she could reply to her husband, the chime to her quarters rang.

Raf raised an eyebrow. "Who could that be, you just got there?"

"No clue," Aislinn said with a shrug. "Enter?" She shifted in her seat and hoped like hell it wasn't the captain.

A huge smile broke out on her face as soon as the other woman stepped into the room and Aislinn was on her feet in a second.


The two women had been down in the trenches together during their last year at the academy, and then for a few years on the Lexington. They kept in touch as much as they could, but that wasn't the same as working shoulder to shoulder in a jefferies tube while your ship is under attack. That's a bond that will never go away.

"Ah, the actual love of your life," Raf teased. "Hi, Quinn."

Aislinn rolled her eyes as she gave her friend a hug. "Ignore him."

She knew RJ had to be on the ship somewhere, Aislinn had access to the roster, but she had no idea where and with roughly six thousand people running around, she knew her best bet was to just head to engineering during the next alpha shift and surprise her friend. She should've known RJ would find her first.

“Imagine my surprise when your name showed up on the roster as the new Chief of Ops.” RJ said as she embraced her friend. “It’s good to see you.”

As she broke off from the hug, RJ looked over at the screen that held Raf’s image. “What the hell are you doing on there and not out here? Did you need a break from Aislinn or did you just not want to take orders from a junior grade?” She chuckled, knowing that Raf was also an engineer. He’d have been a great asset to the team, but he already had a CEO position, on a pretty advanced ship no less. She couldn’t blame him for not wanting to give that up.

"I didn't earn these stripes to take orders from a JG... unless we were all naked. You know, for science."

"Comportarse, Rafael," Aislinn said with the shake of her head. "¿Qué voy a hacer contigo?"

"If you really want me to behave, you would avoid speaking Spanish because we both what kind of reaction you'll get. And you can do whatever you want with me, we've established that." Raf gave her a look. "Go catch up with Quinn. I have some work that isn't going to complete itself. I love you, you wonderful creature."

"I love you too, you pain in my ass," Aislinn said.

Raf shrugged. "It's a nice ass. Quinn, I'm trusting you with my heart, don't let anything happen to her. Perez out."

"He's so annoying and adorable. I want to kiss him and punch him at the same time," Aislinn muttered as soon as the screen went dark.

"I know the feeling," RJ chuckled. "Soooo bring me up to speed! It's been a while since we've had a chance to chat. How are things? When did you arrive? Recently I'm assuming based on the number of unpacked boxes." Reagan raised a brow at the containers sitting on the ground of the still bare quarters.

"I've only been here for about an hour. I was actually diverted from another assignment, which never bothers me, but I packed for a planet and ended up on a ship, so there's that. I still have to check in with the captain, his yeoman said I could wait until morning. You have until then to fill me in on all the goings on," Aislinn told her friend. "Start with the boyfriend. How's all that going?"

"Ugh," RJ sat on the couch. "I think I'm falling for him. Hard." An infatuated grin emerged on her face as she talked about him. "He's sweet, kind, playful, fun. We share a lot of the same interests. The only downside is that I can't skip medicals like I used to." She chuckled.

Aislinn raised an eyebrow. She has never met anyone who avoided seeing a doctor as much as RJ. There were engineers and operations officers who didn't like physicals, sure, but RJ seemed to invent new ways to stay out of the medbay. It should probably be classified as a skill at this point.

"You go to medical... willingly? He really must be something. This is serious."

"We were supposed to meet each other's families via the holo interface this week, but he's on the surface right now and will be for a while running the humanitarian medical facility down there so we had to reschedule." A twinge of sadness bled through the smile on her face and she looked at Aislinn. "I actually miss him. I can't imagine what it's like for you. Taking an assignment away from Raf. I guess we'll just have to find some mischief to get ourselves into to keep our minds off of these boys, yea?"

"My mind is never really off my other half, but he's good at what he does, so I'm never too worried. Now, what is this mischief you were thinking of finding?"

"I don't have anything specific in mind just yet, but there's a whole promenade to explore. I could help you unpack and then we could grab dinner and see what else this ship has to offer?"

Aislinn smiled. "Sounds like a plan."


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