NCC - 77447 - B
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Fresh Air

Posted on Mon Aug 16th, 2021 @ 1:16pm by Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & Commander Mark Bawden

Mission: Guilty By Association

The makeshift hospital was almost completely setup and the first wave of injuries had been dealt with. What remained was easily being handled by the few nurses and the other doctors in attendance. Nim found herself reflecting more on their circumstances. She hated being in this situation again, the feeling of unease she had had since they had first found out they were going to be establishing a medical facility in the middle of a warzone hadn't diminished any since their arrival on the planet. If anything, it had gotten increasingly worse, and idle moments like these only served to exacerbate her uneasiness. With a sigh, she pushed away from the table she had been leaning against and headed for the door, hoping some fresh air would help calm her.

Noticing the security detail outside the door, Nim offered a small smile. "Just taking a walk," she offered.

Mark was at the main gate entrance looking over some final reports and updates from his teams about the measures in place when he heard the voice. Turning he saw it was Nim. With a smile and for once glad it wasn't one of his own department he added. "Good time for it, not much going on but feeling that is going to change with all these shuttle flights."

Nim grimaced, glancing skyward then sighing softly. "I guess it's too much to hope for that these people will just suddenly kiss and make up so we can all go home without bloodshed?" she asked pointlessly. "Is there much ground activity happening? Anywhere in particular I should avoid on my walk?"

"Way too much to hope for there." Though the notion would make things a lot easier. "Nothing yet but I'm pretty sure the shuttle and fighter flights have not gone unnoticed. No doubt we will start seeing some movement but the Marines will first and relay it back to us." Mark couldn't deny the degree of worry, all it would take is for one person to fake injury and pull a weapon to cause chaos especially if they were at the gate or in a large group looking to storm the facility in numbers.

Nim grimaced again. "Thanks for putting that thought in my mind," she replied with a shake of her head. "So should we have you start body searching every patient that comes in?"

Mark pointed up to the gates. "Scanners built into the frame will scan as they walk up the way there, we have fenced it to funnel them so they can't sneak along the walls. Weapons, explosives, blades." At least that was the hope but in a situation like this anything could be a weapon, or a blade.

"So, where should I go to get some fresh air?" Nim asked innocently. "I don't need long, just a bit..." She looked across at him, wide eyed and pleading. "I promise I'll behave, just... time out. No monitors, no computers, no one watching, just me free to be me?"

"Back on the ship I'm afraid." Mark answered. "We are in a war torn region and we are the away team. There are sensors everywhere, if I'm not watching my team is and if they are not you can be sure the marines out there are." Mark pointed out to the open surround that encircled them. "Best bet, stay here and relax as best you can because when they start coming you can bet you're going to wish you had."

Nim groaned inwardly. Stay here and relax was most definitely not what she had in mind. "Not even if I promise to stay close?" she sighed. "Well, I guess coffee and an empty bio bed it is."

Mark had to admire the effort, points for trying but the situation had other needs. "Sorry, if I could, then by all means but right now it just isn't possible." Though sometimes he hoped to be out of the rain and indoors with a coffee himself.

Nim offered a smile of resignation and a shrug. "It was worth a try," she said simply. "Maybe next time I'll have more luck. Stay safe Commander." Without waiting for a response, Nim turned and headed back the way she had come toward the makeshift hospital. Something told her this was going to be a long few days.


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